Serving a delicious selection of comfort food all day long starting from 22 May.

There’s been a spike of food halls cropping up across the city lately, not that we’re complaining — a centralised hub for good food only means less hauling ourselves up the Central slope in the Hong Kong summer heat and more time spent under a steady air-conditioned stream, enjoying a yummy meal, stress — and sweat — free.

Graham St Food Hall is the latest addition to Poho, located on none other than Graham Street itself. Not simply a destination with a good food portfolio that will serve you to your heart’s desire for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s also a great mid-point with a strong WiFi signal to hop on Zoom calls when local cafés are full and out of available sockets. Hoping to bring back a sense of community to the area, there will be a monthly scheduled of hosted events at the venue like trivia nights, flea markets and pet adoption days, too.

“Graham St Food Hall is more than just a home for our vendors who are serving fresh food made in-house daily,” Teddy Pun explains, the owner and founder of Graham St Food Hall. “It’s also a place for our customers to unwind with comfort food from around the world at any time of day.”

It’s all your favourite mid-week spots and then more. Here’s what to get when do you head over for a visit:

A donburi bowl from Hambāgā 

graham st food hall

The newest Japanese on the block, Hambāgā takes the classic Japanese-style hamburg steak and stacks it up upon steamed Japanese rice, seasonal vegetables and a generous slathering of sauce. The secret-recipe curry, made entirely from scratch in-house, is a true authentic taste of the rich and creamy comfort food. Pick from a selection of five proteins, including USDA beef or Duroc pork, and sprinkle in accoutrements of your choice — a fried-egg, sunny-side up, perhaps? Dig in and savour.

A cheesy slice of pizza and saucy, sticky wings from Motown Pizza & Wings

A classic combo that can’t be faulted; on days where comfort food takes the reins, Motown Pizza & Wings is your calling card. The first in the city that specialises thick Detorit-style pie, you’ll find that the neatly portioned square slices are wrapped around by a crispy, caramelised cheese crust for the most satisfying bite. To go along with it, an ice-cold can of beer, sure, but also the eatery’s sticky, saucy wings. Two flavours are on the menu: spicy Buffalo and Kansas City BBQ. We recommend going half-half on both and bring a couple more friends — each order is maxed out at a whopping 48 wings.

A good ‘ol sandwich from Smoke and Barrels

graham st food hall

Yes, it’s the Smoke & Barrel with the ‘s’, but its commitment to the smokey goodness of American barbecue in the South is the same. Comfort food at its finest, these sarnie’s need no introduction. A hefty slab of meat — beef brisket, pastrami pork ribs, Italian sausage — melty, gooey cheese slapped between two toasted buns. Delicious.

A platter of pastries from La Viña

Everyone could do with a little sugar. A bite-sized snack to elicit a quick 15-minute break in the middle of a work day. You deserve it! La Viña’s deletable selection of breads and pastries is a wonderful place to start. The confectioner’s basque burnt cheesecake is signature favourite, recreated with the original recipe from San Sebastián, so a crackly crust and a gooey centre is guaranteed. If not, a bite from the other varieties: croissants, cookies, scones and cakes will be more than enough for a tea-time treat.

A sweet treat from Casa Cacao

graham st food hall

For after-dinner treats; a little something to go with your morning coffee, there’s Casa Cacao’s artisanal bean-to-bar chocolates from Girona, Spain. The brainchild of Jordi Roca, Casa Cacao’s chocolate bars are sustainably made to retain most of the beans natural flavours and aromas. Nothing goes to waste, even the discarded shells which are re-used to make the paper packaging of the chocolate. A world of choice, including flavoured dark chocolate and a milk bar made with sheep’s milk.

For its launch, Graham St Food Hall has prepared a celebratory fiesta with limited-time menus and complimentary drinks. Wild Turkey whiskeys and Aperol beverages will be passed around in limited numbers (or get the HK$100 free-flow pass for unlimited slushies, ciders and beers!), while a Smoke & Barrels BBQ party platter will run for HK$99 per person on the day. In addition, two challenges for intrepid diners: a hot wings eating contest with a grand cash prize of HK$2000, and HK$1000 Heroes Beer Co store credit for whoever shotguns 3 beers in record time. It’s looking to be a great time.

Graham St Food Hall will open from May 22 daily from 10am from 10pm at Shop 3, 23 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 9612 0988

Lorria Sahmet
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After two years of covering luxury retail, Lorria is thrilled to be writing in fashion, food and lifestyle here at Lifestyle Asia. When not roaming around garden centres hauling back new plants for her indoor jungle, find her hunting down the best fries in the city. She's happiest by the ocean with a fishbowl glass of ice-cold Aperol spritz.