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The best waffles in Hong Kong

In time for International Waffle Day, we have prepared an exquisite list of waffles– from filling dishes to delightful, mouthwatering desserts – ready for you to devour and satiate your waffle cravings.

Big Birdy

Fly towards Big Birdy, serving scrumptious all-day dining meals with alcoholic beverages as well. With a recent move from Sheung Wan to Sai Ying Pun and a subsequent opening of a flagship store in Wan Chai, Big Birdy’s popularity and universality of satisfying a wide range of taste buds is substantiated. They are known not only for their delicious Portuguese-style fried chicken, but also for their delectable chicken & waffles. The exquisite combination of buttermilk crispy chicken, Peri Peri butter, and maple syrup amalgamate and present to you the perfect fusion of sweet and savoury. 

Big Birdy, G/F, Hang Sing Mansion, Shop 11, 48-78 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong +852 2360 0968

Green Waffle Diner

Nourish your stomach with the waffle and ice cream concoction served up by the Green Waffle Diner. Either customise your own waffle, starting from the waffle itself to the toppings, fruits, and ice cream, or opt to choose from the staples. Let the crispy waffle texture soften in your mouth, as the warmth of the waffle and the cool ice cream embrace your tongue. Plating the simple yet essential blend of a waffle, fruit, and ice cream, this comfort food diner will not disappoint.

Green Waffle Diner, G/F, Kar Ho Building, 35-39 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2887 9991

Waffling Beans

Known for their fluffy, almost bread-like texture as well as deep pockets, the Belgian Liege waffles are a special highlight of Waffling Beans. These delicious waffles are featured in their desserts, like the banana split waffle, Nutella swirl waffle, and s’more waffles dip. They also star in wholesome mains, like the waffle Benedict, and croque waffler (ham, cheese, and a sunny side-up egg). Snuggle up amidst the roads in Kennedy Town with a waffle in this petite spot.

Waffling Beans, Shop 9-C, 4-8 North Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, +852 2855 8890

Sweetpea Café 

You can blissfully enjoy delicious desserts and cut gluten, sugar, or even carbohydrates simultaneously at Sweetpea Café. From the elegant cakes (available on their menu and pre-ordering customizable cakes for events) to pleasantly filling all-day brunches, all menus are either sugar free, carbohydrate free, plant-based or vegan options, reflecting their animal saving initiative. Decorated with nature, this cosy neighbourhood café serves as the perfect stop for a hearty dessert and Instagrammable spot. Prepare to enjoy the gluten-free waffle– topped with maple, soft mascarpone cheese and scrumptious caramelised bananas– along with the adorable puppies.

Sweetpea Café, G/F, 4 Shin Hing St., Central, Hong Kong +852 3689 7269

Duck & Waffle

Famous for their duck & waffle dish that sold over a million plates in London, Duck & Waffle is the ideal spot to indulge in waffles in Hong Kong too. Their signature duck & waffle dish provides a contrast of a deep fried duck leg and fluffy waffle accompanied with maple and a fried egg, another flawless combination of sweet and savoury. Duck & Waffle also offers dessert waffles like the ‘sticky rice and mango’ waffle and the maple glazed granny smith apple waffle, satisfying the demands of a sweet tooth. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten conscious options are also available!

Duck & Waffle, Shop 1081, Podium Level 1, IFC mall, 8 Finance St., Central, Hong Kong, +852 2267 6338

Blue Supreme

If you’re looking for an unusual combination with waffles, visit the Blue Supreme located in Sheung Wan. Serving brunch menus during the day and transforming into a bar at night, the rustic interior contrasts to the fresh food offered. Although famous for their craft beer, their food menu serves favourable options too. The buttermilk chicken waffle– a waffle accompanied by mustard seed maple, Campari watermelon, and smoked bacon– overwhelms with the initial tangy salted flavour, but soothes you with the refreshingly sweet watermelon. 

Blue Supreme, 21 Tung St., Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, +852 5998 3088

Lex Coffee

Lex Coffee serves you a dual experience as an ‘art-fé’; they blend an integrated experience of food and art for customers. Not only do they share and celebrate existing art, but they create art through their food. Their Venchi chocolate waffles are exquisitely stacked and displayed, garnished with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and scoop of vanilla ice cream. Drop by when you’re in need of recharging your creative flow and sweet tooth — both will be satisfied on quick demand.

Lex Coffee, 100 Belcher’s St., Kennedy Town, Hong Kong +852 2149 9633

Mammy Pancake

Mammy Pancake serves you a staple — the Hong Kong egg waffle – in various areas of Hong Kong, including Sheung Wan. They offer an array of flavours, from original flavours like chocolate chip to unusual ones like the sea salt seaweed & sweet corn, also with the option of adding egg puffs or ice cream. Aligning with true street food nature, the huge yet cheap egg waffles are both enticing and Instagrammable. Just make sure to either share or not have too full of a meal before eating these egg waffles– when we say they’re huge, we mean it! 

Mammy Pancake, G/F, 32 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong +852 2887 8212

 Oddies Foodies

Last but definitely not least, another take-away waffle store located in Wan Chai, makes it to this list. Oddies Foodies’ signature and 100% original eggette parfaits are a blessed concoction of Italian low fat gelato and an eggette (egg waffle). In addition to their signature menu, they offer the eggette separately in various flavours. From flavours like brownie chocolate chip to Chinese sausage, all taste buds are regaled for. The successful fusion of Hong Kong street food with premium ice cream is bound to 

Oddies Foodies, G/F, 45 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong +852 2750 2111

Header image courtesy of Lindsey Moe/ Unsplash

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