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Madame Web: Release date, cast and all the other details we know

The latest chapter in Sony’s live-action Spider-Verse, the Dakota Johnson-starring Madame Web, is on its way, and now we have an official movie trailer to prove it.

The movie has been in development since 2019 and is inspired by the comic book character of the same name that first appeared in The Amazing Spiderman #210 in November 1980.

Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades Trilogy, The Lost Daughter) stars in the title role, while Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria) will also appear in the film as Julia Carpenter, one of the versions of Spider-Woman. But they won’t be the only Spider-Women in town, as showcased by the new trailer, which also gives fans a glimpse at Isabela Merced’s Anya Corazon as Spider-Girl and Celeste O’Connor as Mattie Franklin.

The new footage teases the four characters teaming up, as they join forces to battle the Spider-Man-esque villain Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Sims (Tahar Rahim).The trailer also gives fans a glimpse at Webb’s clairvoyant abilities.

Alongside Johnson and Sweeney, the cast features Emma Roberts, Mike Epps, Adam Scott and Zosia Mamet, who are all set to star in undisclosed roles. Read on for everything you need to know.

Madame Web movie release date

Madame Web was initially slated to release on 7 July 2023, but the release date was delayed until 6th October 2023.

The release date was then pushed back again, with Madame Web now set to debut on 14 February 2024.

Thanks to a deal that was struck back in 2021, Sony’s films typically go to Netflix following their theatrical run and digital window, meaning Madame Web should eventually land on the streamer.

Principal photography began on 11 July 2022, and filming, which took place in Boston, Massachusetts, and New York City, officially wrapped in January 2023.

Madame Web cast: Who will star alongside Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney?

Madame Web

There’s been plenty of hype around Madame Web’s cast, which is set to star Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades Trilogy, The Lost Daughter) in the titular role.

Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria) has also been cast in the film as Julia Carpenter.

In a recent Variety interview, Sweeney confirmed that she’s playing the character, and said of Madame Web: “I think it’s different from what people expect a superhero movie to be. Quote that! That’s a quote, because the tabloids will pick up everything else we talk about.”

The cast is also set to feature other famous faces including Isabela Merced (Dora and the Lost City of Gold), Adam Scott (Severance), Emma Roberts (American Horror Story), Mike Epps (The Hangover), Celeste O’Connor (Ghostbusters: Afterlife), Tahar Rahim (The Mauritanian) and Zosia Mamet (The Flight Attendant and Girls), who will all appear in as-yet-to-be-disclosed roles.

Roberts appeared on the Shut Up Evan Podcast earlier this year and spoke about her upcoming role in the film.

While she didn’t reveal an awful lot about who she is playing, she teased the following: “What I can tell you is I’m not a superhero. Some people may think she’s a superhero, but not… like, I don’t have supernatural powers. So I can tell you that.”

Madame Web plot: What could it be about?

Much of the plot remains under wraps but, in Marvel comics, the first Madame Web is Cassandra Webb, a blind woman from Salem, Oregon who suffers from neurological deterioration, which has left her mostly paralysed.

However, she uses her psychic abilities to compensate, which include telepathy, astral projection and seeing the future.

The character is also known for her close association with the Spider-Women Jessica Drew and Julia Carpenter.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura previously promised a fresh origin story for the character, telling ComicBook.com: “So, in that respect, if you’re a Spider-Man fan, you’re gonna love the character because you know it from the comic books, which she doesn’t really have that big a character in the comic books, we’re doing the origin story of Madame Web.

“And so you meet her before she’s actually the person that you know in the comic book and you come to understand how she becomes that person. So, I think that’ll be a really fresh new terrain for the fans.”

The inclusion of Julia Carpenter, who has a long legacy in Marvel Comics, also gives us some hints about what the story could be about.

Carpenter was the second Madame Web and received her powers after the original was killed by Ana Kraven, the daughter of Kraven the Hunter and, while we can’t say for certain how Sweeney’s version of Carter could factor into the plot, it’s possible that the film could revolve around the passing of the torch from one Madame Web to another.

Madame Web trailer

The official trailer is out now, teasing a team-up between the four main female characters and showcasing Web’s clairvoyant abilities. Watch below:

(All images: Courtesy IMDb)

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