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Where to shop for meat and seafood online in Hong Kong

Keep your weekly food shopping quick and easy by getting all the meat and seafood you need delivered online.

The best thing about shopping for groceries in Hong Kong is convenience — there’s always a supermarket located in your area. And the other greatest thing? Immediate access to an international range of premium ingredients, including chilled meats, shellfish and seafood, to put better food on your dinner table. These online meat and seafood shops offer a cornucopia of choice that’ll deliver straight to your door, in cuts; in breed; and in variety. Whether it be for your summer cookouts, festive feasts during the holidays, or simply just because you felt like preparing a fancy meal at home, having the choice will change the way you cook — no need to lug around heavy bags on your walk home from the shops.

Meat and Seafood Online Shops in Hong Kong

Steak King

Founded by chef-butcher-fishmonger veteran Johnny Glover — also behind recognised brands Pacific Gourmet and The Butchers Club — Steak King is a destination not just premium bovine cuts of top-quality wagyu as their aptly named brand suggests, but also fresh seafood, fine produce and other frozen meats including, lamb, chicken and pork. They work directly with farmers and fishermen who practices accredited, sustainability-focused agriculture programmes and the selection here is always of outstanding quality expertly checked by the team at the Wong Chuk Hang warehouse. If you’re a novice in purchasing from a butcher, Steak King offers classes for understanding the best cuts and grades, at-home meat handling and cooking tips and techniques.

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Waves Pacific

Waves Pacific has been an established premium supplier for notable Hong Kong restaurants since 2002, beginning as the go-to destination for Australian wagyu beef. They source from an international directory of farms and producers that have pledged to go hormone- and antibiotics-free, while keeping to an environmentally conscious regime. From being a leading wholesale distributor, Waves Pacific has recently expanded into home deliveries with sub-brand, WP at Home. Stocked with a similar esteemed selection of high-quality seafood, shellfish and meats, including pork, lamb and chicken, WP at Home works closely with Australian distributor “To Plate” to offer artisan fare from Australia’s best farmers. Keep an eye out for the holiday curated packages that’ll work wonders come the busy season of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Eat the Kiwi

Bringing the best of New Zealand’s freshest produce to our small city, award-wining grocer Eat The Kiwi is frequently recommended as the best source for meat and seafood and a whole range of everyday groceries, including fresh fruit and veg. The second venture of NZ-based food company The Product Company, Eat The Kiwi prides itself on a staunch commitment to exclusively working with New Zealand-based farmers, producers and fisheries that practice sustainable farming. This also means that their range of protein — spanning from beef, chicken, pork and venison to Lumina Lamb, otherwise known as the World’s Best Lamb — are steroid-, antibiotic- and hormone-free, while the fish are of sustainable-certified sources. You’ll be met with over 300 carefully selected NZ products here, many of which, you’ll be delighted to know, are used by top chefs and prestigious clubs, restaurants and super yachts in Hong Kong.

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Smoke & Deli

These was a time where you just couldn’t get enough of hearing “Smoke & Barrel, the one without the ‘s'” because what were the chances two similarly themed restaurants opened just a block away from each other. Only in Hong Kong. Now, however, you’ll be hearing more of Smoke & Deli — fortunately no name clashes there — a takeaway delicatessen set up by the American-style smokehouse. Especially specialising in smoked meats, the selection here cover a sweet, spicy smokey range of pre-marinated meat that’s ready to hit the grill, as well as a rotating range of different cuts that changes according to seasonality. It’s the same high-quality, premium cuts used in their kitchen, when you do pick up a pack of the very reasonably priced protein, don’t skip through the Sauces & Spices section to get the right condiments and rubs for a true Texan BBQ experience of your own.

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Biltong Chief

It’s not hard to guess the origins of Biltong Chief, a premium online butcher and grocer ideated by two South African founders: Dylan Rogers and Matthew Rosslee. The two self-proclaimed biltong- and braai- (meaning to grill meat over open fire) masters have created a dedicated platform for high-quality seafood and protein. Expect nothing less of an authentic selection of the famous SA snack, biltong, hand-crafted here by a five-decade-long family-run butcher from South Africa’s Eastern Cape region, as well as a hefty variety of beef, pork, chicken and lamb cuts, all prepped and ready to be slid atop a sizzling hot grill in the sunshine.

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The Butchers Club

The Butchers Club might be more famously known for its Michelin Guide-recommended bacon cheeseburgers once upon a time, but they also do a fantastic deal is offering premium cuts of beef, especially a dry-aged selection of steaks that range from different cuts including rump, chuck and brisket. Ran by a group of knowledgeable butchers and passionate chefs, TBC’s beef selection is sourced from a partnering farm in New South Wales that rears the cattle to the brand’s exacting specifications. There’s also various seafood and protein including pork, lamb, turkey and a vegan section of Beyond and Impossible meat. Of course, you’ll manage to get ahold of the signature patties here, too.

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Bones & Blades

Both a butcher and delicatessen, Bones & Blades is designed for conscious carnivores who are curious about the origins of what’s on their dinner table. The brand establishes a close relationship with a global network of family-run farms they work with, keeping a watchful eye on a quality, agricultural process for the traceable meats that’s only produced via sustainable farming. The grass-fed, pasture-raised, free-range selection of beef, lamb, pork and chicken, then, is all of premium quality that’s processed and managed by the in-house team as it arrives. While you’ll find a typical selection of recipe-friendly cuts, B&B is also keeping a conscious effort in shining the spotlight on lesser-known but just-as-prime cuts.

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Proper Pasture

It’s not just a range of premium quality meats at Proper Pasture, but proteins that manage to do a bit better for our health and the environment. The farmers that they work with are dedicated to a regenerative agriculture practice, which means ethical, pasture-raised farming in a low-stress environment that are free from harmful chemicals, while upholding a conscious focus on maintaining soil biodiversity. Allowing a natural, slower pace of growth means the meat is higher in quality and richer with nutrients. Current range of bovine cuts include a mix of grass-fed Friesian, Angus, Hereford and Montbeliarde. No seafood from them, but they do offer British Saddleback organic pork and organic chicken.

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Feather & Bone

A household name with eleven locations across the city, Feather & Bone is home to an expansive range of pantry essentials, so the inclusion of fresh protein and seafood is only expected. Revered for its consistency in quality, F&B works only with carefully selected famers from Australia that adhere to similar guidelines of premium, sustainable meats to include hormones-, antibiotics- and growth stimulants-free beef, pork and chicken that are all free-range. Loyal patrons will know of F&B’s reputation as an exceptional butcher — which the brand was initially established upon — so naturally careful thought goes into the processing of their cuts that are all flown in chilled, never frozen.

Lead image courtesy of Steak King
Where to shop for meat and seafood online in Hong Kong

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