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These bespoke South Korean-style cakes are an Instagram DM away

South Korea has contributed so much to culture-at-large. BLACKPINK. Crash Landing On You. HoYeon Jung. Meticulous skincare routines. And now, these Korean-style cakes, which can be personalised to perfection and ordered directly on Instagram.

We’re familiar with the luxury cakeries in town but these fun and trendy Korean-style cakes on Instagram have been catching our eye lately. Luckily for us (and you!), there are a few bakeries in Hong Kong that offer bespoke lettering, lunchbox, minimalist and more customisable pieces — just a few taps on your screen and it’s all yours.

If you’re not familiar with the look, Korean-style cakes range from aesthetic pastels to minimalist, calendar, vibrant retro-style pieces and even recreations of the Harry Potter birthday cake. Read on to find the perfect one for you.

You Can Have Your South Korean-style Cake — And Eat It Too:

Lechbakes Little Cake Studio

Lechbakes Little Cake Studio offers picturesque cakes with a clean and minimalist design. While you can choose more vibrant colours and styles, its standout is a calendar type in muted tones; perfect for anniversaries and birthdays. Make sure to scroll through the cake studio’s feed to see all the designs that have been done before, including watercolour painting-like pieces and vintage lettering styles.

How: Don’t direct message! Instead, hit the ‘WhatsApp” button on Lechbakes’s IG profile. Then, discuss the colour and style of your custom cake and the date you’d like to pick it up. When you’ve reached an agreement on design and date with the studio, you can choose the size, filling and pick-up date and make your payment.

Fillings and Sizes: Tiramisu – 4″ (HK$370), 6″ (HK$520); Chocolate cream – 4″ (HK$370), 6″ (HK$520); Pistachio cream – 4″ (HK$370), 6″ (HK$520); Earl grey and caramel cheese cream – 4″ (HK$350), 6″ (HK$500); Oolong cheese cream – 4″ (HK$350), 6″ (HK$500)

Lechbakes Little Cake Studio, @lechbakes.co, www.instagram.com/lechbakes.co


Perhaps the most popular cakery on the list, 65.cakes specialises in a wide variety of bright and colourful pieces that feature characters from cartoons and comics (including Crayon Shin-chan, The Powerpuff Girls, Pokemon, Chibi Maruko-chan and Peanuts) as well as retro cherry lettering styles and even recreations of the birthday cake in Harry Potter! Make sure to scroll through the feed and hit the highlights for design inspo. You can completely customise your cake: design, colours, fillings, size and message. Some of the available flavours include chocolate, coffee, matcha, Earl Grey and lemon.

How: Don’t direct message! Instead, WhatsApp or text the number in bio (+852 6654 8673). There’s even an easy link in bio to help you start the chat.

65.cakes, @65.cakes, www.instagram.com/65.cakes, +852 6654 8673

ANLALA Magic Cake Shop

Partnering with food commerce website We Make Sweet, ANLALA Magic Cake Shop makes customised cream cakes that range from buttercream rose bouquets to vintage pastel pieces and even a seashell, beach and water creation. Each cake is handmade, so each one is guaranteed to look different! Cakes come in 4″ to 8″ and can be double-layered. Some of the available flavours are Earl Grey, coffee, vanilla, chiffon, strawberry, Oreo, green tea and peach. Try mixing to create the ultimate filling.

How: Before direct messaging or WhatsApp-ing, make sure to hit the ‘Schedule’ highlight to see the available dates. Use a photo reference for design and discuss what type of cake you’d like.

ANLALA Magic Cake Shop, @anlala.cake, www.instagram.com/anlala.cake

Kreamy Cakery

This cakery makes cream vintage-style cakes in soft pastels and jewel tones. From flower garden-inspired pieces to stacked tiara creations (you’ll feel like royalty!) and sweet lunchbox cakes — it’s worth giving Kreamy Cakery a shot!

How: Direct message to inquire and order!

Kreamy Cakery, @kreamy.cakery, www.instagram.com/kreamy.cakery


This cakery specialises in delicate minimalistic Korean-style lettering cakes — just look at how smooth that is! We especially love the look of this tangerine creation. It also offers vintage-style lettering pieces in brighter colours, calendar designs and lunchbox-sized little cakes.

How: Before any inquiries, make sure to hit the ‘info’ highlight. You’ll be able to see the available pickup dates and more information — orders open up for the next month around the middle of the previous month. Follow the link in bio to discuss on WhatsApp; you can inquire about the menu and discuss the size, flavour, decoration style and message as well as the pickup location. Try to order and pay at least five days before delivery!

onebiteonecake, @onebiteonecake, www.instagram.com/onebiteonecake

Fifty Cake

Fifty Cakes promises to make classy cakes only. Its eye-catching custom creation includes stained-glass effect pieces to recreations of the Mendl’s patisserie box from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. For a Korean inspired piece, try the buttercream flowers vintage cake in muted tones. You can also order cupcakes and cookies!

How: Fifty Cakes has its own website – just follow the link in bio and start browsing available designs to see the flavours and sizes.

Fifty Cake, @fiftycake, www.instagram.com/fiftycake

(Hero and featured images courtesy of @65.cakes)
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