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Meet the glamorous cast of ‘Selling The OC’ season 2

Whether you’ve already binge-watched the new season or you’re still penciling it into your weekly schedule, chances are the well-dressed, business-savvy realtors from Selling The OC have you wrapped within their world of drama and luxury real estate. We take a closer look at the complete cast of Selling The OC season 2.

Marking another entry into the Selling cinematic universe, the second instalment of the Oppenheim Group’s Newport Beach venture promises a showcase of jaw-dropping properties peppered with generous helpings of relationship drama and workplace feuds — some of which deserve their own montage. If the agents weren’t cut-throat enough, joining the gaggle of Alexandras was Alexandra ‘Ali’ Harper, upping the total count of Alexes to four.

From the traffic-stopping outfits and the extraordinary homes to the even more dazzling drama, the world of Selling The OC and its cast seems tailor-made for reality TV. It’s no surprise, though, since its creator Adam DiVello is well-versed with the genre as the mastermind behind noughties hits The Hills and Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Like its siblings, Selling the OC marries aspiration with drama, fuelling a sub-genre of real-estate reality television that is ideal for days when you’re already doing something else, whether it’s folding laundry or doom-scrolling.

How did Selling The OC come about?

If you thought the series was the outcome of long-drawn formulations, think again. Sometimes, it’s all about putting yourself out there, which is what head honchos, Brett and Jason did sometime half a decade ago. “I was looking through The Hollywood Reporter one day… Jason Oppenheim had a full-page ad in there,” DiVello told podcast hosts Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Chris Burns. “I literally ripped the page out of my magazine,” DiVello recalled, “walked next door to my development executive’s office, Skyler Wakil, and put it on his desk, like, ‘Dude, get me a meeting with these people. This is a TV show.”

In less than two-and-a-half weeks, the super producer was meeting with a “very reluctant” Jason. After previously appearing in Bravo’s reality series Million Dollar Listing, the Oppenheim twins were concerned about how DiVello planned to make his show “different.” DiVello’s answer? Roping in Netflix.

“We hadn’t talked to Netflix yet. I had never met anyone at Netflix before. I manifested it,” DiVello said. Since then, DiVello has expanded the Selling universe, assembling Selling Tampa, which debuted in 2021, and Selling The OC, which debuted in August 2022. With the new season airing on September 8 and already climbing the global viewership ranks, it only seems fair that Selling The OC would be returning for a third season, bringing with it a long list of catty-yet-driven personalities who run the show.

Will there be a Selling The OC season 3?


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While the second season of the series was just released on Netflix on September 8, the show has already been renewed for a third instalment. Back in January, the announcements were made via an Instagram post by Jason Oppenheim himself. “Netflix just announced that Selling The OC will be back for two more seasons! Get ready for Selling The OC seasons 2 and 3 and Selling Sunset seasons 6 and 7. They like to keep me busy… here we go! ” he captioned the cast photo.

There isn’t much clarity on when the season would air, but if we’re going by past iterations (season one being released in August 2022 and season 2 in September 2023, after being announced in January this year) we’d expect it to drop in late summer or autumn 2024. However, this remains speculative and unconfirmed by the makers.

Meet the cast of Selling The OC season 2

Alexandra ‘Ali’ Harper


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Hailing from Williamson County in Tennessee, the former 30-year-old beauty queen is the new girl in town, debuting in the newly-released second season. After attending the University of Mississippi and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she received degrees in broadcast journalism and communications, Harper set her eyes on the glitzy world of luxury real estate — of course, with a pit stop in the pageant world. A self-proclaimed “homebody”, the realtor swears by her no-makeup routine and love for sweatpants.

“The audience is actually going to be witnessing every single part of my real estate journey. This is not a fake thing. I moved here. This is my life and it’s been nuts,” Harper told Tudum. “I cry myself to sleep at night sometimes because there’s so much happening. But at the end of the day, I’m proud of myself for just taking a risk and doing it.”

As a single child, family and faith are the driving forces in her life. While she’s the newest import on the real estate drama, the Nashville resident is still not in possession of her license, stating she’s currently in a “holding pattern”. Harper’s introduction to the show also comes with her longtime partner, Lucas England.

Alexandra ‘Alex’ Hall


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With a background in interior design, this Alex is “living in heaven selling the O.C.,” according to her Instagram bio. One of Orange County’s top-ranking realtors, Hall is a single mum with a cool USD 5 million in her bank account. She revealed to US Weekly that she almost turned down a spot on the show, but a two-hour-long phone call with Jason gave her the confidence to sign on. The second season places Alex right in the centre of the firing zone with her alleged relationship with Selling The OC cast member Tyler Stanaland developing into a sub-plot on the show.

Alexandra Jarvis

One of the established Alexandras in the clan, this blonde Alabama baddie is a master of the real estate game. As a practising attorney with a Master’s degree from the University of California at Irvine’s law school, Jarvis isn’t just a smart girl, she’s a model-cum-realtor who’s one of the best at the O group. While she often teams up with Alexandra Rose to sell her listings, she has closed on properties worth up to USD 40 million, adding to a net worth of around USD 4 million, according to The Cinemaholic. Her friendship with Selling Sunset’s newest realtor, Chelsea Lazkani, is another spin-off we’re placing our bets on. Move over Christine!

Alexandra Rose


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Finishing the line-up of Alexandras is Alexandra Rose, the confident Dallas, Texas resident who always envisioned a life of selling luxurious Orange County homes. Rose comes from a background in sales and client services, and since becoming a realtor five years ago, the 28-year-old has amassed close to USD 100 million in real estate deals. Armed with a finance and economics degree, this Southern Californian might not be the trash-talking personality that reality television loves to front but she still found herself subjected to plenty of chatter from her castmates in season one.

Polly Brindle


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Having worked as a globe-trotting model in London, Paris, Milan, and Barcelona, Polly made her final pit stop in Southern California back in 2011. The British resident was still studying to get her license when she reached out to Jason, who offered her a position on the show soon after. For the uninitiated, Polly was credited with a risqué skinny dipping scene in season 1.  Speaking to Women’s Health, she revealed she didn’t think too much about it.  “It was a real, actually, team-building moment,” she said. “It wasn’t done in, like, a sexual way — it was a very collaborative, fun, funny experience with us all. I lost the bet, that was the bet. And also, I was a model for 20 years. I’m not afraid of my own body, you know?”

Kayla Cardona

Originally hailing from Orange Country, Cordona started working with the highest-rated team on Zillow before becoming an award-winning agent in the top 1 percent of her company, states her profile on the Oppenheim website. She is a single mother who lives with her son and boasts a net worth of around USD 2.57 million, according to Meaww. Cordona references the terms “strong, vulnerable, and hardworking” to describe her first-season appearance,

Speaking to WH about making inroads into the world of luxury real estate, Cordona argued about the difficulties in filming season one. “I pretty much cried every single scene…I was cringing, not gonna lie,” she said. “For others, knowing them before we started filming and then after filming, I definitely saw personalities change, it was quite interesting.”

Brandi Marshall

With a background in PR, Brandi is a master at all things communication. From Rialto, California, Marshall joined the O Group almost two years ago after being approached for the job via Instagram. Apart from her numerous high-fashion selfies on Instagram, the self-proclaimed “sharp negotiator” also posts a slew of expansive beachfront properties — proving that real estate portfolios and publicity go hand in hand at the end of the day. Outside of her work in real estate, where she has spent around 15 years, Marshall is a contributor to the ALS Foundation and supports fundraising efforts for autism research and care.

Her exceptional skills have helped Marshall build a personal net worth of around USD 3 million. She is married to basketball player, Sean Marshall, who is also quite famous, having played in the G-League, a minor league of the National Basketball Association (NBA), and other professional basketball leagues in Turkey, Greece, France and Germany.

Lauren Shortt


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Describing herself “your local homegirl,” Lauren Shortt (a.k.a Lauren Britto) is not your average Orange County realtor. Having joined the competitive field in 2017, Shortt is credited with closing over 150 properties since the launch of her career. She prides herself on being a teetotaller while illuminating the challenges of being in California’s real estate market.

“Working in real estate is no joke – my biggest flex is most definitely maintaining my sobriety throughout my career!” she told US. In another interview with People, she revealed, “This is not our normal job (being on television). We’ve never done anything like this before. I know that I haven’t. But going into it, we put ourselves and our lives on the table. We were very vulnerable. And so I think if the viewers take anything from it just know that we are real people that work very hard for this. And also that we’re real agents who do sell homes so if they have a home, pick up that phone and call me.”

Gio Helou


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One of the foremost agents recruited to The Oppenheim Group’s OC office, Gio is a masterclass in everything SoCal. His colourful pantsuits, orange convertible, and real estate development background all scream loud and clear, giving viewers the much-needed context on how this 35-year-old navigated his way into the world of glamorous, high-end properties.

Never one to slow down professionally or personally, Gio’s affinity for fast cars and retro motorcycles finds a special place in his life — one that might take him miles away from Newport. Before getting into the real estate sales game, Helou worked as a producer on an award-winning documentary, reveals his O Group bio. And if his season one appearance highlighted something that we all secretly admired, it was seeking approval from his mum — a top real estate agent herself.

Tyler Stanaland


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With five generations of realtors backing his lineage, Tyler Stanaland — the poster boy of charming —found himself in between the drama in season one. A self-described “ocean dweller,” Tyler used to be married to actress Brittany Snow of Pitch Perfect fame, but the two split last year in the months following the show’s release. While Stanaland seemed averse to reality TV in his first rodeo, he became the inescapable focal point in the new instalment with his relationship with fellow Selling The OC cast member Alex Hall coming under the spotlight.

“Alex Hall and I are great,” he recently told E! News. “She has been somebody that’s been, you know really influential during this time and helped me out in a lot of ways and taken me to dinner when I needed it most. And she’s been a really good friend.” He also added that she’s “been really great to me.” If their season two kiss is to be believed ( yes, spoilers! ), Tyler and Hall are trying to understand the “dynamics of their friendship” and where it could lead.

Sean Palmieri


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After stints at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty and Coldwell Banker, this Selling The OC cast member might have moved to California in 2018 but he only joined Jason, Brett, and the lineup of Selling realtors three years later. Originally from South Florida, Sean frequents between the O.C., Miami, and Los Angeles, while boasting of a USD 1.8 million net worth. Now, a West Palms native, the 28-year-old spoke to People about his main takeaways from the world of luxury real estate.

“Network a lot and work really hard. Be your true, authentic self, especially during filming. But then, I think it’s key to always take time for yourself. This is a very, very intense industry. (There’s) a lot going on. It really does play with your emotions. You could be close to getting a deal and literally 10 minutes later it’s not going through. So, always remember to put the emphasis on your health and your mindset when you’re working in this industry as well,” he added.

Austin Victoria


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Austin’s blue eyes and dark, disheveled hair might steer you off course mid-deal, but it’s safe to say that this realtor doesn’t just sell homes. He’s also a model for Wilhelmina and a father to twin girls Lilah and Hazel. According to his interview with the US, Victoria was roped into the show only weeks prior to filming, courtesy of a party attended by Jason Oppenheimer. A few years later he moved from L.A. to Orange County, and the rest is history. In a post celebrating the new series, he captioned the photodump: “Huge congrats to Jason and our amazing cast and crew. This has been a wild ride and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else! Love your dream team LFG!!!”

Have you managed to watch Selling The OC season two? What do you think about the fascinating Selling The OC cast? Watch this space for more updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Has Selling The OC been renewed for season 3? 

Yes, the show has been renewed for a third season, however, the dates of its release have not been confirmed by the show’s producers.

2. Are Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland dating? 

Although the couple ended up kissing in the second season, the duo have not confirmed their relationship. Both parties are trying to “navigate their friendship,” reports claim.

3. Did Tyler and Polly kiss?

Kayla aggressively questioned whether Polly and Tyler had made out in the office, and after an initial denial, Polly revealed that she did make out with Tyler.

Meet the glamorous cast of ‘Selling The OC’ season 2

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