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Edward Voon of Auor brings Singapore to Hong Kong in latest ‘Staff Meals’

Hong Kong is a city that is full of great, award-winning restaurants and chefs. While most are familiar with these restaurants as guests, few get to witness the type of food that’s being served to staff. What’s on the menu for those that work there?

To answer that question, we’ve created the Staff Meals series to explore what’s on the menu for the people behind the counter when it’s their time to eat. Picking up where our last episode with Chef Ricardo Chaneton of MONO left off, with his approach to serving his Latin American-infused home cooking to his staff, we now head over to Edward Voon’s culinary homage to his Malaysian/Singaporean roots — Auor.

Auor (pronounced “Hour”) references the golden hour of the day, or as Voon puts it, “the magical time just before sunset when the sun dips in a sky glowing with warmth and colour.” The hidden meanings go layers down as the “Au” from Auor is also a nod to the symbol for gold. The restaurant looks to celebrate the golden hours together and golden memories created. For Voon’s staff meals, he treats them like a cultural exchange and a chance for discussion with his team.

For his staff meals, Voon prepared his quintessential Singaporean dishes that he makes when he’s missing home and wants to bring the city to his team — black pepper crab, laksa, fried morning glory with Sambal chilli, and a chicken curry. While not shown, Voon also makes sure that there is plenty of white rice for his staff as, contrary to the idea of carb crashing, white rice is like Red Bull for his team, giving them the energy required for a busy evening of guests. Learn more about Edward Voon of Auor and how he feeds his team in the video above.

4/F, 88 Gloucester Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 2866 4888

Edward Voon of Auor brings Singapore to Hong Kong in latest ‘Staff Meals’

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