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Tumblr is trolling Twitter by selling ‘Important Blue Internet Checkmarks’

After the Twitter Blue fiasco, Tumblr jumped into the verification fray and launched the “Important Blue Checkmarks” service to troll its counterpart

It’s hard to believe that Twitter could get worse, but clearly, it can. Ever since Elon Musk took over, the Blue Bird has devolved into a dumpster fire. Not only has a large number of its users migrated to other platforms, hence the hashtag #TwitterMigration, but a number of its employees have either been fired or opted to leave after Musk’s chaotic management strategy. 

But Twitter’s rapid decline was made even more obvious by the debacle that is the Twitter Blue program, and true to form, Tumblr rolled out its own feature to troll the Blue Bird’s disastrous strategy. 

Why is Tumblr trolling Twitter? Because of something called “Twitter Blue”

You know those blue checkmarks that determine whether an account is verified or not? Well, Musk, in a fit of inspiration and creative genius, decided to sell them to users. Coined as a “premium subscription service”, Twitter Blue puts a blue checkmark next to your name whoever you are, and all for the low price of USD $7.99.

You don’t even need to be on Twitter to know what happens next. Numerous parody accounts began springing up and it was chaos—pure, unbridled, and hilarious chaos. The service was suspended and Twitter is trying to find a way to deal with impersonators and parody accounts, though it will prove difficult since, well, most of its employees have left.

Yeah, and this is one of the tame ones (Image credit: Twitter)

Anyone who knows Tumblr knows that the platform has long been a nest of creativity, fun, and playful snark, and that’s all because its developers are like that as well. So it was a delightful and chuckle-worthy surprise when Tumblr rolled out the aptly-named “Important Blue Checkmarks”.

(Image credit: Tumblr)

“This is not a verification status,” its disclaimer says. “It’s an Important Blue Internet Checkmark, which in 2022 is just as legit.” And yes, it also costs USD $7.99.

Unlike Twitter though, Tumblr doesn’t offer just one but two blue checkmarks, though the platform has also said that the checkmarks can turn into crabs at any time. Not really a deal-breaker, imo.

(Image credit: Tumblr)

So, if you ever wanted to get yourself verified, it’s better to head over to Tumblr. You get two checkmarks for the price of one, and on top of that, you steer clear of Elon Musk’s reign of terror. 

Tumblr is trolling Twitter by selling ‘Important Blue Internet Checkmarks’

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