Bars are dime a dozen in Asia, and while you’ll easily find one that’ll indulge you with a daiquiri or martini, you’ll find that it’s far more challenging to seek out a haven that properly knows a thing or two about fine whisky.

Though once the pastime of noble gentleman, whisky appreciation has made its way around the world at astonishing speeds. This has triggered not only the rapid opening and expansion of distilleries and the launch of special editions globally, but also a profusion of establishments that aim to satisfy even the most discerning of aficionados. As one of the leading regions in global whisky sales, it comes as no surprise then that Asia has seen a remarkable increase in the quality and quantity of whisky bars.

Armed with a trove of knowledge and an enthusiasm that’ll undoubtedly convince you of one tasting dram too many, these bartenders in Asia celebrate the malt liquor on another level. Whether you like your whisky neat, on the rocks or stirred into a Manhattan, here are the best whisky bars in Asia to mark on your itinerary.