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A complete guide of whiskies in Hong Kong

Are you done with the vodka-soda life? Welcome whisky to your bar cabinet to level up your game. Whisky is available in delicious varieties from Scotch to bourbon, Tennessee to Irish. While each classification is further distilled by the country of origin, grain, and ageing process, sometimes you’ve got a start with the basics.

There are a variety of whiskeys, each different from the other based on where it is produced and the type of cereal grain used to make it. Types of whiskey are: Single malt, Rye, Blended, Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, Tennessee, Canadian and Japanese. Thirsty yet? This guide will help you figure out your favourite, order one on the rocks and sip like a pro.

This is your ultimate guide to whiskies in Hong Kong

Bring on the bourbon with Hong Kong’s best Old Fashioneds

Here then are six of Hong Kong’s best Old Fashioneds — those that achieve that oft desired equilibrium between flavour, temperature and texture.

Whisky connoisseurs take great pride in knowing what goes into their drams. Know the differences between whiskey, rye, bourbon, and scotch.

10 best Asian whisky brands to know about

From premium Japanese whiskies to smooth pours from India and Taiwan, check out these Asian whiskies brands that are high in demand.

Japanese whiskey

5 Hong Kong tastemakers on the joys of drinking whisky

To highlight this extraordinary whisky, we collaborated with some of Hong Kong’s top influencers in fields of design, dining, fashion, nightlife and feng shui to explore what makes whisky so special.

whisky bars in KL
Still life. pour or whiskey in to glass.

The only guide you need on how to read and understand whiskey labels

From the distillery’s name to the age and type of barrel used, the whisky labels provide information about your golden dram.

Whisky label
Image: Courtesy Ahtziri Lagarde/@ahtziri / Unsplash

Give your whisky stash an American makeover with these bourbons and ryes

Looking to hone your bartending skills? These bottles are safe bets and are easy on the pocket as well. Here’s looking at a few available in Hong Kong that are on our radar.

Image credit: Anastasia Zhenina/ @disguise_truth/ Unsplash

Here’s how grains become whisky

What is whiskey really made of? The three main ones are grain, water, and yeast, with the former in particular varying based on geographical origin and style of whisky.

Whiskey casks; Image Credit: JOHN FEDELE / GETTY IMAGES

Why you shouldn’t add cold water to your whiskey

Understanding the nuances of temperature as it relates to tasting whiskey is guaranteed to improve your drinking experience. A whiskey might taste different during the winter versus in the summer, with ice or without.

water to whiskey
Image Credit: Viennetta / Shutterstock

A toast to health: 6 benefits of whisky that will put a glass of wine to shame

Whiskies have come to be known for more than just their smoky, complex flavour. And although excessive drinking is sure to cause damage, moderation might just help you live longer. Here are a few health benefits of whisky.


9 smooth single malts to seek out for a quality whisky collection

there are a few coveted bottles that are worth the splurge. This includes both homegrown and international brands. We’ve curated a list of a few that have long been on our radar.

Secret Speyside
Secret Speyside Rare Malt barrels

Why is it expensive: A single shot of the rare Yamazaki whiskey costs HK$ 45,16,700

Japanese whiskey holds a special place in the heart of whiskey aficionados. But the rare 55-year-old Yamazaki whiskey takes things several notches up. How? Let’s find out.

The world’s oldest whiskey sold at auction for HK$2,668,400

The world’s oldest Scotch ever sold (as in longest ever aged in cask), an 81-year-old from The Macallan, auctioned off in London for £300,000 (HK$2,668,400 at the current exchange rate).

Suntory’s newest Hibiki whisky is aged in sakura blossom wood

Suntory is back in action with not only a limited edition blend, but a brand new variety that encapsulates the beauty of Japan. 


Elevate your next fine Scotch experience with the right whisky glasses

It’s believed that there isn’t an absolute right or wrong way to drink your whisky. But here, a primer on the best glasses to complement your finest Scotch.


A complete guide of whiskies in Hong Kong

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