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Why the Apple Watch Series 6 is a must-have for health monitoring

Leave it to Apple to create a watch that can do so much more. Rather than just time telling or pace keeping, the new Apple Watch Series 6 has upped the ante, evolving further into something like a full-fledged medical accessory.

The greatest luxury in the world right now isn’t a million-dollar car, a rare Patek or finest of dinners. It is simply health. Two reasons behind this, one which emerged progressively, and the other, the result of this year’s life-changing turn of events.

The first is the world’s dedication to fitness and its many facets. Be it going for a humble evening run, a power-packed HIIT session and even a mountain trek, fitness has turned into the world’s favourite hobby over the past few years.

Second, with CoViD-19 on our heels, keeping safe and away from the proximate dangers is a global necessity. At Apple, they understand both these matters, and they’ve amped up the one tool in their shed dedicated to fitness and health — the Apple Watch.

Apple’s September launch event brought forth the Apple Watch Series 6 and a new iPad, and gave us a glimpse of the magic both these devices promised. The spotlight was definitely on the Apple Watch Series 6, which can now be considered a bona fide wrist-worn digital masterpiece.

The only thing the Apple Watch Series 6 retains from the 5, is its outer design. It may look the same but looks can be deceiving — underneath, it’s a completely new animal.

The top feats are the variety of new sensors that allow for things such as blood oxygen monitoring and better sleep tracking. Capable of measuring blood oxygen in just 15 seconds, it uses both red and infrared light to make its calculations by measuring the level of light reflection. It also claims to detect if a person is infected with CoViD-19.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is also jacked-in with a S6 processor promising 20 percent faster performance. It uses Apple’s A13 chip, the biggest leap its taken since the Watch 4. With 18 hours of battery life, it also charges much faster, going from zero to full in about 1.5 hours. Another cool feature is the inclusion of the always-on altimeter, which is accurate to every foot of measurement.

You’ll be able to get the Series 6 in gray, silver, gold, or blue aluminium finishes or a new Product (Red) version that has a striking scarlet finish on it. The top-end Edition model is available in natural or black titanium, but no ceramic options this year. Apple also announced that the Watch Series 6 is made out of 100 percent recycled aluminium. In addition to this, Apple is announcing a new strap called the ‘Solo Loop’ — made from one piece of silicone, without any buckles or adjustments.

Apple has introduced Fitness Plus, exclusively built for the Watch S6. It offers a wide range of fitness regimes and coaching sessions from the best fitness personalities from across the globe. While so, in real-time, you can watch, and observe your stats that are being generated from your watch. This service is priced at roughly US$10/month.

The Apple Watch Series 6 will be available starting at HK$3,199 for a 40mm model, the same price as the outgoing Series 5. Cellular models start at HK$3,999. The Series 6 is now available to order.

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