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Take a look at the first asymmetrical yacht in the world, now in Asia

Since making waves in the 2018 boat show season, the world’s first asymmetrical yacht has recently arrived in Asian waters. We’re talking about Sanlorenzo’s latest creation — the SL 102 Asymmetric, a truly unique asymmetrical yacht. After making its debut for its owners in Viareggio, Italy, the vessel has just arrived in its new home in Singapore and is soon expected to be seen streaking through the high seas in the Southeast Asian region.

“A new yacht arriving is always an exciting day for all involved and especially so in the case of the first SL102 Asymmetric. It’s wonderful to see the yacht in Asia and cruising the region,” says Nick Stratton, sales manager for Sanlorenzo Asia. “Now in Singapore and having already been cruising, we look forward to following the many adventures on board.”

Sanlorenzo has long been renowned for their technical and creative expertise in designing and producing bespoke, made-to-measure yachts, and giving shape to their clients’ personal preferences and styles.

The SL 102 Asymmetric series is a groundbreaking concept, envisioned by Massimo Perotti, chairman of Sanlorenzo. The aim was to create more space on the yacht, and this was achieved by applying an asymmetric layout — this meant doing away with the side decks on the left side and incorporating the now substantial available space into the interior living area of the yacht.

The artistry is evident in the sleek, streamlined exterior of SL 102 Asymmetric that somehow still presents a balanced outline, despite missing a deck on one entire side.

The interiors of this yacht are equally, if not more, pleasing to the sophisticated eye. An elegant, understated colour scheme of soft and dark browns, as well as shades of white, beautifully complements the oak and walnut wood flooring, ceiling and other fixtures. And large picture windows on all sides frame the spectacular vistas of the surrounding waters.

A graceful vessel achieving what Perotti set out to create, the SL 102 Asymmetric is certain to be a sight to behold as it skims the open waters in the neighbouring region. The design is paving the way for further continuations in the asymmetric design: The SL96 Asymmetric also opens up the left side of the deck, freeing 10 sq.m. of space for the interior.

Sanlorenzo has also just sold a SX88 launched in Viareggio, which is currently cruising the Italian Riviera before arriving in Singapore as well later this year.

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