From steaks to whisky to cologne, there’s plenty of hallmark ways to show your dad you care for Father’s Day. But for something to keep your old man current with the latest gadgets — plus offer an excuse for more quality time — here’s a list of gift ideas that are sure to keep dad happily occupied and entertained for the rest of the year. And for all the cool techy dads out there looking for your next toy, you might want to not-so-subtly leave this open for your family members to see. 

Microsoft Surface Pro

If your pops isn’t an Apple fiend and needs a new creative suite for jotting notes, sketching ideas, or editing images on the go, just unveiled in May is Microsoft’s next-gen Surface Pro. For those who find an iPad’s iOS to be limiting compared with what you can get in a desktop, the Surface Pro is your best bet. For the new model, memory goes up to 16GB RAM and you get up to a terabyte of storage — fantastic news for those who love to save a ton of photos and videos on their devices. It’s also 2.5 times faster, lighter and more streamlined, especially when you pair the signature Surface Pro Type Cover keyboard (from HK$1,048) and Surface Pen (Price TBA) with the super-thin, 12.3” display.

Starts from HK$6,988 with Core M / 128 GB / 4GB RAM, available for pre-order from 26 May to 11 June from Microsoft (arrives starting from 15 June).

PlayStation VR

Who doesn’t want to play in a virtual reality world? Since its launch in October last year, the PlayStation VR system has sold close to a million units, and there’s plenty of good reason to jump on the bandwagon. While currently available games include mostly sci-fi shooters and tamer simulation games, there’s more than 220 VR game titles waiting to be developed just this year alone, with an expected 100 to release within the year. If you don’t already have a PS4, you’ll want to grab the latest editions in gold or silver (HK$2,080).

PlayStation VR with PlayStation Camera, HK$3,480 from Sony Store Hong Kong, 16/F, East Point Center, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2882 0101

Devialet Gold Phantom Speaker

Newly introduced in Hong Kong this year, Devialet is a French brand of premium audio tech, boasting itself as ‘the best wireless speaker in the world.’ With single-room and multi-room speaker configurations available, speakers are connected to any of your devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. Shaped like a futuristic bowling ball with 22-carat pink-gold-plated sides, the latest Gold Phantom speaker features titanium tweeters, serving up plenty of bass and cinematic crispness that shakes you to your core, almost like having a live concert in your living room.

HK$25,800 from Devialet, Shop 1006-1007, Podium Level One, ifc mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2561 2011

DJI Spark

For people who don’t want such a sophisticated, professional-type drone for casual Sundays out, the most portable quadcopter drone yet is probably what you’re looking for. The Spark is a palm-sized device aimed at those who prefer a fuss-free flight experience but with all the awesome technical capabilities of its predecessors. You can navigate the drone through mere hand movements, as well as through your smartphone and the remote control. There are too many cool features with this latest model, but one standout is the quick launch mode, where Spark can take off from your hand to take a drone selfie automatically for you. Available in a range of bright colours, the Spark is now available for pre-order, arriving to your doorstep by 15 June. Pair it with a set of DJI Goggles (HK$3,499) so you can see and control exactly what the camera captures in a full immersive experience.

From HK$3,899 standalone at DJI, Shop G07, Tower 535, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Anova Precision Cooker

If your dad’s inner chef still hasn’t got a sous vide cooker in his kit, it’s high time to get one for him — there’s currently a HK$400 Father’s Day discount, too. The Anova clamps easily on any cooking pot, you just need to set the temperature and time, put your food in a resealable bag and clip it in — voilá, a perfectly cooked, professional dish every time. Most recently launched are also silicone, reusable bags (HK$90) for sous vide cooking, so make sure to get a few to reduce plastic waste in the long run.

From HK$749 at Anova

Frederique Constant E-strap

Fitness trackers are ubiquitous these days, but the most commonly found brands in stores still tend to be better suited to the gym rather than with a suit. Luckily for those seeking to monitor their health stats, a chic and subtle alternative by Frederique Constant just recently debuted at Baselworld — the E-Strap — a watch buckle addition that promises to make any analog watch (only those with a lug width of 20 or 22mm, that is) smart. The E-Strap monitors sleep, features smart sleep alarms, and reminds you to get active during the day, and uses your data to feed you suggestions to further improve your health. The E-Strap comes in yellow gold, rose gold and steel.

Prices range between HK$2,200-2,400, available from Frederique Constant’s After Sales Service — any analog watch can be sent in and fitted out with an E-Strap. More info here.


Those garish hoverboards can move over. For adrenaline junkies and kids at heart, the Surfwheel is the next must-have piece of gear in their arsenal. Famously making an appearance in this year’s Hong Kong summer romcom, “Love Off the Cuff,” the Surfwheel has become somewhat a badge of honour for men who refuse to conform to society’s standards of growing up. For dads who love feeling the rush of riding a wave or sliding down a snowcapped mountain while still cruising around in the city, this is the gift to get. Equipped with gyroscopic sensors, the deck remains level under your feet for easy balance, and can go on hard floor, gravel, dirt and even fresh lawn.

From HK$2,999 for pre-order from Optcool

Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker

This portable Bluetooth speaker is no bigger than a coffee tumbler, but packs on plenty of sound in every direction. Super easy to set up, you get deep, spacious sound in every direction, with notes that are surprisingly sharp for something so compact. It’s perfect for boat trips with its water-resistant and durable aluminium body, but versatile enough to keep at home or in the office, since you can use it to take speaker-phone calls, or use Siri or Google Assistant with it too. Sync two speakers to your device via a dedicated app for even bigger sound for outdoor parties, and mount them on an additional tripod for even more range.

Both SoundLink Revolve (HK$1,898) and the larger Revolve+ (HK$2,598) come in a sleek triple black or lux grey, from Bose.

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