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Hong Kong’s best hangover food: Where to go after a heavy night out

Happy National Hangover Day!

When two Panadol and a Pocari Sweat just won’t cut it, we’re searching for solace in these tried-and-tested comfort foods. Carby, greasy and downright delicious – here’s where to go for the best hangover food in Hong Kong. Godspeed.

The best hangover food in Hong Kong:


Anyone who’s known me for more than five minutes has gotten my breakdown, in excruciating detail, of why I only drink tequila sodas: No hangover! (More on that at another time.) However, chief among the occupational hazards of a lifestyle editor include things like “cocktail tastings”, where, in the name of serious journalism, multiple boozy concoctions are often produced to be consumed, and finished, of course, because we’re not wasteful.

So when that happens and the hangover strikes, I know who to call: DOUGH BROS., in all of its doughy, saucy, extra garlic and herb dippy goodness to soak up last night’s drinks and bad decisions so I can do it all over again. Personally, I like The Pepperoni (HK$128). And in my neighbourhood (Central), they open as early as 8am — a workday saviour and a breakfast of champions all in one. It’s good for what ails you. – Nathan Erickson, Editor-in-Chief

Dough Bros, multiple locations

Corned beef and egg sandwich from literally any bing sutt ($16-28) 

I’ll devour a mixed sandwich from a bing sutt any day of the week, but they just taste particularly good after a night of debauchery. Give me silky scrambled eggs mixed in with salt-cured beef and then slap them between two buttery, perfectly toasted slices of white bread – crusts off, of course. The cherry on top is always an ice-cold glass of sweet lemon tea on the side. Divine. – Sandra Kwong, Features Editor

KiKi Dan Dan noodles

When I can finally drag myself out of bed on the weekends, carb loading post-drinking is a no-brainer. There’s also nothing like jazzing up your entire system up with a kick of Sichuan spice. Throw in some scallions and I am sorted. Fiery and wholesome to a fault, a big bowl of Dan Dan noodles (HK$88) should be on everyone’s list on the road to recovery.  – Sandra Kwong, Features Editor

Various locations including: K11 Musea, Unit #406, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon +852 2111 3764. But let’s be real, while nursing a hangover, Deliveroo is the way to go.  

Bacon & The Bun

It’s an ultimate hangover food classic – the humble bacon sarnie – that clears the cobwebs for me. Thick slices of back bacon on a buttered bun with a slice of cheese (HK$60) and lashing of ketchup (extra sausage optional) are sure to soak up any lingering alcohol fumes and regret. Ending where I likely began – Pier 3’s Beer Bay – neighbouring Bacon & The BUN serves up a totally customisable breakfast feast that will hit the spot every time. Can’t decide on a combo? Signature buns worth indulging in also include the Cubano (HK$75) and Ruben (HK$80). – Lexi Davey, Managing Editor

Bacon & The BUN, Central Ferry Pier 3, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2982 6118

McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg

Most mornings, I wake up thinking of a Sausage Egg McMuffin. That’s not to say I have them very often; I don’t. But I do think and wonder. What if! When I wake up feeling very sorry for myself and paying penance to whatever deity exists I’ll never, ever have another sip of booze again, suddenly there’s wiggle room for negotiation. Surely, when my mouth meets that warm, toasty, flour-dusted English muffin top, that’s all the motivation I’ll need to, once again, be an upstanding citizen. 

When I inevitably have to scrape the melty, fluorescent-orange cheese off oil-slicked craft paper, that’s the adrenaline boost I’ll need to get off this bathroom floor. The SEM such a perfect stack, too. Starch. Cheese. Meat. Eggs. All the most important food groups — can’t go wrong! I’ve also had the faux Luncheon Meat alternative recently; very good, too. Finally, on the side: the biggest yellow Gatorade you can find. — Joey Wong, Editor

27 Kebab House’s Mixed Doner Roll

The best thing about 27 Kebab House is that it’s always going to be there for you – at any hour of the day. Especially great news after a night of boozing. There’s no waiting till the next morning; no making detours to nearby spots when all you want to do is lie flat and horizontal. No thank you. Kebab House is quick – a short 10 minutes wait before the Uber arrives. It’s easy – the faultless duo of carb and meat. And you know it’s always going to be good.

A mixed doner is my greasy grub of choice. Wafer thin slices of way too savoury (but so very delicious) chicken and beef shaved right off the rotator and all bundled up between a toasted pita bread smeared in a saucy, minty green yoghurt concoction that oozes all over. Messy, but that’s how we like it. It’s exactly what you want – what you need – to soak up those poorly judged mistakes. Half will be your life raft on the exceedingly long ride home — and the other, a saviour for the next morning. — Lorria Sahmet, Style Editor

Bonus contenders:

Featured and hero image credited to Bacon & The Bun via Instagram

Hong Kong’s best hangover food: Where to go after a heavy night out

Lexi Davey

Managing Editor

A typical ‘third culture’ kid, Lexi spent the best part of her life between Hong Kong and Malaysia. A self-confessed heliophile with a thirst for travel and adventure, she moved home to foster a career in digital editing and lifestyle copywriting. Loves include: commas, nervous laughter and her rescue pup, Wella

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