In today’s snap-happy digital age, any Hong Kong foodie knows that you haven’t truly eaten something until you’ve taken a picture of it and documented it on your FB/IG/Twitter feed. Let’s face it, though: Not everyone is a pro when it comes to taking expert food photos. That’s why we’re bringing you Insta Eats, a weekly roundup of drool-worthy #hkfoodporn showcasing our city’s best dishes from those who know just how to capture epic food photos that will get your appetite going. Without further ado, here are the 10 best Hong Kong #foodgrams we’ve come across this week to inspire your next meal out.


Frank’s Italian recently opened on Wyndham Street, serving Italian-American comfort fare in the style of siblings, Linguini Fini and Posto Pubblico. @thisgirlabroad had a first taste, giving these crunchy golden brown cannoli the highest compliment: “just like mom used to make”.


Piqnic, Hong Kong’s newest rooftop retreat, is the source of weekend brunch ‘grams popping up all over our news feeds, including this one from @thefoodie_hk which can elicit only one response: TGIF.


A new(ish) Korean BBQ restaurant has set up shop amongst the mecca of tasty and affordable eats in Mong Kok, and it’s as delicious as it is photo-worthy according to Insta blogger @danesta. If you find yourself at The Charcoal Room, don’t miss the Korean beef bowl, topped with a sunny raw egg yolk.


The holidays are the season for good eating, whether it’s a 10-course turkey meal or bunkering down with a comforting meal of cha chaan teng classics — which is exactly what @stellawhy did right after capturing these gorgeously runny scrambled eggs.


Still feeling the warm fuzzy spirit of Christmas? We are too, which is why we can’t help but ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at these adorable reindeer-shaped cakes by Rocca Patisserie in Macau, known for their rotating, handcrafted seasonal sweets. Follow in the footsteps of @Austanding and make a beeline for this cute pastry shop the next time you find yourself across the waters.


@sugarlicioushk nailed the classic noodle shot here, chopsticks suspended mid-air before slurping up the contents of the beef noodle soup at Central fave Check-in Taipei. Bouncy and springy, the noodles are topped off with pickled veggies, a soft-boiled egg, tender beef and tendon.


@hkdatfoodlife has us salivating over this perfect pineapple bun shot, hunted down at a local Tai Hang cha chaan teng and capped off with buttery scrambled eggs.


Just like @foodie_travel_hk, this plate of handmade tagliolini has us dreaming of the sun-drenched Sicilian coastline. Plump red prawns and fresh cherry tomatoes lift the flavours in this signature pasta dish at homespun Italian eatery Papi.


Siu mei never looked so good thanks to the two gluttons who run @2fattrolls (their words, not ours) and the meticulous roasting and chopping of casual roast meats eatery, Chop Chop, opened in North Point by the “Hong Kong God of Cookery” chef Dai Lung.


There’s no correct season for devouring sushi according to @iorikong, who fought the nippy winter weather over the holidays noshing on this comforting salmon and fish roe sashimi don courtesy of cosy SoHo izakaya, Chi Chi Cham.

Leslie Yeh
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