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Where to find coffee beer in Hong Kong

Your 9am cup of joe that’s also your 5pm Happy Hour pint. Enjoy!

There’s nothing new about coffee beer; it’s actually been around for ages — the first coffee stouts reach back to around the mid-90s with American breweries like Seattle’s Redhook Brewing and Delaware’s Dogfish Head Craft Brewery crafting up their very own. Its been popular ever since. That’s owed to the humble coffee bean’s familiarity that offers ease of entry into the very intimidating world of beer, and because — according to those who love it — the combination of coffee and beer is a delicious, ingenious mash-up of malty, roasted, good chocolaty-ness. Endless iterations have hit the market from independent artisan breweries to commercial brands including Guinness, who has just launched a new Nitro Cold Brew in Hong Kong last month.

Here at home, Hong Kong’s local craft beer scene has ideated brews of their own — some tinkered with interesting twists as well. Spurred on by the city’s endlessly growing cafe scene, local roasted coffee beans are a breeze to source. As I’ve learnt, coffee beers do actually have a substantial coffee component to them, added in during the fermentation process sometimes with dry coffee grounds, or, more typically, as cold-brew coffee for a deeper, richer flavour profile. And actually, many of which do seem quite tasty.

Now that you’re hopefully well intrigued in this creation that is coffee beer, here are a few around town to get you started.

These are the best coffee beers in Hong Kong:

Local craft beer brewery Young Master joins local roastery Urban Coffee Roaster in the creation of this bourbon barrel-aged imperial coffee stout, Add Oil. Or more endearingly, 加油 (“ga yau”), by its Cantonese name. Brewed as a remedy to uplift dejected spirits during these downcast periods, this friendly and very supportive bottle lends a comforting shoulder with UCR’s washed Panama Finca Santa Teresa beans — of walnuts, dried stone fruit and citrus peel notes — blended into the stout’s roasted, chocolatey character and lifted by the light aromatics of vanilla and coconut by this one’s bourbon barrel make.


As with all hEROES creations, this Hunk Sir Milffee Porter has a story. The violet-shade graphics sprawled across the can sketches the exact moment titular mad scientist Hunk Sir created this “secret peacemaker potion” atop his brew roof. In reality, this porter is no crazy imaginative experiment; it has notably won multiple awards, including silver medal at the 2019 Australian International Beer Awards and the 2017’s edition of the AIBA awards, making a very real, very good beverage.

Hunk Sir is brew based on both traditional English oatmeal porter and Hong Kong cha chaan teng staple 啡走, where a dash of condensed milk is swirled into black coffee. hEROES’ rendition adds in lactose to Urban Coffee Roaster’s classic espresso blend for a smooth base that harmonises with the dark chocolate, nutty notes of an English porter — kickstarting the beautiful friendship of coffee and porter, just as Hunk Sir envisioned.

HK$220 / six-pack

The “Cool Beans” range from Carbon Brews marks a series of coffee stouts created in collaboration with the city’s favourite coffee roasters. It begins with cosy coffee shop, Fineprint. Made using Fineprint’s own Peel Street Espresso Blend, the stout highlights the medium roast beans of Kenyan single origin, Peruvian and an Ethiopian Natural, finished with dark fruit and chocolate notes. Added into the stout, it invents this Carbon Brews brew of an aromatic finish with fruity nuttiness, contrasted by earthy licorice.

Stay tuned for more of Carbon Brew’s “Cool Beans” range.


It may be beyond the autumn season but truthfully, autumn is whenever the pumpkin spice makes its yearly appearance. And that just might as well be in the middle of spring with Black Kite Brewery’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte Milk Stout created in collaboration with Nodi Coffee for the Thanksgiving season just past.

Should you be longing for a taste of the aromatic spices notes all year round, this stout lead with the very familiar notes of pumpkin spice, having been infused with Nodi Coffee’s house blend cold brew for a smooth, creamy palate of chocolate, vienna and pilsner malts.


Mak’s Brewery subtle references to nostalgic Hong Kong elements never go unnoticed. For their take on the coffee beer: an imperial stout that adds in pure cane sugar of sugarcane with Mandheling coffee beans that are dried using the traditional process under sunlight for natural fermentation. The beans are then finished with a chocolate malt medium roast to create a brew that’s described as rich and creamy — a new, unprecedented profile within Mak’s extensive portfolio.


Broken Dreams by Siren Craft Brew is not a local creation per se, but its 2018-edition CAMRA Supreme Champion Beer of Britain award gives it precedent for a quick mention when rounding up the best coffee beer brews available in the city. A breakfast stout featuring a gathering of chocolate and speciality malts, Broken Dreams is brewed from selected espresso from London’s specialty coffee experts Climpson & Sons and swirled in with milk sugar for a smooth, creamy mouthfeel of coffee, chocolate and oats.


A quiet partnership between local café NINETYs and craft beer brewery Hong Kong Whistle sparked the creation of the NINETYs Coffee Beer featuring two of its beloved blends, Choco and Fruity — both have received top scores in Australia’s COFFEE REVIEW.

The beers are simple, hand-crafted creations hinged on bold, complex flavours with beans roasted by Melbourne-based roastery, Zest Speciality Coffee Roasters. The Fruity blend yields a bright, smooth profile with floral hints, while the Choco blend rounds out a a rich creaminess of cacao and hazelnut with distinct espresso-like flavours.

Where to find coffee beer in Hong Kong

Lorria Sahmet


After two years writing in luxury retail, Lorria now covers food and drink happenings in Hong Kong. When not taste-testing for the best fries in the city (shoestring, always!), find her at home obsessing over tableware and attempting a fruit garden on her tiny bay window. She is happiest by the ocean with a giant fishbowl-glass of Aperol Spritz.

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