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A ‘Man of Steel’ sequel might actually happen, nine years on

After years of ignoring Henry Cavill, the new leadership at Warner Bros. is reportedly starting the process of getting a Man of Steel sequel off the ground, with Cavill all set to don the cape once more.

Henry Cavill has been done dirty by Warner Bros. for years. The Brit took on the mantle of Superman back in 2013 in Man of Steel and reprised the role in Batman v Superman and the two Justice League films. But for some reason, a standalone sequel has never happened, even as other Justice League members like Wonder Woman and Aquaman got theirs. With the revamp of the DCEU and the tumultuous Warner-Discovery merger, it seemed like the sequel was never going to happen. However, all these events may have paved the way for Cavill’s return as the Man of Steel, according to an article from The Holywood Reporter.

Warner Bros. is currently on the lookout for writers for the Man of Steel sequel

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The recent merger with Discovery shook things up in a big way for the studio. Batgirl, a movie that was in post-production, was completely scrapped. President of DC Films Walter Hamada is also resigning after Black Adam’s release this month. This also doesn’t count the recent troubles with Ezra Miller, whose Flash movie is set to reboot the DC Universe (it’s been reported that Miller has been doing reshoots so it seems the movie is still going to be released).

While all this was happening, Dwayne Johnson was busy making Black Adam and repeating for days on end how the “hierarchy of the universe is about to change”— whatever that means. But the one thing Johnson has been vocal about is Cavill’s return as Superman. In fact, Cavill was one of the first people he met when he got the role of the antihero back in 2016. 

Dwayne Johnson has gone on record saying that it took six years not just for Black Adam to get made but also for Cavill’s return. In fact, he clearly stated in an interview that the previous leadership at Warner Bros. said no to it. The THR article also said that Walter Hamada was the one who tried to kill the Superman cameo in Black Adam, but Johnson made it happen. 

Johnson has repeatedly said that Black Adam will usher in a new era of the DC Universe, and he may be right. He’s called Cavill “the Superman of our generation”, and everyone seems to unanimously agree. Here’s hoping Henry gets his due and we finally see the sequel we’ve been waiting so long for.


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