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Anson Lo: 10 fascinating facts about Hong Kong’s Cantopop star

It’s impossible to not talk about Anson Lo when describing Hong Kong’s music scene. The versatile artist makes headlines every now and then owing to his incredible singing and acting stints. Anson Lo rose to popularity in 2018 with the formation of the Cantopop boy group Mirror, following which he engaged in solo activities that gave a boost to his career and made his fandom grow manifold.

Be it his chart-topping tracks like BURN OUT and Megahit or superhit acting projects like Ossan’s Love and Showbiz Spy, Anson Lo has cemented his credibility in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. Here are 10 interesting facts about Anson Lo you probably did not know.

10 interesting facts about ‘Mirror’ member Anson Lo

1. Anson Lo dropped out of university to be a dance instructor

While the 27-year-old has established himself as a notable singer, he originally wanted to pursue dancing. Lo went on to study BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) at the City University of Hong Kong, however, his fascination to be a dance instructor took over and he dropped out of the university in his third year. Prior to his debut with Mirror, Anson Lo worked as a backup dancer for Aaron Kwok, Kelly Chen as well as Coco Lee.

2. The artist’s popularity skyrocketed with the rom-com drama Ossan’s Love

While Anson’s stints with Mirror as well as his solo singles kicked off his stardom, it was only after his appearance in Ossan’s Love that people started hailing his creative excellence.

Featuring Anson as well as his fellow band member Edan Lui, the Hong Kong adaptation of the Japanese show Ossan’s Love reshaped the city’s perception of same-sex relationships. It was the first drama on mainstream Hong Kong television that focused on gay relationships. The 15-part series, which follows a young man who’s caught in a love triangle including his boss and roommate, received positive reviews from the audience.

Ossan's Love
Image credit: IMDb

3. The artist has his own fashion brand ‘ALLOVER’

Anson Lo unleashed his entrepreneurial side with the launch of his brand ‘ALLOVER’, catering to fashion enthusiasts across the globe. According to the brand’s website, its focus is on the ’emotional connection between individuals’ rather than ‘hinging on seasonality’ like other labels. Anson described ‘love’ as the key element of his label.

The artist has designed all the pieces himself. What’s more interesting is the brand will roll out every collection in a chapter format like that of a novel or a TV series. From sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jackets to bucket hats and baseball caps, the brand creates ultra-stylish pieces.

Anson Lo
Image credit: ALLOVER website

4. The singer’s life goals are all about looking after his family

Anson Lo has his long-term goals sorted. The singer plans to take care of his family with his wealth. In a recent conversation with Hashtag Legend magazine, the singer said he wants to make his family ‘comfortable’ and shift them into a big house alongside his dog Amber. “I want to make them happy,” he added.

5.  He has campaigned for many notable brands

Just like his fellow Mirror member Keung To, Anson Lo has also been picked by a slew of famous brands. These include Shiseido, Dior, Bulgari, Samsung, Calvin Klein, Colgate, and McDonald’s among many others. His Instagram is filled with several promotional posts for these brands, and we can only imagine the amount of money he has minted from these collaborations.


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6. The star has collaborated with the Hong Kong government to boost tourism

Owing to his immense popularity, Anson Lo was approached by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to promote the city’s picturesque locations. In 2021, Anson as well as his fellow band member Ian Chan was featured in a video of the ‘Hong Kong Neighbourhoods’ campaign to promote the neighbourhood at West Kowloon. The duo also hopped onto the iconic Star Ferry to boost the tourism board’s ‘Holiday at Home’ initiative.

Chan and Lo have also collaborated with the government to promote local attractions around the city that many tourists don’t know of. Lo invited his fans to the ONE Artlane located at Sai Ying Pun, mentioning it was his favourite place to relax.

7. Anson Lo’s fans celebrated his 27th birthday with free ferry rides for Hongkongers

Anson Lo’s 27th birthday in 2022 was nothing short of a grand festival in Hong Kong, wherein his fans sponsored free ferry rides and bus rides for the city folk. As per a report in South China Morning Post, Lo’s official fan club explained that the free rides were aimed at “giving back to society and spreading positivity”.

A huge billboard was decorated in front of the Tsim Sha Tsui Bus Terminus, showcasing the star’s videos on a loop. That’s how powerful a celebrity Anson Lo is!

8. He made his movie debut with Showbiz Spy

After delivering back-to-back hit singles, Anson forayed into films with the 2021 film Showbiz Spy. Also starring Chloe So, Denis Kwok, Heidi Lee among others in pivotal roles, Showbiz Spy was among the top ten highest-grossing films in Hong Kong that year.

The Mirror member played the role of an investigator who goes undercover as a woman to get insights about a reality TV contest for pop stars.

Apart from this, Anson Lo also took on a supporting role in the 2022 film Hong Kong Family. With such an interesting palette of films, we can’t wait to see what’s next in store!

9. Anson Lo and Keung To have collaborated on two hit tracks

Mirror’s most popular members Keung To and Anson Lo blessed fans with two tracks. Their first song, B.M.G. – Be My Girl, dropped in 2019. The music video is all things fun, showcasing the duo grooving side by side in matching hot-red suits.

Their second track, Love Doesn’t Make a Sound, was released in 2021. The song was a part of the Taiwanese drama Sometimes When We Touch, in which Lo made a guest appearance.

Apart from Keung To, Anson has joined hands with artists like Alan Tam, Janice Vidal and Mirror’s Edan Lui.

10. The singer bagged many awards

The singer has won numerous accolades and bagged nominations under major categories at notable award functions. Lo’s first major international recognition came in 2021 when he won the Best New Asian Artist Award (Mandarin) at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

He also bagged the ‘My Favourite Male Singer Award’ at the 2022 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation. Additionally, he has won multiple Metro Radio Hit Awards as well as JOOX Top Music Awards.


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How many of these facts about Anson Lo did you know?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Who is Anson Lo from Mirror?

Answer: Anson Lo is a singer, actor, and dancer, who's a part of Hong Kong's famous boy band Mirror.

Question: What group is Anson Lo in?

Answer: Anson Lo is a part of Hong Kong's most popular boy band Mirror, which was formed in 2018.

Question: When did Anson Lo make his solo debut?

Answer: The singer made his solo debut with his first single 'A Lifelong Mission' in 2020.

Question: Where did Anson Lo go to school?

Answer: Anson Lo attended the Shak Chung Shan Memorial Catholic Primary School in Hong Kong.

Anson Lo: 10 fascinating facts about Hong Kong’s Cantopop star

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