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Netflix announces ‘War and Revolt’ with Park Chan-wook

Netflix announces its first collaboration with the legendary Korean director Park Chan-wook in its upcoming film War and Revolt. The film is produced by Moho Film, Park Chan-wook’s own film production company founded in 2002, in collaboration with Semicolon Studio.

Park Chan-wook, working as the producer and co-writer with Sin Chul, is well-known for his distinct dark and suspenseful storytelling and stunning visuals. He has contributed enormously to the Korean cinema producing many classics like Oldboy (2003), Sympathy For Lady Vengeance (2005), and The Handmaiden (2016). He has also gained more international recognition, as he won the Best Director Award at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival for Decision to Leave.

War and Revolt, is a historical thriller set in Korean Joseon dynasty, against the chaos of war, Japanese Invasions of Korea. War and Revolt’s storyline, directed by Kim Sang-man, evolves mainly around the two characters, Cheon-yong portrayed by Gang Don-won and Jong-ryeo ported by Park Jeong-min.

Cheon-yong and Jong-ryeo are childhood friends turned adversaries. Gang Dong-won, well known for his film Jeon Woochi, plays a character struggling to escape his origins as a slave. Gang is anticipated to show remarkable martial prowess to leave audience in awe. Park Jeong-min, well known for Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet plays Jong-ryeo, a character born into the Joseon’s most powerful military family. After Jong-ryeo passes the military service exam, he becomes King Seonjo’s personal guard portrayed by Cha Seung-won. King Seonjo tries to restore his loyalty status after he abandoned his citizens during the Japanese invasion.

Other exceptional ensemble cast also joins the film, such as Kim Shin-rock, who showed remarkable performance in Hellbound. She portrays a member of civilian militia Bumdong. Jung Sung-ill, who recently starred in the recent Netflix hit The Glory plays the Japanese warlord Genshin and Jin Sun-kyu, well known for Confidential Assignment, plays the civilian militia leader, Ja-ryeong.

(Images: Matt Winkelmeyer/FilmMagic)

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