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The Lexus LS 500 represents everything desirable about the brand

When it comes to a luxury sedan, there are many brands to choose from, all of which offers its own experience in terms of design, comfort, and usability. While the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW do lead the foray, Lexus has done a great job in keeping up with the pace of the luxury sedan segment. With the Lexus LC 500h creating waves in the grand touring scene, it’s up to the Lexus LS 500 to take things to another level.

The Lexus LS 500 screams extravagance out of every corner

But what makes a Lexus luxury sedan so desirable? For one, it is the level of detail that goes into making a Lexus LS 500. This is all down to what Lexus describes as Takumi master craftsmanship. It’s an ancient Japanese concept where the Lexus Takumi master craftsmen apply a subtle yet detailed touch to every aspect of Lexus’ design and development in its car. This is evident in the Lexus LS 500 as every little detail within the car’s interior is hand-crafted to perfection.

A classic example of the kiriko ornamation that is available for the Lexus LS 500

We took the Lexus LS 500 for a drive around Napa Valley, San Francisco recently and it is arguably one of the best luxury sedans in the market. While it certainly drives like any other sedan, it is the level of attention and detail that went into the car that deserves recognition. An optional inclusion into the side passenger doors is the kiriko ornamation — which is essentially a traditional Japanese glass art. It’s carved meticulously by hand and is one of the many luxuries afforded to the Lexus LS 500.

With many variants available, we were able to check out the Executive edition of the Lexus LS 500, which comes with all the trimmings on-board. Made to be a chauffeur-driven vehicle, we got a glimpse of what it was like to be driven in the Lexus LS 500. First off was its retractable ottoman with adjustable seat cushions. Made from plush leather with hand-pleated upholstery, the seats also came with a shiatsu massage function with ventilation that provided the utmost comfort during the ride.

Within the cabin of the vehicle lay extensive infrared sensors, made to detect the body temperature of each and every passenger. This allows the car to control the overall climate level of the cabin for each passenger, ensuring it doesn’t get too warm or too cold. With all that sorted, it’s time to unwind and what better way to do that then with catching up on your favourite shows via the 11.6-inch 720p LCD display on the headrest in front of you? This allows rear passengers to not only get work done but to also enjoy some entertainment, especially when a long drive is to be expected.

The 23-speaker system within the Lexus LS 500 ensures everything you hear sounds exactly like it did in the studio

With acoustics being a major aspect for many luxury sedans these days, the Lexus LS 500 doesn’t mess around. The Mark Levinson QLI Reference sound system within the car ensures that whatever song is playing on the radio, it provides in unprecedented quality. There are a total of 23 speakers within the car and even on its ceiling to provide an insanely accurate and enveloping soundstage.

On the road, the Lexus LS 500 can hit a top speed of 250kph while doing 0-100 in 5 seconds

As comfort does play a big part for the Lexus LS 500, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t run when it needs to. Under the hood lies a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 engine, outputting 415hp and 600Nm of torque.

It is capable of hitting an electronically capped top speed of 250kph while doing the century run in just five seconds. With the car being made for CEOs and leaders alike, it’s no wonder how fast the Lexus LS 500 can run, seeing as time is money. Being chauffeured around is the epitome is lavishness and the Lexus LS 500 does just that.

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