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LSA Watchlist: What’s new on Netflix, HBO GO, and Prime Video this November

What to watch on Netflix, HBO GO, and Prime Video this November.

The holiday season is soon upon us. The time for Christmas movies is just around the corner, but for now, we have these picks to tide you over until December.

LSA Watchlist: What’s new on Netflix, HBO GO, and Prime Video this November


Image credit: Netflix

November 3, Netflix

This new Netflix series revolves around the last Blockbuster store ever and the employees that are fighting to keep it afloat. As they hear the news that they’re the last store standing, Timmy Yoon and his staff try to their best to survive in a streaming world by offering people connections and friendships no other big company could offer. Kinda ironic though that this is a series on Netflix.

My Policeman

Image credit: Parisa Taghizadeh © AMAZON CONTENT SERVICES LLC

November 4, Prime Video

Set in the 1950s, a policeman marries a young school teacher while also being in a relationship with a museum curator. However, the relationship becomes complicated, and years later, the three of them find themselves still reeling from the consequences. 

Enola Holmes

Image credit: Netflix

November 4, Netflix

Wanting to make a name for herself even if people think of her brother first when her last name is mentioned, Enola sets up her own detective agency and struggles to get work. When she finally does get a case, she finds herself thrust into a dangerous world, and she might need the help of her friends and Sherlock himself to solve this mystery.

The Crown

Image credit: Netflix

November 9, Netflix

The latest season of the critically acclaimed show is going to be one for the books. Aside from being the first season of the show to be released after the Queen’s death, it also covers a tumultuous time in the Royal Family what with Charles and Diana’s public and bitter divorce. It’s already become so controversial prior to its release that former Prime Minister John Majors and Dame Judi Dench have released statements criticising the show. 

Food Affair with Mark Wiens

Image credit: HBO GO

November 18, HBO GO

Food vlogger Mark Wiens takes you on a culinary journey as he discovers the tastes and wonders of Singapore. Discover the people and the stories behind some of the country’s most celebrated hawker stalls to their most upscale fine dining destinations. 

Rick and Morty (Season 6)

Image credit: HBO GO

November 21, HBO GO

The chaotic duo return for another set of (mis)adventures. Down on their luck, Rick and Morty continue to set their eyes on going off on more interdimensional trips. But will they be able to rally to do that or does this spell the end of their travels?

Off the Grid

Image credit: HBO GO

November 21, HBO GO

Some of the most well-known personalities in South Korea decide to journey off the beaten track in this new HBO GO unscripted series. Starring Kim Da Mi, Kim Hee Ae, and Do Kyung Soo, watch as these celebrities go off into the unexplored areas of the country. 

Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would

Image credit: Matt Wilson/Netflix © 2022

November 22, Netflix 

He may be leaving The Daily Show, but Trevor Noah doesn’t look like he’s giving up stand-up anytime soon. The South African comedian brings his signature wit and humour about cultures and life in his third Netflix special. 


Image credit: Netflix

November 23, Netflix

Being a teenager at a new school is hard; being a teenage Addams at a new school is even harder. Watch as Wednesday navigates life at Nevermore Academy, which involves a supernatural mystery and a town ravaged by a monstrous killing spree—you know, stuff that every teenager has to deal with.

LSA Watchlist: What’s new on Netflix, HBO GO, and Prime Video this November

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