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Best Bites: 5 dishes we loved this week

Best Bites is a roundup of the outstanding dishes we had within the last week: Those which renewed our love for established venues; caught our attention at a new opening; or freshly impressed upon us the creativity and skill of Hong Kong’s talented chefs. From casual street snacks to meticulously prepared tasting menus, these are the best dishes to try in Hong Kong, and the plates we’d recommend you make a special trip for.

Mother of Pizzas

The dish: Pepperoni Super Saiyan 13″ (HK$228)

As The MMMs Readers’ Choice Awards chug along for 2021, it’s officially Pizza Week here at Lifestyle Asia. HKHQ is lucky enough to be in delivery range (word to foodpanda) of my absolute favourite pizza spot in town, Mother of Pizzas, so I treated myself to a lunch pie, as one does. For the uninitiated, the Causeway Bay pizzeria combines the finest work of Neapolitan pizzaiolos and New York slice joints, with 48-hour hand-stretched dough slathered in San Marzano tomato sauce. I like mine covered in crispy-around-the-edges pepperoni, lots of garlic, basil and black olives, but with 13 pies on the menu — and a variety of toppings that can be added or subtracted at will — there’s something there for every pizza boy and girl. — Nathan Erickson, Editor-in-Chief

Mother of Pizzas, G/F, 13-19 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2891 2221


The dish: Galbi Dumplings (HK$108)

Having a profound weakness for dumplings wasn’t a choice I made consciously; it’s in my blood. A hereditary Achilles’ heel. A 10-pack of Wanchai Ferry Dumplings was my snack-of-choice ever since I learned how to boil water, but a Chinese New Year-only recipe passed down from my grandmother from, presumably, her grandmother, sets my specified bar extremely high. Nothing I’ve had has quite breached that particular doughy ceiling — and I don’t expect it will. But as I gorge on five-count after five-count of dumplings for Lifestyle Asia‘s inaugural The MMMs awards, I’ve found new, delicious loves.

OBP’s Galbi Dumplings were one such revelation. It comes to the table positioned on a plate of four, in tight, neat little packages of wagyu and prawn and drizzled over with apple-onion dressing and ponzu. The dumplings are perfect one-biters; a dangerously delectable little package that will leave you wanting. I say get at least two for the table if you’re there with friends. — Joey Wong, Editor

OBP, LG/F, 3-5 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong

Butter Cake Shop 

The dish: Confetti cake (HK$600 for a whole cake, HK$90 a slice) 

Ooh it’s fluffy, it’s sweet and it’s gorgeous. This is the cake of my high school prom dreams. Vanilla cream cake layered and stacked with even more fluffy buttercream — and then, of course, just to make it even more squeal-worthy, throw some rainbow sprinkles on it. Ideal for birthdays! A sad break-up! A girl’s night with lots of bubbles and tiaras! Yes! The sugar is definitely getting to me. And I just want more.  –– Sandra Kwong, Features Editor

Butter Cake Shop, G/F, 34B Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong +852 2810 0660 

Nüte at BaseHall

The dish: Garlic Chickpea Tartine (HK$60)

You guys, I’ve found it. The bestest of all Best Bites this week, I’d go so far to claim. The one I have endlessly raved about to whoever will listen. I even took a bite out of it before I remembered to snap a picture. Photo evidence above! It was that good.

I have to make a disclaimer, I rarely go for the green menu, I might sometimes even sneer at it (sorry). But no more! I vow to give all veggie menus an equal chance, all because of this Garlic Chickpea Tartine by Nüte Foods. Naysayers (the before me) will say that this is just an open-face hummus sandwich. But its more (words of after me)! It’s a cajun-spiced smashed chickpea, first and foremost, not just hummus, topped with colourful array of baby spinach, sweet cherry tomato, basil and soft garlic confit. Together, it’s a very tasty bite. But what made this that much more amazing was the very delicious, ingeniously created pizza granola. Pizza granola! I don’t know exactly what goes into these tart, tasty, herby crumbs, but it tastes exactly like what pizza-flavoured granola would taste like. May I get a takeaway jar for breakfast next week, Nüte? Pretty please? –– Lorria Sahmet, Editor

Nüte, BaseHall, Shop 9A, 9B & 9C, LG/F, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong

Northern Dumpling Yuan 

The dish: Mutton and green onion dumplings with Shanghainese soup noodles (HK$43) 

Yeeees, the weather is finally getting cooler — the time is now. Time for what, you may ask? Well, time to devour every soup-based gloriousness within walking distance of the office, of course. Homey, comforting, delicious dumplings in a multitude of different stuffings. Pan fried or boiled, Yuan has us covered. The Leek and Pork Dumplings were a strong contender for my top spot, but I can never resist the gamey, springy bite one gets from mutton. So good! Best consumed with a glass of homemade soy milk (HK$10)! –– SK

Northern Dumpling Yuan, 403 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 3488 6110 

Header image courtesy of Northern Dumpling Yuan
Best Bites: 5 dishes we loved this week

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