When it comes to celebrating in Hong Kong (or commiserating for that matter), champagne has always been a popular tipple. Even compared to Bordeaux — its closest analogue and rival — the ‘King of Sparkling Wines’ holds a special place in the hearts (and livers) of Hong Kong’s drinkers. In 2014, the recovery of the city’s wine industry was spurred, in large part, by a massive spike in the amount of champagne being sold; and in more recent years it continues to make up a higher-than-average proportion of total French wine imports. (The latter account for over 60 percent of Hong Kong’s current wine market value, incidentally.)

All of these stats basically confirm what we already knew about champagne: it’s laden with fancy connotations; is a great choice of aperitif; easy to drink year-round; and (less obviously) well-suited to a variety of cuisines. To get you in the mood for your next cuvée, we’ve assembled a brief guide to our favourite champagne bars in Hong Kong — celebratory occasion optional.