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5 Christmas movies to stream right now

While there are some Christmas movies that are actually great, the most popular and successful ones are comforting, heartwarming and often cheesy — and that’s okay!

The festive season is the perfect time of year, because it’s the season when we can collectively indulge in predictable romantic comedies and “fantasy” sagas of dubious credibility — all without being judged. From ’90s classics that still make us all feel nostalgic to newer releases that took the internet by storm and, of course, rom-coms, here are our top holiday picks to stream right now in Hong Kong.

Christmas Movies
Cameron Diaz in a scene from The Holiday

5 Christmas Movies to Stream Right Now

The Holiday

Nothing screams Christmas rom-com more than a stellar ensemble cast. In The Holiday, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swap homes during the festive season following bad breakups. While the story is is as corny as it gets, the 2006 box office success boosts great aesthetic design, uplifting performances and some truly enjoyable romantic scenes.

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Home Alone

No synopsis needed here. If you were born after 1980 and have an issue with the unrealistic premise of this genre-defining ’90s classic, you shouldn’t watch any movie on this list.

Stream on Disney Plus here

A Christmas Prince

When you combine a fictitious nation where it always snows, a charming prince and a naive young journalist, you know you’re in for a true gift. A Christmas Prince, the first instalment of Netflix’s popular trilogy, takes the soppy — and yet somehow enjoyable — tropes of Hallmark Channel and gives them a millennial treatment.

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This one’s probably controversial, but Serendipity is one of the most underrated Christmas movies of all time. Is it extremely unrealistic and absurd from start to finish? Yes! However, this rom-com’s vibes are really immaculate (if you love early 2000s movies, of course). Plus, who doesn’t like John Cusack?

Stream on Netflix here

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is first and foremost a meticulously crafted visual masterpiece. The story and music, however, also make for a stylish and heartwarming holiday classic that leaves a mark with a timeless message of gratitude.

Stream on Disney Plus here

5 Christmas movies to stream right now

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