Canadian-born Japanese rapper Yuri Tomiyama, better known by his moniker, TXIMYAMA, has been making music since he was 15. With hits like “For The City” and “5AM Minibus”, TXMIYAMA sheds light on the realities of living in Hong Kong beyond the skyscrapers, financial centres and money.



Finding inspiration from artists like Kanye West, Kid Cudi and Drake, N.O.L.Y is a rapper signed with Wildstyle Records and the founder of his own music group and fashion brand BOYS’ CHOIR. To him, hip hop is more than just music — it’s art, fashion and religion.


A highly respected rapper in the underground scene, Benny Hàn has worked with popular mainstream artists such as Gareth Tong and MIRROR. As a musician, his most popular tracks include “Bing Sutt”, “單行紙” and “The World’s Our Place”.



A Hong Kong rapper known for his jazzy hip hop style, Triple G’s music revolves around youth, growth and the city. He has worked with other rising artists such as Anna HisbbuR and Jan Curious.



Anna hisbbuR’s sound is girly, laid back and anything but rubbish, contrary to what her name playfully suggests. A long-time fan of G-Dragon, Anna took her obsession with him and turned it into inspiration, chanelling her love for the K-Pop idol into her own music, fashion and lifestyle.


A member of music group and fashion brand BOYS’ CHOIR alongside N.O.L.Y and Stanrighthere, 18-year-old Yung Raise often raps about girls and street culture. He released his debut EP K in 2021, and followed it up quickly with his second album and personal mixtape Officially 18 this August 2022.


Self-taught musician Novel Friday made his debut two years ago and has already become well established in the hip hop scene. When he’s not dropping singles, he’s working on his clothing line, Friday Is A Mood.



From the trap-lite, SNES sounds of “See You Next Life (下世見)” to the Carti-esque, made-for-Milly-Rocking sound (and MV to match) of “目擊“, Ango has an arsenal of flows and styles under his sleeves. His music is all about love — for people, for life and for what he does.



A former member of local hip hop group YPU, SID22 began his solo career in 2022. The rapper’s name derives from his striking similarity in looks to Toy Story character Sid Phillips, who also rocks a skinhead haircut and thick brows. His biggest idol is Edison Chen, who he touts as Hong Kong’s fashion icon.


Paris-born and raised Wesley Jamison never thought he’d find a career in music, a path he only started pursuing when he arrived in Hong Kong almost a decade ago. After breaking into the hip hop scene in 2020 with his EP Going Through It, Jamison has stayed busy with live performances, music awards ceremonies and collaborations with artists like Novel Friday and DylanHing.


Recognised for his lo-fi and boom-bap music style, DylanHing’s works often revolve around the themes of spiritual growth and life in Hong Kong. One of his most notable tracks is “not that sad jer”, released in 2021, which voices out for migrant workers and those who are shut out by society.


Splitting his time between Hong Kong and Toronto, Takeem first gained recognition for his 2017 hit “專一的fuckboy”. After taking a four-year break, the rapper reemerged with his debut album Live Twice, which documents his battles with his inner demons.


Even in the hip hop landscape, SnakeKing is quite the character. Specialising in trap music, showcased in hits such as “蛇王從來唔蛇王” and “I just wanna Know”, this Hong Kong rapper is praised for his explosive live performances and loved for his addictively arrogant personality.



Hong Kong-born IKA has been singing and dancing her whole life, but it was her first heartbreak that motivated her to start making music professionally. Although she is fully self-taught, her sound has proven to be a hit, with her singles “925“, “LAVA” and “Slow Down, Babe?” garnering much attention on Spotify and other musical platforms.


An artist signed with Alevia Records, N-FREE often raps about Hong Kong people and their stories, introducing the listener to life in the city. He has two singles out currently: “Float”, a collaboration with Y5, DIZIWAZTRIPPY, Alexandria山大 and krizzzi; and “Mr.Blue”, released earlier in 2022.


An electronic music producer, sound designer, composer and performer, Loisey’s works are known for their distinctive piano arrangements and IDM elements. In 2020, he founded eletronic/rap music label Alevia Records and a year later, formed an electronic jazz band called Code.


At just 19 years old, Cheeseekit is already making rounds in the hip hop world, taking first place in Local Cypher’s rap competition and performing at the Whats Good Music Awards 2022. A natural lyricist with a knack for word play, he hopes to explore bedroom pop and other styles in his upcoming music.



An alternative music artist known for his unique voice and autotune style, Dvk. shot to the forefront of Hong Kong’s hip hop scene after participating in Local Cypher’s rap competition. His latest EP 岸邊I tackles topics of love, life and consciousness.


A founder of Yack Studio alongside Novel Fergus and Dai$hin, SoWhat is a rapper who blends well-thought out lyrics with soothing melodies. Some of his top hits include “Gold Apple”, “Bad Ass Carnival”, “低調系” and “流逝繪”.



Known for his hard attitude and unfiltered speech, Y5 has been making music since 2019. His latest release from 2022, “Float”, is a collaboration with fellow Alevia Records members DIZIWASTRIPPY and N-FREE; and rappers Alexandria山大 and krizzzi.


A well-respected Hong Kong producer whose Instagram page might have you mistaking him for a memer, FUNGMADE is one-fourth of the Hong Kong music label Stoneway Records, and also a rapper in his own right. He released his EP Dog Eat Dog earlier in 2022, featuring local artists Fungi and Hobbit the AK.


Dessy is not just your friendly next-door neighbour, as he describes himself, but also a dang good R&B artist. Taking the city by storm with his jazzy, electronic and R&B sound, the Toronto-raised musician’s most popular tracks include “香港地pt.2” and “Noble Wine“.



The newest member of BOYS’ CHOIR, a music group and fashion brand helmed by fellow rappers N.O.L.Y. and Yung Raise, Stanrighthere first gained traction in the underground scene with his melodic single “Beach!*SE” with Yung Bright. He is currently working on his first solo project, which infuses trap and boom bap sounds.



With his everchanging hairstyles and sunglasses, Jbo is one of Hong Kong’s most popular underground rappers, smashing out hits like “Juice”, “HKG” and recently released in September, “4DAMOMENT”. An artist with a slick and steady voice, he sings about girls, freedom and living life to the fullest, often with local Hong Kong references.


Rapping with a slow and steady rhythm spaced with unconventional rhymes, DIZIWASTRIPPY establishes a new polyrhythm-like flow with his music. In the Cantonese-speaking world, his lyrical play takes a unique and clear-cut stand, an experimental move that has not gone unnoticed by many in the industry.


A self-taught DJ who’s range includes pop, nu disco, melodic house, tech house and deep house, DJ Parco discovered his love for spinning after his first gig on a yacht. Catch him at your local LKF hotspots like Faye and Shuffle.