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A few ideas for Lisa of BLACKPINK, if she leaves YG Entertainment

Rapper, singer, dancer: there’s nothing Lalisa Manobal cannot do — except for reaching a consensus with YG Entertainment regarding her contract. If Lisa BLACKPINK leaves YG Entertainment, what would she do next?

Fun fact: BLACKPINK contributes to over 80% of YG Entertainment’s revenue, at least according to K-Pop Life. Another fun fact: upon rumours of Lisa’s rejection of the contract renewal, shares for YG Entertainment dropped by 9%. Needless to say, it’s quite imperative for the K-pop agency to reach a conclusion for an exclusive deal with the superstar and the extremely successful K-pop girl band.

With an estimated net worth of USD 25 million, and a slew of product endorsements to her name, Lisa of BLACKPINK is one of the most successful K-pop stars of our time. Together with her bandmates in BLACKPINK, the girl group marks the single most successful girl group under YG Entertainment’s label. If any — or all — of them were to leave, it could have serious implications for the business.

At the time of writing, no one really knows what Lisa’s next move is. She has the fame and stardom to do practically anything, after all. In case she needs inspiration, here are a few ideas for Lisa when she leaves YG Entertainment. Her contract is famously very strict, so there are quite a few avenues that would open up to her.

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A few ideas for Lisa of BLACKPINK, if she leaves YG Entertainment

Lisa Blackpink could open her own club in Seoul, because she'd finally be allowed to go clubbing
Image credit: Aleksandr Popov/Unsplash

Lisa could open her own club in Seoul, because she’d finally be allowed to go clubbing

One of YG Entertainment’s restrictions going clubbing, as stars under the label are not allowed to go to clubs. When Lisa leaves YG, she can turn that around, give it 200%, and open her own club in Korea. With her fame and money, it isn’t as far-fetched as one might think. Plus, she’s got the connections to turn it into nightlife must-visit in the city.

Lisa Blackpink could become a Youtube vlogger, finally eat and drink on her own terms, and record mukbangs 
Image credit: Jesus Loves Austin/Unsplash

She could become a YouTube vlogger, finally eat and drink on her own terms, and record mukbangs

It’s not uncommon at all to follow the interesting, bubbly lives of K-pop stars in the form of vlogs. After Lisa’s departure from YG Entertainment, she wouldn’t have to abide by the strict rules of an entertainment agency anymore. Needless to say, people would definitely tune in to watch Lisa if she were to come back in the form of a Youtuber, abandoning those pesky eating and drinking rules she was subjected to. Who knows? Maybe she’d even film a mukbang.

If Lisa leaves YG Entertainment, Lisa could finally live out her Formula 1 fantasy, because she'd finally be allowed to drive
Image credit: Clément Delacre/Unsplash

Lisa could finally live out her Formula 1 fantasy, because she’d finally be allowed to drive

As we talk about YG Entertainment’s strict rules, one of which Lisa was subjected to was being prohibited from driving, even being prohibited from getting a driver’s license. Technically, in one of the multiverses, Lisa might try driving and find the her heart racing to the fluttering accelerations and swift turns. A Formula 1 driver racing for the stars, she’d have no problem getting the sponsorships to come in.

If Lisa leaves YG Entertainment, she could move to Vegas
Image credit: Grant Cai/Unsplash

She could become a huge solo artist, and secure her own Vegas residency

Many iconic stars of the music industry have been to the Sin City, presenting their talents onstage as resident performers—Lady Gaga, Adele, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, just to name a few. Lisa being the first K-pop star with her own Vegas residency? Nothing short of iconic, we reckon.

Lisa Blackpink could come to Thailand after leaving YG Entertainment
Image credit: RsiamMusic/Facebook

Lisa could also come back to Thailand, and sign a contract with RSiam Music

Sure, an entertainment agency provides a lot of perks, but it can feel very restricted staying in one of the bigger ones. As everyone is wondering whether Lisa will stay with YG Entertainment or leave for a different agency, maybe she could consider returning to her local roots and join local Thai folk music agency RSiam. She could visit her family more, and let’s be honest: we have all the food she adores since childhood.

Image credit: Denys Kostyuchenko/Unsplash

Lastly, how about early retirement in Florida?

Maybe she had enough of the stardom, maybe it’s Maybelline. We’d welcome Lisa to the sunny streets of Florida, where she can spend her hard-earned money into doing whatever she wants. She could get that tan, go for a swim, yacht party—all of those and more. Three years later, Lisa may go on a world tour, then retire all over again, and we love that for her.

A few ideas for Lisa of BLACKPINK, if she leaves YG Entertainment

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