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LSA Recommends: What to watch on OTT to fuel your weekend binge ritual

With the festive season in full swing – there’s no better time than now to kick back with a bowl of popcorn and an engaging show. OTT platforms have arrived to the occasion with a host of engaging dramas, rib-tickling comedies, and dreamy romances. Here’s what you should watch this weekend.

While last week was all about the thrillers, with shows like Dahmer, Jamtara, Money Heist, and Runway 34 trending in OTT circles. This week, we’re going the drama route with intriguing storylines and engaging characters. Interestingly, most trending shows of late are based on novels exploring a range of themes like supernatural occurrences, redemption, love, and regrets. And if you need a feel-good drama or a dreamy comedy to feed your romantic heart, you can always count on Korean entertainment. Here’s our pick of the best, most talked about titles to watch this weekend.

Binge-worthy: Here’s what you should watch this weekend



Set in the 1980s, this series follows escaped convict Lin Ford who heads to Bombay seeking redemption while hoping to disappear. Determined to do both no matter what it takes, he works as a medic for the city’s underprivileged. Along the way he meets an enigmatic woman, who brings connection and courage into his life. As he struggles to keep out of trouble, he’s forced to choose between freedom and love. Based on the eponymous best-selling novel by Gregory David Roberts, this one makes for an intriguing weekend watch. Not to mention, it also marks the return of Charlie Hunnam to television screens after eight years.

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The Crown

Perhaps one of the most popular historical fiction shows on Netflix at the moment, if you’ve somehow missed bingeing The Crown – there’s no better time than now to do it. Especially with season five set to arrive on November 9. The show follows the life of the world’s most well-known monarchies – particularly the late Queen Elizabeth II. This includes her political rivalries, events, and family relationships. It also spotlights all the romances and scandals that underlined her reign. Critically acclaimed and engaging – this one’s worth a watch this weekend.

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Luckiest Girl Alive

Mila Kunis being back in action is reason enough to line this title up for the weekend. Luckiest Girl Alive – based on the best-selling eponymous novel by Jessica Knoll – follows Ani Fanelli – a feisty New Yorker. She seemingly has the perfect life – soon to be editor of a glamorous magazine, an impressive wardrobe, and a dreamy wedding on the horizon with a wealthy man. However, this begins to unravel when a director of a true-crime documentary approaches her to share her experience of a shocking event that took place in Brentley School – where she studied. Forced to confront all the dark choices she made as a teenager – was she a hero or an accomplice? Don’t miss out.

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Science Fiction/Horror

The Midnight Club

Adding a touch of horror to this list is this show that follows a group of terminally ill teenagers who share a house that’s being used for hospice care. Some have AIDS, others some form of cancer. To cope they try to look for ways to stay entertained without being buried in medical treatments – which includes meeting at midnight everyday to share sinister tales and to look for signs of the supernatural. They make a pact – the next of them to die will give the group a sign from the beyond. The show has broken the Guinness World Record for clocking in 21 jump scares in non-stop succession. Based on the eponymous 1995 novel by Christopher Pike, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Rick And Morty

Fans of adult animation, this one’s for you. This wildly popular series looks at Rick – a genius scientist who just so happens to also be an alcoholic sociopath. He lives with his daughter Beth’s family and builds gadgets. He also takes his upstanding yet dimwitted grandson Morty on intergalactic adventures. Causing havoc on their never-ending quest, the show delivers the most thought-provoking, at times existentialist theories through comedy. And with all new episodes out on Netflix, we can’t think of a better watch to ring in the weekend.

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Shooting Stars

This show features the classic enemies-to-lovers K-drama trope and follows popular star Gong Tae-sung who’s quite used to being in the spotlight. Seen as kind and polite to a fault, he keeps up a stellar appearance in front of the cameras. However, his management company doesn’t buy any of it. Especially the PR head, Oh Han-byeol, who’s one of the few people aware of his quick temper. Often having to use her speech and crisis management skills to help him maintain the act, she constantly locks horns with him. However, the more time they spend together, the more they seem drawn to each other. What does fate have in store? Only time and some dedicated binge-watching can tell.

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This time around, our recommendations are a mixed bag of genres and themes. Naturally, there’s something here for everyone. Which of these shows are you lining up for a watch this weekend?

Feature and hero image: Courtesy Apple TV Plus

LSA Recommends: What to watch on OTT to fuel your weekend binge ritual

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