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8 easy microwave recipes to make your life easier, one dish at a time

Some people like to get up early, go about their routine and cook extensive meals throughout the day. For others, they are always looking for a quick fix and a way to rush through the prep and cook process. These easy microwave recipes are just what you need to make your day and life smoother.

Microwaves are great. But you know what’s greater? Recipes that get ready in the microwave in under 30 minutes. Whether you are having a long day or not, sometimes we just feel like being lazy and not put too much effort into anything. These recipes are just perfect for your lazy days. They are easy, fuss-free and get ready in no time.

Easy microwave recipes to make you day easier

Omelette in a mug

A quick and easy microwave recipe, here’s a great hack to make your eggs taste even tastier. Yeah, even we thought that’s not possible, but here we are! Whatever you do with eggs, it’s never going to disappoint you. And if you don’t feel like getting a pan out and putting the gas on, this recipe is just what you need.

Mac n cheese in a mug

All the goodness of a starchy and cheesy mac n cheese, but easier and quicker. That sounds like a million dollar pitch to a lazy girl like me. So if you are someone like me, looking for a comfort meal that doesn’t require any effort, this is your BFF. Get some mac, some milk, and lots of cheese- and there’s your holy trifecta!

Mug pizza

There’s something so informal about the comfort of pizza in a mug. With this easy microwave recipe, you can put in as many toppings as you want. And if you want to throw in some pineapples too, let nobody tell you otherwise!

Cinnamon roll mug

Let the aroma of brown butter and cinnamon fill your kitchen. While this may not look as good as the traditional recipe, it still packs in the same flavours and the same goodness. Drizzle a yummy milk glaze on top and dig in!

Cinnamon apples

A healthy five-minute snack that just goes in the microwave and comes out in no time. If you don’t like eating apples the normal way and want to make a quick and easy dessert out of it, this is a great way. Just peel and cut some apples, put them in a bowl, add some cinnamon, sugar, and cornstarch and cook them well.

Microwave-baked sweet potato

Want to have some baked sweet potatoes but don’t have the time? This easy microwave recipe is for you. Just prick all along the potatoes with a fork before popping them in the microwave, so as to not make a mess later. You can garnish with your favourite toppings.

Healthy potato chips

Quite the oxymoron, we know, but that’s the goodness of these chips. These chips are guilt-free and come with an extra dose of goodness! You don’t even need to add oil and they will still come out perfectly crunchy. Sprinkle salt or any other seasoning of your choice and just indulge!

Baked oatmeal

While overnight oats are great on their own, there’s something about baked oats. You can put in any milk, any flavour and any topping of your choice and it will still be just as amazing. Just put in a pinch of baking powder and you will have your guilt-free dessert ready in no time!

Hero Image: Courtesy Brenda Godinez/Unsplash; Featured Image: Courtesy Priyanka Aggarwal/Unsplash

8 easy microwave recipes to make your life easier, one dish at a time

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