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Here’s what we can expect from Apple’s iOS 14.5 update

The Apple iOS 14.5 update showcases some nifty features, including unlocking your iPhone while wearing a face mask and brand new emojis.

Apple just rolled out their iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. Aiming at providing better control over private app data and an important Covid-19 lifestyle feat, here’s everything you need to know about it.

In our opinion, Apple hits two birds with one stone. First, giving us the much-needed transparency of how applications manage our personal data, and second, allowing us to unlock our iPhones while we still wear our masks, which is a digital necessity considering the COVID-19 lifestyle. There’s obviously much more, but these are the ones getting most of the attention.

Let’s talk about Apple’s new ‘App Tracking Transparency’. Good ol’ Zuckerberg wouldn’t be too happy hearing with this one. We’re quite familiar with their digital user data fiasco, however, they’re not the only tech corp biting their nails right now. Privacy is on everyone’s mind these days, but with iOS 14.5 and its much tighter rules, we might be getting more control over the situation. You’ll very soon start seeing a prompt from apps asking permission to use and share your data.

This choice matters because, even in the subtlest of ways and without our knowledge, our user data might have been sold to third-party companies. This is the same reason why we keep seeing these oddly specific shopping ads, they tend to track our user behavior even after we use to exit the app. While some of us might be okay with apps using our data for targeted advertisements, others aren’t. This new update is with respect to that.

Next, unlocking your iPhone while wearing a mask, with your Apple Watch. This actually makes it much easier to get through the day especially because the Face ID can’t recognise us with that mask on. With iOS 14.5, if your watch and iPhone are in close proximity, you’ll be able to unlock the device by just turning on the screen. However, there’s a twist here that we’re not particularly happy about. With this update, your iPhone isn’t looking for your Face-ID with a mask, it’s looking for justface with a mask. Yes, pros and cons.

On a much more refreshing note, we see tons of new emojis with this update, 217 to be precise. Something we’re certainly looking forward to goofing around with, as usual. This is something we usually see with their annual updates, instead of mid-year. Also, something new, is that Siri will no longer be a woman’s voice by default.

When it comes to the gaming department, oh boy, you’re in for a real treat. The new update now allows users to pair Playstation DualSense5 and Xbox’ Series X controllers to their iPhones now. This is something we’ve already seen by Android smartphone brands but it’s certainly interesting to see Apple pick up on it too. Talking about pairing things, the iOS 14.5 also offers support for AirTags, Apple’s new easy-finding keychain.

We also noticed that Apple has taken a leaf out of Google’s books here. The Apple Maps now sees a common Google Maps feature, reporting accidents and speeding points. Miscellaneous pointers include new podcasts, smarter ‘Reminder’ features, and battery recalibration for iPhone 11 models.

(All images: Courtesy brand; Hero & featured image credit: Pexels)

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Here’s what we can expect from Apple’s iOS 14.5 update

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