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SHÈ is a new, green gourmet paradise inside Lane Crawford

There’s no question that shopping and dining are two of the favourite pastimes of Hongkongers. While the proliferation of luxury shopping malls stacked with a growing assortment of trendy restaurants are surely proof of this, department store behemoth Lane Crawford is taking the mall restaurant concept one step further by debuting the first gourmet sanctuary within the store itself, SHÈ. Derived from the Chinese character “舍,” meaning a place of rest, tranquillity and hospitality, SHÈ aims to offer a welcome break from the hectic pace of Hong Kong and in particular, one of its busiest shopping centres — providing a restorative pitstop for the increasingly mindful and health-conscious 21st-century diner.

Plant-based dieters: there’s a new destination in town.

“Sustainability” and “locavorism” are buzzwords of modern food culture, but SHÈ takes this healthful food ethos to heart, offering an assortment of vegetarian-friendly eats using locally sourced produce, as well as taking sustainability steps such as eliminating plastic straws and using only 100% biodegradable take-away bags. Catering to plant-based dieters is the Vegetarian Bento, an assortment of small dishes ranging from crispy salt & pepper tofu to veggie stir-fry and soothing soups. Equally enticing are the Crystal Veggie Dumplings (HK$48), a dim sum favourite stuffed with a mix of spinach, mushroom, sweet purple potato and lily bulbs.

A range of seafood options likewise veer towards the healthy end of the spectrum: try the Double-boiled Fish Maw Nourishing Soup (HK$368), with the Cantonese delicacy in a bubbling nutrient-rich broth, double boiled for no less than 12 hours; or the Whole Lobster Ma Po Tofu (HK$388), a winter warmer that’s chock full of lobster, minced wagyu and tofu slathered in homemade sauce. Whether it’s Japanese organic tofu or Pacific green lobster, the kitchen pays particular attention to the provenance of ingredients, using only the freshest top quality produce to build its completely preservatives-free menu.

Afternoon tea offers bite-sized specialties such as truffle balls and beetroot-tinted har gao.
Afternoon tea offers bite-sized specialties such as truffle balls and beetroot-tinted har gao.
Dim sum is given a modern interpretation at SHÈ.
Dim sum is given a modern interpretation at SHÈ.

Stop by in the afternoon to savour the SHÈ Signature Afternoon Tea Set, or break up the midday slump with the dim sum menu offered during lunch, featuring homemade delicacies that are as delicious as they are Insta-worthy. Highlights include the Rose Gold Har Gao (HK$52), the thin wrappers tinted pink with beetroot sauce with a splash of champagne to coax out the fresh flavour of the prawns; and the Iberico Pork Siu Mai (HK$52), gussied up with a teaspoon of briny caviar. The purple lava buns inject a touch of creativity into Cantonese cuisine, made with Japanese sweet purple potato and glutinous rice, while the SHÈ Bao Bao (HK$48/pc) is the perfect bite-sized snack, stuffed with your choice of roast duck, BBQ pork or pork belly. The menu rounds out with an assortment of rice, dim sum and noodle dishes, all prepared in the kitchen’s signature healthy, home-cooked style.

“Tea-tails” offer a gateway to guilt-free drinking.

For those who are oscillating between Dry January aspirations and grabbing a bottle of the nearest liquor to drown out post-holiday blues, SHÈ’s Shanghai-inspired Cocktail Menu might be the perfect middle ground — guilt-free “Tea-tails” inspired by the golden era of 1930s Shanghai and made from a mix of premium teas and artisanal spirits. Evoking the glamour and glitz of old Shanghai, guests can feel good about hitting the liquor cabinet with signature tipples such as the Bitter Surprise (HK$118), an infusion of Campari Bitter, Amaretto Pronol and Champagne; the Cha Cha Matcha (HK$118), made with Curvoiser XO, Mancino Vermouth Ambrato and soothing matcha tea; and the tropical-inspired Geisha Punch (HK$118), with Hendricks Gin, maraschino liqueur, organic apple juice and elderflower liqueur adding a floral punch. Alternatively, ditch the alcohol altogether and fuel up on the selection of premium teas, coffees and freshly blended juices.

Nature-inspired décor and splashes of bright pink contribute to the soothing aura at SHÈ.

The soothing ambience at SHÈ is capped off with a setting that’s as inspiring as the offerings on the plate: the restaurant interiors take inspiration from nature, offering a relaxing greenery-infused space with an alfresco terrace set against the panoramic backdrop of Victoria Harbour. Elegant and chic, SHÈ embodies the intersection of tradition and contemporary Cantonese dining, offering its playful adaptation of age-old Cantonese culinary traditions while bringing forth cuisine and culinary conversation into the modern era. For shoppers looking for a soul-soothing respite while resting their soles, SHÈ is a gourmet paradise with all the bearings to become as popular as the department store destination itself.

SHÈ, Portion A of Shop 3025-3026 & 3031-3066, 3/F, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2110 0153

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