In today’s snap-happy digital age, any Hong Kong foodie knows that you haven’t truly eaten something until you’ve taken a picture of it and documented it on your FB/IG/Twitter feed. Let’s face it, though: Not everyone is a pro when it comes to taking expert food photos. That’s why we’re bringing you Insta Eats, a weekly roundup of drool-worthy #hkfoodporn showcasing our city’s best dishes from those who know just how to capture epic food photos that will get your appetite going. Without further ado, here are the 10 best Hong Kong #foodgrams we’ve come across this week to inspire your next meal out.


There’s certainly no rule that says Hong Kong’s quintessential culinary tradition has to be reserved for weekends: @littlefthunter bunkered down at the newly opened Moon Lok Chinese Restaurant for a leisurely, mid-week dim sum feast of puffy BBQ pork buns, shrimp and vegetable dumplings, and rice noodle rolls.


We may have raved recently about Francis’ sister restaurant Mr. Brown, but this beauty shot by food blogger @sleepingwiththechef has us planning our return visit to the flagship that started it all for their creative Middle-Eastern inspired flavour pairings, including this intriguing mozzarella, orange blossom and pistachio dessert.


Fluffy Japanese-style pancakes are all the rage now, and Gram Pancakes’ airy soufflé-like creations take the cake (pun intended) with a decadent scoop of mango ice cream, sweet syrup and a giant dollop of whipped cream on the side. @piggingout_diary certainly couldn’t resist, and neither could we.


While we’re still scratching our heads over the mechanics of this dip and dunk situation, there’s no question that The Drunken Pot has a knack for making unconventional creations that are primed for the ‘gram. This egg white hot pot shot by @foodiehuntxx is an almost unholy creation, with five different types of broths topped with a thick layer of egg white foam.


Sunday brunch comes with plenty of sass and spice at BlackSalt Tavern, where @thewanderingchopsticks had a royal feast of pulled chicken tikka masala with poached eggs, grilled chutney croque madame, and this vibrant ‘Royal Egg Hopper’ made on a fermented rice crêpe with shredded coconut and lashings of red chilli sambal.



China Tang’s blooming onion with squid banquet dish — meant to resemble goldfish swimming around a lily pond — was an easy target for @jamel_zysk‘s snap-happy lens with its elegant composition and vibrant colours.


Oozing at the core, these double-stacked custard buns were a necessary foil for @datewivfood to tamper the heat after a mouth-numbing meal at Sichuan restaurant San Xi Lou — but not before snapping this drool-worthy shot.


Despite being inherently photogenic, it’s not always easy to capture the juicy fillings of savoury sheng jian bao@hkfoodiesbite snapped a quick mid-bao bite of Cheung Hing Kee’s popular pan-fried buns, with just a hint of the juicy pork peeking out of its golden wrapper.


It looks like @hkfoodcrawlers got the memo at Hong Kong’s newest Baja-inspired taqueria, Super Macho: the tart ceviches are best washed down with a tequila-powered cocktail (or three).


Say yesss to all the noodles like @jlovesssfood here, who displayed mad chopstick bowls by balancing this unwieldy mass of noodles for the ‘gram before (presumably) devouring the contents of the bowl.

Leslie Yeh
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