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Keung To: 10 interesting facts about Hong Kong’s music sensation

Keung To is one of the first names that echo in Hong Kong when describing the city’s most iconic musicians. Member of the top-rated boy band, Mirror, the artist has become one of the most prominent faces in Cantopop. Passionate fans, chart-breaking tracks and impressive wealth are just the by-products of Keung To’s insane talent, and it’s safe to say that he’s one of the artists that prompted the wave of fandom culture in Hong Kong.

You may find the image of this 23-year-old icon spread across the city’s billboards, public transport (and, of course, in the decorated corners of his fans’ rooms). He’s also the top pick for luxury brands like Chanel, Cartier, Emporio Armani, Longchamp and more.

For all those gushing over the star and those looking to familiarise themselves with his craft, we’ve curated a list of 10 interesting facts about Keung To.

10 interesting facts about Mirror’s Keung To

1. Keung To participated in the Mainland Chinese talent show Super Boy

The singer completed his studies and graduated with a diploma from Yeo Chei Man Senior Secondary School before pursuing his singing career. Mirror fans might be aware that Keung To won ViuTV’s reality talent competition Good Night Show – King Maker, which led to the formation of the band in 2018. However, this wasn’t his first major achievement!

In 2017, the idol participated in the Mainland Chinese talent show Super Boy and emerged victorious in the regional trials. He ultimately became one of the representatives of the Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan regions. Unfortunately, he only made it to the top 30 but the platform was surely a stepping-stone in his now-flourishing career.

2. The singer has broken two Cantopop records

Keung bagged ‘My Favourite Male Singer’ award and ‘My Favourite Song’ award at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation in 2020 as well as 2021, making him the youngest person to receive both titles.

One of the most coveted music award ceremonies in Hong Kong, the Ultimate Song Charts awards are handed out based on audience votes. He’s also the recipient of the Joox Top Music Award as well as the Chill Club Music Award.


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3. Keung To struggled with fame and acceptance by the society

If you delve into the meaning behind Keung’s songs, you’ll notice that the artist puts forth his personal ordeals and emotions that he’s dealing with. One such track which chronicles his struggles is his ninth solo single Mirror in the Mirror.

As per a report by South China Morning Post, the artist narrated the setbacks of coming to fame and having to deal with several opinions of society. He eventually embarks on a path of self-acceptance and focuses on his growth. The singer’s powerful emotions are perfectly reflected in the music video.

 4. Keung To has an incredible weight loss journey

The singer was bullied and criticised for being overweight at the age of 15. The star, who weighed 90kg back then, revealed that no one wanted to befriend him, making his school days displeasing. South China Morning Post reported that doctors warned the singer about impending heart issues, diabetes, and high blood pressure if the condition persisted.

Despite losing 27 kgs, Keung had a long-lasting trauma and lost all confidence. However, he never let it affect his musical journey and continued to perform. Looking at him now, we can only imagine how dedicatedly he pulled off the transformation.


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5. The idol wants to pursue acting in future

Keung To sent shockwaves across his fandom when he once spoke about retiring at the age of 29. As per a Yahoo report, the singer stressed that he wants to build his wealth before turning 30. He also revealed his plans of emigrating to a foreign land.

Thankfully, in a follow-up interview in 2022 published in the HKTOPTEN blog, the singer tweaked his earlier statement. He mentioned that rather than retiring altogether, he would switch to acting as it’s ‘freer’ than a singer’s life. Keung remarked that an idol’s life ‘may have a lot more restrictions’ while acting can be a fun alternative. Let’s hope that the artist continues to entertain us in whichever field he chooses.

6. Keung To is the top pick for luxury brands

The artist is a luxury market favourite, having been picked by brands like Chanel, Cartier, Emporio Armani, Estee Lauder and more. Not just this, Keung has had associations with Charles and Keith Hong Kong, Hogan, FILA, NIVEA, Dyson, Mary Kay Hong Kong, Laura Mercier Hong Kong, Hada Labo Hong Kong, YSL Hong Kong and the list goes on. 

He’s not just popular in the luxury and fashion space, but also with banking, FMCG and personal care brands like HSBC, McDonald’s and Colgate, which have associated with him for promotional purposes. 


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7. He made his acting debut with Retire to Queen

Apart from cementing his name in the music industry, Keung made his acting debut with the ViuTV television series Retire to Queen. He appeared in a supporting role in the sports drama show, which aired in 2019.
The singer went on to star in other productions like We are the Littles, Ink at Tai Ping and Sometimes When We Touch. After his stint in the television space, Keung made his film debut with Mama’s Affair, co-starring Teresa Mo and Jer Lau. The film was a commercial success, becoming the fourth highest-grossing movie of 2022. Keung’s role as Fong Ching drew massive appreciation.

8. Keung To hopes for a partner who would appreciate his music

While the singer likes to keep his private life under wraps, he once spoke about the kind of partner he’s looking for. In an interview with the Idol Hall of Fame (via Yahoo), Keung said that while he earlier wanted a girl with ‘long hair’ among other things, now he only hopes that his better half would love and appreciate his music.

The idol also quipped that the girl must see his previous photos when he was overweight before they start dating. Keung joked that she must accept him even if he gets back to his former self, and only then will she pass the criteria.

9. Keung To worked at McDonald’s

The artist’s journey from working at McDonald’s to being their celebrity ambassador is surreal. The singer posted a series of throwback photos from 2015 on his Instagram, where he can be seen taking orders behind the counter at a McDonald’s outlet. Fans poured their heart out for the star, mentioning that he’s a great example for the youth struggling to find their way.

keung to
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10. Keung To bagged many notable awards

The artist has garnered a couple of notable awards outside of Mirror, while also bagging top nominations for his singles and acting projects. Asian Television Awards, Metro Radio Music Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards are a couple of platforms that have nominated Keung in top tier categories. Additionally, he has won multiple Ultimate Song Chart Awards, Joox Top Music Awards and one Chill Club Music Award.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is Keung To's background?

Answer: Keung To is a Hong Kong singer and actor, who rose to fame after winning 'Good Night Show - King Maker' in 2018.

Question: Where is Keung To from?

Answer: Keung To is born and raised in Hong Kong. He has also completed his education from Hong Kong.

Question: Why is Keung To so popular?

Answer: Boy band Mirror's hit tracks and Keung To's solo tracks as well as acting stints have made him extremely popular.

Question: How old is Keung To?

Answer: Keung To is 23 years old. He was born on April 30, 1999.

Keung To: 10 interesting facts about Hong Kong’s music sensation

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