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Review: Fitbit Luxe is a gem at the intersection of fashion and fitness

In the ultra-competitive, fast-paced market of technology and gear, the impulse to purchase new products tends to go hand-in-hand with an overwhelming, day-long deep dive into facts, specs and beyond. The latest smartphone. Wearable tech. VR consoles. In our Review column, we hope to paint you a concise and informative picture of what exactly you’re getting into – before you smash that Purchase button. 

The brand 

Fitbit trackers have been around since 2009, but it was only when full mobile apps were developed in 2014 that their popularity really took off.  

All cards on the table – prior to this Fitbit Luxe, I’d been wearing my Fitbit Charge 2 since December 2016. It was one of my Christmas presents that year, and I pretty much have not taken it off since. I have bands in every colour of the rainbow to match my outfits, and it’s gotten me through a bunch of different sports – even surviving rigorous dragon boat water training sessions – and wild nights out.  

Fitbit Charge 2 versus Fitbit Luxe

It was always fun syncing my Fitbit on a Saturday afternoon and seeing, oh, what time I got home and, oh dear, what time I actually got into bed. Only last month, after almost five years, did my beloved Charge 2 fail on me. The screen stopped functioning. I was quietly devastated.  

So, anyway, it’s clear I’m an unapologetic Fitbit stan. Did I have thoughts when Google announced their acquisition of Fitbit? Certainly. Think Regina George’s mum during the iconic Jingle Bell Rock scene in Mean Girls. You’re doing amazing, sweetie. 

The look 

The images speak for themselves. The Fitbit Luxe is arguably one of the prettiest wearable gadgets on the market right now. Look at that subtle, muted-gold colouring. The tasteful curve of it. Oh, my gosh. They even have a collaboration band with fine jewellery brand gorjana.  

Fitbit Luxe, gorjana band

With the gorjana links, the design is so very seamless – it’s hard to even tell I’m wearing a fitness tracker. The slimness of the face also makes it easy to pair with everyday bling.  

Notable features

Fitbit app interfaces
  • Complimentary 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium which provides you with workout regimens and customized tips. 
  • Sleep tracking that holds you accountable for your amount, or lack, of sleep every night, inclusive of nifty graphs that show the ebb and flow of your shuteye patterns. 
  • Stress management score calculated based on three metrics: your responsiveness, exertion balance and sleep patterns. The device has options for meditation and breathing exercises to help calm you down, should the need arise.  
  • Menstrual health calendar tracking so you’ll be able to plan your next visit to the beach ahead of time.  
  • Virtual step challenges with friends just to get a bit more socialization in during the pandemic.  
  • Outstanding battery life. Fitbit recommends a full charge every five days but I made it almost a full ten – and this was me wearing it every night, too – before hitting 6% and getting a critical notification. Thankfully, it was only about a one hour wait for a full charge from there.  
  • The Fitbit Luxe is water resistant to 50 meters and has a swimming mode to track your exercise in the pool or ocean. 

Do you need it?  

The same way I needed a bowl of Mashi-no-Mashi tsukemen for lunch today. The same way I needed a revitalising facial after a long week. The same way I needed a pandan chiffon cake. Wearing a smartwatch certainly helps keep me on my toes throughout the day – which I need.  

The impact is so subtle, but it’s there. From the gentle vibrations of the silent alarm every morning to the quick reminder buzz when I’ve been too stationary, Fitbit really does gently nudge us to be better to our bodies every day.  

“Over the past year, we’ve had to think differently about our health – from keeping an eye out for possible COVID-19 symptoms to managing the ongoing stress and anxiety of today’s world,” says James Park, co-founder of Fitbit. “Even though we are starting to see positive changes, it has never been more important to manage your holistic health. That’s why we’ve been resolute in introducing products to support you in staying mentally well and physically active.” 

After almost five years of consistent usage, I can certainly confirm that Fitbit products do echo his sentiment. Now that I’m reflecting, it may even be one of the reasons why I’ve stopped drinking so much – it really drags down my overall sleep score! There’s also a certain addiction in checking your stats every morning, and an even better satisfaction that comes with winning a trophy in a step challenge amongst friends. 

So, do you need it? Well, only you can answer that, but it’s unquestionably made me more conscious of, and subsequently improved, my attitude towards health. And doesn’t everybody need that?


Fitbit Luxe retails for $1,198 with six-months of Fitbit Premium included (a $468 value). Following the six-month period, Premium is available for $78 per month or $628 per year. The gorjana for Fitbit Luxe Special Edition is also available for $1,698.

Review: Fitbit Luxe is a gem at the intersection of fashion and fitness

Sandra Kwong

Features Editor

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