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Interesting facts to know about Hins Cheung, Hong Kong’s celebrated musical genuis

Hins Cheung is hailed as the Mando-pop and Canto-pop heartthrob of today’s time and rightly so! In his more than two-decade-long journey in showbiz, Cheung has established himself as one of the most successful singers in the Hong Kong music scene with his discography spanning 17 studio albums and EPs. While we all know Hins Cheung as a successful star who continues to reshape the city’s music scene, how many of you are familiar with this Guangzhou native’s inspiring journey to stardom? From playing in pubs as a teenager, almost letting go of his musical dreams for pursuing a career in accounting to finally releasing his self-produced debut album Hins’ First in 2001, Cheung has toiled hard to work his way to the top.

Apart from his flourishing music career, Hins Cheung stands as a proud entrepreneur and investor in today’s time. He’s a pioneering figure who’s credited with revitalising Hong Kong’s historic venues such as the celebrated Avon Recording Studios, the famous French fine-dining restaurant Junon and more. Let’s take you through some interesting facts about Hins Cheung that’ll acquaint you with the star like never before!

Lesser-known facts about Hong Kong’s music icon Hins Cheung


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1. Hins Cheung performed in bars/pubs during high school

Chronicling his earlier teenage days, Cheung never thought of pursuing music as a career despite having immense talent and inclination towards it. But why? Because his extremely strict parents wanted him to pursue a traditional career like accounting! He tried hard to switch things up and even chose to study accounting at a vocational school. However, the musical nerd in him couldn’t be controlled.

His secret music rendezvous continued despite his family’s resistance and the singer started playing in pubs in his hometown during his high school years for USD 80 a night! Cheung’s mother eventually found out about this secret, and well, his tryst with numbers was over. His mother finally caved in, following which he kickstarted his career in full boom

2. He has made extraordinary efforts to preserve Hong Kong’s heritage


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Thanks to Hins Cheung’s takeover, Hong Kong’s premier recording facility, Avon Recording Studios, underwent a complete refurbishment and has been refitted with classic analogue equipment. Avon’s decked with completely new installations, comprising an exciting and eclectic range of equipment.

He also brought back Hong Kong’s first revolving 1960s restaurant, Juno, about three decades after it was closed. Now called Junon, the French fine-dining restaurant returned with a bang, leaving all Hongkongers in a mad rush to visit the place. Cheung worked on another restaurant project – The Crown, giving people an immersive fine-dining experience in the backdrop of live performances.

Talking about his affinity for vintage things, Hins Cheung told Prestige Hong Kong, “I believe history greatly influences who we are as a person and gives us personality. It shapes us. In a way, all these places made Hong Kong the place it is now. I hope to be a doorman for a time portal, who can unlock doors for those interested in learning about our history and our past.”

3. He moved to Hong Kong after signing with Universal Music

Just a year after the release of his debut album Hins’ First, the singer shifted his career to Hong Kong in 2002 after minting a deal with Universal Music. Calling his deal with the leading music group a defining moment of his career, Cheung said that he couldn’t believe it when they first approached him. He told Prestige Hong Kong, “I received a phone call from Universal Music Hong Kong saying they wanted to sign me, and I almost thought it was a prank or a scam.”

The star thought to himself that he had nothing to lose and clinched the opportunity to move to Hong Kong. And looking at the milestones he has hit since then, it’s safe to say he made the right decision

4. Hins Cheung has starred in a number of feature films

Fans have witnessed Cheung’s acting chops in a variety of feature films, including The Legend Is Born: Ip Man, Dancing Lion as well as the most recent 2023 release Everything Under Control. Directed by Ying Chi-Wen, Everything Under Control is a comedy flick which stars Cheung in his second leading film role alongside Ivana Wong, Michael Ning and more. Apart from movies, he has been a part of several theatrical plays like I Have a Date with Autumn, Equus, Bent and Octave. Cheung’s creative adventures never seem to cease!

5. First artist to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum during COVID-19

Cheung has performed for millions of fans in more than 10 concerts and had packed shows even during the COVID-19 pandemic. With his Hins Cheung X HKCO concert in November 2020, Cheung became the first artist to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum amid the pandemic with the attendee capacity limited to 50%. Many of his high-profile celebrity friends like Emperor Group chairman Albert Yeung, and singers Charlene Choi and Kenny Kwan were also in attendance.

6. He has fronted campaigns for several notable brands


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For someone as influential as Hins Cheung, clinching lucrative brand deals is an easy feat. The singer has partnered with brands like Samsung, Casetify, Loewe, Montblanc, Chanel and more for various launches and campaigns. He’s also at the forefront when it comes to promoting many local Hong Kong brands and outlets.

7. Cheung has won the Ultimate Song Chart Award for Best Male Singer six times

The artist boasts a string of accolades such as bagging the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Best Male Singer Gold prize six times! He’s is the second artist after Jacky Cheung to have won in all major categories at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards. Apart from this, he has won the Jade Solid Gold Most Popular Male Singer four times and was also named the Best Pop Male Singer at the Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards.

8. He’s the art and culture ambassador of the First Initiative Foundation

First Initiative Foundation is one of Hong Kong’s charitable foundations that aims to promote the art and culture in the city via fundraisers, workshops and collaborations with global performers. Hins Cheung was named one of their brand ambassadors alongside other notable personalities like Eason Chan, Jackie Cheung, Carina Lau, Lang Lang as well as Niu Niu. Cheung even set up a fund to support up-and-coming artists, splurging a whopping USD 2 million from his own pocket. The artist’s all about giving it back to the society!

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  • How famous is Hins Cheung?

Hins Cheung is one of the most famous musicians in Hong Kong. He’s known for his incredible Mando-pop and Canto-pop offerings.

Interesting facts to know about Hins Cheung, Hong Kong’s celebrated musical genuis

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