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Meet the singles ready to mingle on Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ season 5

Back with another season of faceless dating, Love Is Blind season 5 has arrived on Netflix in all its dramatic (or should we say, traumatic) glory, and with it, we have 27 new contestants who demand our attention with their limited screen time. Let’s take a closer look at the cast of Love is Blind season 5.

As we dive into another season of this rollercoaster romance reality show, it’s clear that trauma is the common thread in the narratives of this eclectic bunch. But let’s face it, isn’t that what keeps us coming back for more? Straight from the initial episodes of Season 5, we’re handed a mixed bag of life stories that might leave you empathetic for some but will immediately establish which characters to dislike right from the first on-camera introduction. From Milton’s brave battle against a rare disease, to participants dealing with abusive pasts, absent parents, and even one horrifying account of date-rape in Mexico, Love is Blind Season 5 is not holding back on the emotional punches.

Amongst this diverse crew of emotionally embattled are Johnie, a resilient divorced lawyer on a mission to mend his heart after a tumultuous past, and Izzy, whose journey from a Christmas-eschewing Jehovah’s Witness to the revelation about his biological father is bound to leave you rethinking the kind of confessions any of us are willing to make on a reality dating show.

But remember, there’s no “winning” in this dating game; the “prizes” are people who often wave some of the brightest red flags. Love Is Blind is your crash course in spotting emotional landmines, whether it’s the enigmatic Uche, the foot-obsessed Stacy, or the American flag-loving JP. So, grab your detective glasses and prepare to uncover the drama, because as loyal viewers, we’re not blind to the game — we’re just pros at spotting the monsters behind the masks.

Meet the most noteworthy cast of Love Is Blind season 5

1. Uche Okoroha


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Meet Uche, the 34-year-old lawyer for whom Love Is Blind is the perfect premise for rewriting his dating playbook. After admitting to previously prioritising his looks, he’s ready to switch gears and focus on “forming a connection” that’s all about that “us against the world” vibe. Apart from his legal jargon, Uche also owns a tech company and has a deep love for the great outdoors, as per his Instagram.

Sure, Uche might be used to letting his analytical side guide his day job, but in the pods, it’s his giant personality to all the talking. After a two-year stint on the single circuit, you’d think he’d be more of a mature man. But as we dive into his interactions within those oh-so-short 10-day pod dates, it becomes clear that Uche’s idea of conversation sometimes takes a sharp left turn into what could only be described as a mashup of therapy and an intense grilling session. Early on, he engages Aaliyah, one of his matches, about her past infidelity. This discussion quickly takes on a life of its own, with Uche playing both judge and jury, leaving the girl in tears. We’re only waiting to see how Uche’s story unfolds.

2. Aaliyah


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Aaliyah is a 29-year-old ICU travel nurse for whom travelling on the job and chasing her dreams across the country are non-negotiable life rules. After living the single life for over a year, she argues that she’s tired of investing in men who aren’t ready for the commitment and who lack the essential ingredients of  “honesty, loyalty, and consistency” in a relationship. Her dream partner? An intellectual foodie who can stimulate not only her taste buds but her intellect as well. As she navigates the pod dating life, she’s determined to find that “pure and gentle” connection she’s been longing for, even if it means taking a leap of faith through a glowing blue wall.

In the Love Is Blind arena, she’s approached by Uche, ever the inquisitor, who begins his little sleuth game with Aaliyah about a past incident of infidelity. She admits to it happening but reveals that she never confessed to her ex. Her brief responses hint at her obvious discomfort with the topic. “I really hated myself for that,” she confesses, opening up to this man she owes no explanations to. But Uche being Uche, pushes Aaliyah further, manipulating her with the possibility of a relationship. In a final dialogue, she says, “I am a terrible person and not deserving of your love, Uche, but please take pity on me because you are Uche and I am nothing but a lowly worm.” We love a good red flag moment!

3. Lydia Arleen

Thirty-two year old geologist, Lydia, might be an expert when it comes to rocks, but she’s on a quest to find a rock of a different kind—the one that sits pretty on her finger. Approaching her thirties catalysed a wave of emotional maturity, Lydia revealed to Tudum. Her heart’s desire? A tall, dark, and handsome partner with a personality as big as her aspirations. Poor communication is her pet peeve and transparency, and emotional maturity are her secret passcodes to unlocking her heart. She’s determined to find a love that’s not just skin-deep, but a profound connection capable of conquering any obstacle that comes their way— even if that’s a dividing wall.

With her curly, honey-hued hair and tanned skin, Lydia adds an intriguing dynamic to this season. Her suitors struggle to decipher her accent— immediately cueing montages of confused men who find the intonation everything from funny to amusing. Amidst the peculiar exchanges, one of which is with Milton who reveals a cryptic disease he’s suffering from, Lydia answers that she would “cherish his tall body and short life.” One thing is certain from this season of Love Is Blind: oversharing your life’s traumas may lead to amusing television but doesn’t always guarantee a lasting connection.

4. Milton Johnson

Say hello to James Milton Johnson IV, the 25-year-old petroleum engineer hailing from the heart of Texas, Houston. Milton may be the youngest in the pods, but he’s on a mission to find his future wife. With a penchant for women older than himself, he admits that when it comes to dating, there’s no strict blueprint. His ultimate deal-breaker? People with “no ambition.” As someone who is hyper-focused on his education and career, Milton argues that he’s not about to settle for someone who doesn’t share his drive.

Milton’s got the kind of physique that’s all about long limbs and, yes, a moustache that makes a statement. In one memorable pod conversation, he shares a vulnerable story that might be sad in some parts but definitely makes you question his wording. As it turns out, has a tendency to “collapse on itself,” causing a cascade of health issues as it presses on his organs. It’s a revelation that brings into sharp focus Milton’s sense of preciousness about his limited time on Earth. In his own words, “People that are as tall as I am live significantly shorter.”

5. Johnie Maraist


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A lawyer cum personal trainer, Johnie Maraist has a theory about why she’s still single – she’s been choosing the “wrong kind of man.” But she’s determined to change her dating game in the pods. At 32, Johnie may describe herself as indecisive, but she’s crystal clear about what she’s searching for: someone who knows their own mind. Her usual type? She’s had a soft spot for “slightly younger, pretty boys,” but with season 5, she admits to walking into the experiment with an open heart and an even more open mind.

While Johnie speaks of being a “work in progress”, her past traumas highlight the heartbreak she had to endure. In the few released episodes, she speaks about getting over being in love with a man who was addicted to drugs. While revealing your deepest, darkest secrets IRL might come with a sense of insecurity, Johnie’s unfiltered version of events surely wasn’t the hard pill every suitor wanted to swallow.

6. Christopher Fox


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A post shared by Christopher Fox (@chrisfoxxy)

This 28-year-old project manager has a knack for choosing the “wrong women,” he tells Tudum. With Love Is Blind Season 5, he’s hoping that the pattern will finally break. Chris is on the hunt for someone he can truly “depend on”— a partner in crime for life. A quick scroll through his Instagram reveals his love for sports, travel, and riding motorcycles.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing for Chris when it comes to matters of the heart. He admits that in his past relationships, he’s grappled with the all-too-familiar struggle of bottling up emotions and steering away from healthy communication. His longest relationship lasted a respectable three years, but since going solo, Chris was left frustrated with the superficiality of dating apps. Most of his matches came with women who don’t quite share his commitment-driven aspirations. So, what does he seek in a potential partner? “Honesty, selflessness, and a good sense of humor, ” reads his Tudum bio.

7. Izzy Zapata


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Proactively seeking a love that lasts a lifetime, Izzy is no stranger to the dating game. With a track record that boasts two to three dates a week for the past year and a half, Izzy was one of the first to jump off the deep end on the show. However, despite his dating diligence, he’s still on the lookout for that elusive perfect match. Keeping aside the red flags, he agreed that he often finds himself “not on the same page emotionally” as his romantic partners. For Izzy, his dream girl is someone who can join him in the gym or on the beach for a spirited game of sand volleyball – athletic women are naturally placed on top of his list. And while he’s not one to insist on specifics, he can’t help but appreciate blonde hair and beautifully coloured eyes. Most importantly, he’s on a quest for an “open-minded, good communicator” who can offer unconditional love. Looks like Izzy had a specific woman in mind while deciding “his type”.

As the drama unfolds, it becomes clear that Izzy and Stacy are a match made in Love Is Blind heaven – spoiler alert! With a heartfelt declaration that he will always be patient and kind, Izzy drops to one knee, proclaiming his unwavering certainty. While this couple may or may not make it to the altar, we sure hope their guaranteed screen time gives us a healthy dose of reality TV!

8. Stacy Snyder


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A former college athlete, pilates instructor, and director of operations, 34-year-old Stacy decided to take the plunge into the questionable world of Love Is Blind after less than a year of being single. Determined to step out of her comfort zone, embrace vulnerability, and discover the man of her dreams, Stacy’s requirements include someone who’s not only family-oriented but also outgoing and driven.

When she’s not teaching at her group fitness classes or packing in the bronzer, Stacy’s neatly categorising things in this world as either “the worst” or “amazing.” She reveals to one of the men that she has an innate talent, a secret superpower if you will: She can guess men’s shoe sizes, just by looking at them. “This guy was being a dick, and I looked at his feet and they were small, and I was like, ‘What are you, a size 6?’” Stacy tells her pod date. She lets him know that she assumes that his feet are bigger than a 6. Stacy’s superpower — object permanence — is not objectively that super, but she makes her male match laugh, nonetheless.

9. Jared “JP” Pierce


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The 32-year-old firefighter hailing from the bustling city of Houston, might have built up his walls as a dater, but he’s on the show to tear them down, much like his day job. The dating scene in Houston is a bit too superficial for his taste, he admitted to Tudum. Meeting women out at bars isn’t geared toward long-term commitment in his opinion. Jared believes that if he can find a woman in the pods who’ll be patient, “he’ll be able to let down his walls and show his ‘big heart,’ which he counts as one of his best traits.”

Coupling up with Taylor, the duo embarks on a whirlwind journey from strangers to fiancés at breakneck speed. After a particularly giddy second date, JP is seen ready to drop to one knee, although it takes a bit more conversation to seal the deal. As the couple discover their shared values, goals, and even a penchant for matching Christmas pyjamas, it becomes abundantly clear that JP is not going to let this one just slide. He and Taylor are one of the first confirmed couples moving on to the honeymoon phase of Love is Blind season 5.

10. Taylor Rue


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After four years of navigating the turbulent seas of singledom, Taylor Rue, our in-house teacher has reached the point where she’s utterly exhausted by the shallow world of looks-based dating. What she truly craves is a soul-deep connection that transcends appearances. Within the pods, Taylor’s focus is razor-sharp – she’s here to meet her future husband, and she has a few criteria in mind. Her ideal match must possess unwavering honesty, to the point where honesty itself might blush. Oh, and a little extra height wouldn’t hurt either – at least, enough to tip the scales in her favour. Lying is an absolute deal-breaker for Taylor, given her less-than-ideal experiences with past partners. And if this experiment led her to a ring on her finger, she’d take her chances as we saw in her rather early coupling with JP.

Other participants on Love Is Blind season 5


Estefania, 30 years young and a dual powerhouse of a high school teacher and a dancer, comes on the show on the hunt for a guy who can not only keep up with her energetic rhythm but also waltz his way into her heart. She believes her singledom is a result of her being “too picky” in past relationships, but she’s ready to swerve anyone who’s “controlling or dirty.” A travel enthusiast by passion, Estefani’s Instagram handle proves this Love Is Blind cast member can regularly be found on the beach.



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A post shared by Maris (@maris_tx)

Meet Maris, a 30-year-old HR specialist who’s only been in one serious relationship that unexpectedly ended after six long years. In the two years prior to joining the cast of Love Is Blind season 5, Maris had been on the quest for a partner who could handle her strong-willed nature and wouldn’t bat an eye when her hair decided to make itself at home. Above all, Maris is a devoted family-oriented individual, envisioning future adventures at crawfish boils with friends and celebrating Lao New Year traditions with family. Plus, she’s got a habit of bringing home food, even when you didn’t think to ask – a quality that certainly sweetens the deal!

Jarred Gibson


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A dad joke connoisseur by choice and a university director by profession, Jared is a 34-year-old who believes he has a history of going above and beyond to make his relationships work. Now he’s looking for a more balanced connection with a woman who loves him just as much as he loves her because he’s done “compromising when [he] should not.” If his future spouse can look past his “lack of detail in cleaning,” they’d find a guy who wants to “truly connect with someone and live life with mutual respect and compromise.”

Paige Tillman

Stylist Paige who is often posting on IG about her fashionable life, learned the hard way that being “too nice to the wrong people” isn’t the path to lasting love. On the show, she refuses to let others take advantage of her kindness. For Paige, a big heart and genuine respect are non-negotiable, and her major deal breakers include anyone who’s rude to waiters or staff during dinner. Ultimately, she wants to find someone who “loves the way [she] loves,”she tells Tudum.

Renee Poche


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A post shared by Renee Poche (@missreneepoche)

This 32-year-old veterinarian has been so career-focused, she feels like she’s been single for ages. Five years since her last major relationship, Renee’s ready to dive into a new chapter and find herself a “very manly” guy (beard preferred). This homebody with a love for pets admits to be looking for her “live-in hubby.” But there’s a catch — she’s aware of her tendency to be overly picky.

Erica Anthony


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This marketing manager who’s had her fair share of dating app disappointments, arrives on Love is Blind season 5 hoping to leave her single status after three long years. Frustrated but undeterred, she’s taking her chances in the pods. Erica is not the one to compromise, after all, she considers herself quite the catch. On a quest for a marriage as strong as her parents, the 27-year-old wants a partner who’ll be her best friend through life’s highs and lows. She has a specific type in mind: someone funny, outgoing, and utterly obsessed with her. If you’re a cocky guy “who talks only about yourself”, you don’t stand a chance.

Connor Moore


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A post shared by Connor Moore (@connor_t_moore)

As a 31-year-old geoscientist, Connor is used to figuring out what lies beneath the surface, making him the archetype of contestants on Love Is Blind. After years of putting his career above all else, he’s ready to find the person to “share [his] dreams and aspirations with and make the most out of every moment [they] have together.” But marriage is no joke for Connor, who plans to get down on one knee only once in his life. Smart, independent, and preferably bilingual women are his type. Bonus points if she can hold a tune, as Connor’s family is “very music-oriented” and packs in their carols unfailingly for Christmas every year.

Enoch Culliver


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A post shared by Enoch Culliver (@enoch_culliver)

Enoch, the 27-year-old financial advisor, has relished his single life for the past five years, never struggling to attract women. However, he admits to encountering challenges in forming a deep, meaningful connection beyond the physical. Now eagerly looking to explore genuine connections in the pods, he believes he wants a partner who matches his own energetic spirit. His previous job in sports had him travelling across the country, making it tough to sustain a long-term relationship. But now that he’s settled back in Houston, he’s fully prepared to commit to a lasting romance. With a love for cooking, Enoch hopes that his future partner will have the privilege of enjoying his culinary talents and score an exclusive invite to his legendary Taco Tuesday dinners.

Robert Martinez


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A post shared by Robert Martinez (@rockwithrob)

Robert is a 30-year-old special education teacher who’s had his fair share of the single life for two years. Ready to leave the dating phase behind, Robert envisions a life where the only games being played are on family game nights. He admits that finding unconditional love for him has been hindered by timing and commitment issues. Robert is all about maintaining a positive outlook through life’s ups and downs, so anyone who tends to nitpick when things are going well is a major turnoff for him. Instead, he’s on the lookout for an “honest, loyal, and loving” partner in the pods, and if she happens to have a beautiful smile (which he hopes to see someday), it’s a game-changer.

Efrain Batista


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A post shared by Efrain Batista (@eefffyy03)

Efrain, a 27-year-old software sales professional, may be a dating app expert, but he’s grown weary of swiping right on women who prefer virtual interactions and juggling multiple conversations simultaneously. The Love Is Blind experiment suits him perfectly because he’d rather engage in deep conversations than pick up girls at bars. In search of an outgoing, humorous, and athletic woman who can join him on dog walks and family dinners every Sunday, Efrain confesses to thinking he’s “right most of the time.” However, for the right partner, he’s willing to be understanding and be patient.



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A post shared by Shondra (@shonlaaa)

A 32-year-old flight attendant by profession, Shondra might be accustomed to catching flights, but on Love Is Blind season 5, she’s more interested in catching feelings. When Shondra’s not comparing men to her dad, she’s determined to forge a connection that goes beyond physical appearances. As a natural problem solver, she expects her forever partner to take responsibility for their actions because she has no patience for guys who “cannot admit when they are wrong.”

Ernesto Solorzano Jr


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A post shared by Ernesto Solorzano Jr (@esj_28)

Ernesto, a 32-year-old supply chain manager, often finds himself drawn to looks when it comes to relationships. However, he’s signed up for this experiment to “prioritise mental connections over physical attraction”, reads his Tudum bio. After years of casual dating and being single, he now has his sights set on marriage, preferably with an intellectual woman who enjoys engaging in conversations and appreciates his easygoing personality. Open to connecting with women from various backgrounds, Ernesto only has patience when women don’t come across as overly clingy.



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A post shared by Miriam (@mimah_)

Miriam, also 32, is a scientist with an impressive career in the pharmaceutical industry. She usually prioritises emotional connections before developing stronger feelings and is in search of a “sincere, driven, and successful” partner who will put in genuine effort. While she doesn’t have a specific type, she hopes the pods will introduce her to some older and taller guys.

Justice Currey

Justice, a 28-year-old personal trainer, believes in staying hydrated (his best habit, he admits is “drinking water”). Beyond his water intake levels, he prides himself on being a good listener who can also be supportive and romantic, albeit occasionally. For the past few years, Justice has placed dating on the back burner to prioritize his career. Now, he’s determined to prioritize love and seeks an ambitious girl who will match his vibe. With his busy schedule, he “can’t be expected to drop everything for dating all the time,” he adds.

Linda Chiamaka


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A post shared by Linda Chiamaka (@lindachi__)

Linda, another 32-year-old participant, places family above everything else. She hails from a large, loving Nigerian family that’s eager to see her find her perfect match sooner rather than later. Linda acknowledges that she’s been overly selective in her past relationships, a sentiment her mom wholeheartedly agrees with. Now, she’s finally ready to heed their advice and search for a “respectful, loving, and family-oriented” life partner. While Linda is skilled at expressing herself, she admits she can “shut down at times if [she’s] not feeling heard.”

Mayra Cardenas


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A post shared by Mayra Cardenas (@mayraaa_c)

Mayra, at 25, is a minister hoping to find a Ryan Reynolds lookalike who shares her deep devotion to God. As one of the first Hispanic ministers in the Southern Baptist Convention, Mayra brings her faith to the experiment in search of a marriage-minded partner to spend her life with. After a recent heartbreak, she’s realised the importance of not “allowing things to be okay when they aren’t” and is now looking for the guy willing to sacrifice comfort for a lasting relationship.

Which of the cast members of Love Is Blind season 5 are you rooting for? Watch this space for updates.

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Meet the singles ready to mingle on Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ season 5

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