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Where to find the best mille-feuille in Hong Kong

What’s not to love about a vanilla cream puff pastry sandwich?

In each and every sense — finely detailed construction; exquisite texture and taste — the mille-feuille carries with it an imbued sense of decadence. So much so, we are almost invigorated to put on our best dress and take a sip out of a pretty China cups pinkies up whenever we’re in vicinity of one. The classically French dessert, typically of three layers of puff pastry and cream (often mistaken for the Italian Napoleon which uses almond cream as filling), is the best-kept secret to spruce up any mundane celebrations, which gives it all the more reason to be savoured all the time. Normalise mille-feuille for weekday breakfast orders! Here’s where to go for a flaky slice in Hong Kong.

Butterfly Patisserie

Afternoon tea at Rosewood’s Butterfly Room has somewhat become an institution — if you can snag a booking, that is. For those who are not as hasty, the adjacent Butterfly Patisserie is alternative for grab-and-go enjoyment of the photogenic bijou cakes and chef Holger Deh’s famed Tahitian vanilla mille-feuille (HK$78). A reinterpretation of the classic French pastry, this version — layered with crisp non-traditional baked puff-pastry — is presented toppled on its side with an extra swirl of vanilla cream snaked over the evenly sandwiched layers. Light, wonderful and glorious. Also available as a full cake serving (HK$540) and in other variations: salted caramel, chocolate and matcha. 

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Butterfly Patisserie, Rosewood Hong Kong, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 3891 8732 

Lady M

First thoughts when in conversation about New York-based Lady M? Mille crêpe cakes. It’s what’s the winding queues are all about. But as it turns out, the confectioner also has golden baking mitts when it comes to one strawberry mille-feuille (HK$420), shaped in an unassuming cuboid log. The only suggestion of the decadent pastry? A golden crumble crust and puff pastry ends made from 1000 flaky layers that’ll guarantee a ceremonious ‘crunch’. Slice it open for a signature shot of the delicately layered strawberry jam folded with sliced strawberries and a fluffy sponge cake — all between thick, pillow-like layers of fresh whipped cream spiked with a kick of kirsch. A decadent renewal on the picnic-staple strawberries and cream summer reserve we think.

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Lady M, various locations including Shop No. 2096A, Podium Level 2, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2865 1099

The Cakery 

Before you swiftly whiz past this edition from The Cakery, with full knowledge of the bakery’s thorough veggie roster, give this mille-feuille a hesitating second. Vegan butter? Vegan cream? Vegan pastry? Yes, yes and yes. But rest assured that the Peachy Jasmine (HK$600) is one that’ll still promises much, if not all, of the French pastry’s sweet familiar flavours. Between the light and airy layers, find dollops of jasmine-infused white ganache tempered by chunky slices of white peach and count yourself pleasantly surprised. The Cakery also serves a Minty Mango edition with peppermint and coconut-infused ganache and classic, can’t-go-wrong vanilla.

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The Cakery, various locations including Shop 124, Lee Garden Two, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2816 1838


You can always count on Central’s Homebake for a spot for homemade breads and sweet pastries, which makes their mille-feuille here a hearty dedication to the traditional French confection. Each buttery layer is baked twice for a caramelised crisp, built up with 1,280 pastry sheets for a satisfying first mouthful. In between, silky smooth cream infused with the starring fruit of choice: mango with mango purée cream, fresh berries with strawberry purée cream or the recently released flavour combination, white peach with a zingy lime custard.

Homebake, Shop B, G/F, Melbourne Plaza, 33-33A Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2813 8728,


The gooey drizzle of golden caramel. The satisfying combo of Salty Caramel Chocolate. Two Sift classics are ingeniously brought together between and sandwiched between airy puff pastry in the cupcake connoisseur’s take on the signature mille-feuille. It’s flavours you know and love in a pastry that’s always a pleasure to have. In between the neat three layers of this caramel mille-feuille (HK$450), find blankets of vanilla creme diplomat and rich salted caramel. There’s also a take on chocolate and another with raspberry from the patisserie.

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Sift, various locations including Shop 240 -241, Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2147 2968

Bagel n Cakes

A browse through Instagram bakery Bagel n Cakes welcomes a new splash of inspiration, departing far far away from the atypical vanilla-chocolate flavour combo. The latest creation from this need-to-know spot just so happens to be a decadent riff on the French pastry with an equally tantalising name: Banana Caramel Chocolate mille-feuille. Don’t be mistaken by its rich ingredients list, it’s a delightfully light and airy bite, sandwiched together with six puff pastry layers and consecutive moments of perfect organic vanilla spheres and Valrhona 36% caramel milk chocolate ganache. On top, a sprinkling of popping candy topped with fresh banana slices.

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Header image courtesy of Dilyara Garifullina/ Unsplash

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