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Netflix’s password sharing restriction has come to Hong Kong

If you’ve been sharing your Netflix password, expect an email in your inbox sometime soon informing you that it will cost you extra now that Hong Kong is one of the territories implementing restrictions. 

The streaming giant has talked about cracking down on password sharing for a while now, a widespread practice with its subscribers, which is probably why a lot of people have criticised the move. However, Netflix has started to slowly roll out the restriction, beginning in the West while other regions followed afterwards. 

It was only a matter of time before it eventually reached Hong Kong’s shores, and that time has now come. Netflix made a blog post announcing that subscribers in Hong Kong will now either have to give up sharing their password with anyone not living with them or pay an extra fee to keep doing so.

Password sharing no more: Netflix rolls out restrictions in Hong Kong

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How does it work?

According to the Netflix Help Center, you will need to set a “Netflix Household”, which would take into account what internet connection you’re using and will consider any device connected to that as part of your household. You’ll be sent an email or a text to verify your household.

What happens to the other people I’ve shared my accounts with?

Two things can happen. The first is the obvious: they make their own accounts. This is perhaps a non-option for those who are sharing their accounts with their parents but may be a welcome opportunity to finally kick out that ex that’s been leeching off your account and binge-watching Bling Empire

Secondly, you can continue to share your account—for a price. Netflix calls this an “Extra Member”, an account that’s outside of your household but still paid for by you. But this isn’t the same as just sharing your password like before. Extra Members can only have one profile with no ability to create others and can only access Netflix one device at a time. Downloads are also limited to just one phone or tablet. 

Extra Members are also limited to the same country, so if you were sharing your account with your boo who lives on the other side of the world, you’re straight outta luck. 

How much does an “Extra Member” cost?

For Hong Kong, it’s going to be HKD 28 for each Extra Member. There’s also a limitation on how many Extra Members you can add depending on your subscription tier. Standard subscribers can add one Extra Member while Premium subscribers can add two. 

You can check Netflix’s Help Center for further info. 

When does it take effect?

Netflix didn’t give a specific date or time but did say that emails are slowly being sent out to accounts that they find are sharing passwords. If you’re one of them, expect something in your inbox soon.

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Netflix’s password sharing restriction has come to Hong Kong

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