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LSA Reviews: Pata Negra House is a whole entire ride

Tucked away in a warehouse space in San Po Kong, Pata Negra House is an experience unto itself that combines dining, retail, and education into one immersive experience. Each booking is private, which makes the space ideal for small groups and parties. Book quickly, as reservations fill up easily.

A Review of Pata Negra

The feeling of stepping out of the elevator and into the main space of Pata Negra House is not dissimilar to stepping into an amusement park — if the park was for adults and instead of rides, there were cured meats, wines, cheese, and other imbibements. 


Tasting Room 

First, appetisers. We were led into Pata Negra House’s tasting room, where a cornucopia of cold cuts and cheese greeted us. Despite being warned not to eat too much (“There’s more coming!”) we couldn’t help ourselves. We worked our way down, inelegantly gorging ourselves first on the Iberico Bellota cold cuts, which melted on the tongue. The cheese was next, comprised of a variety of Manchego (a personal favourite of yours truly) and a wonderfully complex and nutty soft Retorta cheese, which we ate as a dip with breadsticks. All restraint was cast to the wind as we picked and nibbled our way from the cheese to the seafood appetisers, which consisted of anchovies on crunchy cristal bread and tender Galician octopus. The olives also beat my local deli’s best — salty, tangy, messy-juicy.  

Iberico Ham Cellar 

It is entirely possible to accompany the generous spread with a few glasses of red and call it a complete meal, but we were warned. A pair of hidden doors slid open as jaunty guitar music played, revealing Pata Negra House’s ham cellar where hundreds of hams — a.k.a. entire haunches of pork — hung from the walls. Six legs of pork were ceremoniously propped upon a round table like the numbers on a clock. If PNH were going for a dramatic effect, they succeeded.  

The tasting consisted of five types of Iberico ham, of which we were offered three different cuts from each, paired with three types of sherry wine. The wine was paired according with the cut of the ham: A5, A4, and A3, each varying in texture, flavour and fat content despite being from the same leg.  

Though the wine was strong and has an almost spirit-forward taste, it cut through the salt and fat lingering on the tongue for a welcome break. At this point, any diner worth their salt would have already put a heroic effort into eating as much of these excellent items as they could. Bellies full of meat, cheese and wine, we were ushered into the final part of the Pata Negra House experience: an eight-course dinner.  

Pata Negra House


Iberico Bar – Private Kitchen 

The tasting menu at Pata Negra House offers a choice of white wine, a Gran Clot del oms Xarel.lo from Penedes, or red wine, a Pies Negros Tempranillio from Rioja, to accompany the dishes from the Signature menu. We all chose the red, which turned out to be light-bodied and slightly tannic — well-matched for the dishes to come and not too heavy on an already-loaded palette. A favourite amongst our group was the Iberico ham and bone bouillon, a very simple, small cup of bone broth made from Iberico ham bone that was a punch of umami flavour, soothing and addictive at the same time. Another item we loved was the Cantonese-style barbecue pork, made with Iberico pork, served with bottom-of-the-pot crispy rice, as it should be.  



We Recommend 

Tasting Room  

Mini Retorta Cheese (Pata Negra House Signature Tasting Menu) 

Ham Cellar

Double Acorn-Fed Iberico Ham Bellota, 48 Months Cured (Pata Negra House Signature Tasting Menu) 

Private Kitchen

Signature Iberico Ham & Bone Bouillon (Pata Negra House Signature Tasting Menu) 


Wine! The tasting menu comes with a wine pairing, all of which are excellent choices. (Pata Negra House Signature Tasting Menu)

The Highlights

Great for birthday parties, family occasions, or work parties. Pata Negra House’s  private dining experience is great for groups of all sizes, from a group of six (the minimum required for a private booking) to forty.  

Quick Notes  

Price for two

Signature Tasting Experience: HKD 980 per person, including wine pairing

Prestige Tasting Experience: HKD 1,880 per person, including wine pairing


Lee Sum Factory Building, Unit 601, 6/F, No. 28 Ng Fong St., San Po Kong

Tel. 2517 1808


Tue – Sat 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm 

Sun – Mon closed

LSA Reviews: Pata Negra House is a whole entire ride

Vanessa Lee

Managing Editor

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