April first has long come and gone, so this is indeed not a gag. You may think you’ve been balling out with UberBlack’s fleet of shiny premium steeds, or rolling like royalty with your entourage with UberXL. But lately, the rideshare app has been serving up some pretty intriguing and downright innovative ways to get around town, wherever you may be in the world. Check out some of the most quirky (and luxurious) modes of transport for your next trip abroad.


Jump Scooter

Uber - Jump Scooter

The young, cool and affordable way to travel, these electric scooters make for a super fun zip across your local neighbourhood. Currently available on the Uber app in North America and Paris, the vehicles are easy to use. Just kick off the ground three times to get going, and press the throttle for a boost up to 15mph.


Jump Bike

Uber - Jump Bike

Don’t want to break a sweat but want to swiftly squeeze through the narrow streets of Madrid or breeze through a romantic trail along the Seine? Hop on the Jump Bike, a pedal-assisted electric bicycle. Just rent it on the Uber app and find the one located nearest to you. Available in 16 cities in the USA and in five European cities.


Uber Tuk, Uber Auto and Uber Moto

Uber - Moto

Affordable and convenient, these motorcycle rides are possibly the best way to traverse the traffic-heavy roads in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Uber’s tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka can accommodate up to three people, and with no bargaining required for fares, it’s a hassle-free way to travel. The easy-on-the-pocket UberAuto in India offers flat fares of HK$4.5 for four km. Available in both India and Bangladesh, UberMoto provides riders a quick motorcycle ride at the push of a button, along with driver and bike details.


Uber Trip

Uber - Trip

Whether you’re travelling on business or on a holiday, or even if you’re a local, having your own personal car and chauffeur can be quite the blessing. Visitors to Seoul can now enjoy on-demand time-based rides using UberTrip. All you need to do is request a ride for five to 12 hours with unlimited distance and multiple destinations covering the South Korean city and nearby areas during your chosen hours. And off you go. The service applies time-based fares with HK$811 as a minimum fare for the first five hours plus HK$2.70 per additional minute afterwards. UberTrip is now available in various cities around the world, so make sure to check your app for details.


Uber Wine

Uber - Wine

Say goodbye to having a designated driver: Everyone in your crew can get in on the fun as you explore California’s wine country with the freedom of Uber on demand, thanks to UberWine. Take up to 4 riders in Uber Wine, or up to six in UberXL Wine — your driver will be waiting for you at each stop as you hit your winery wishlist.


Uber Boat

Uber - Boat

They’ve covered the ground. Why should the open waters be left behind? A cool way to travel in Croatia, this speedboat is great for indulging in some island hopping or exploring the hidden beaches, bays and coves of this gorgeous city. It accommodates up to eight people, and is yours to use as you like. All you need to do is choose the destination.



Uber - scUber

No diving license? No problem. At HK$8,112 per rider, recently launched for a limited trial run until June was scUber, which allowed customers to brave the open waters of the Great Barrier Reef in a mini submarine fit for two. The highly anticipated offering is expected to return, though dates are still yet to be confirmed.


Uber Ski

Uber - Ski

Travelling with a lot of heavy skiing equipment? No need to worry. UberSKI is there to transfer you and your ski and snowboard gear directly to the slopes. Just book on the app and a driver will arrive with a vehicle that can carry up to four passengers with all their hardware. The facility is currently available only in Colorado.


Uber Chopper

Uber - Chopper

Possibly the best way to experience the grandeur that is Dubai, the UberChopper provides a breathtaking view of the glittering city from the skies. Choose from three options of 12-, 15- and 25-minute aerial tours of Dubai and fly over the iconic Burj Al Arab, The World Islands, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, The Atlantis The Palm and more. The costs per person are HK$1,105, HK$1,403 and HK$2,232, respectively.


Uber Copter

Uber - Elevate

And if wraparound views of the Burj Al Arab still won’t entice your senses, how about a flight that will take you across New York City? Proving that Uber’s just one more step closer to its visionary Uber Elevate air taxi service (rendered above), the app has just launched Uber Copter on 9 July. The new service takes passengers between Lower Manhattan and JFK in just 8 minutes. You’ll potentially shave off up to an hour of traffic — but you’ll have to shell out from HK$1,564 to HK$1,760 per rider for the privilege. At least they include private ground transportation on both ends of the trip.


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