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B&B Italia releases new sustainable outdoor furniture line

Furniture brand B&B Italia is coming out with a sustainable range of furniture that will suit all your outdoor domestic needs. Read on for an introduction to the new products, and check out the images for a closer look.


Nooch, a newly designed modular seating system, allows the creation of infinite arrangements using two base modules: a rectangular unit measuring 136×95 cm and a square unit measuring 95×95 cm. 

Composed primarily of cushions placed on aluminium slats, the units can also be installed with backrests and armrests. The modules can either be configured as free-standing units or connected securely together through an interlocking mechanism.

A selection of extra tables in square, rectangular and trapezoidal shapes can be introduced in between the seats, altering the linear composition of Nooch as a whole. The Nooch system suits every occasion, and can be modified depending on the season, purpose, or party size.

Allure O’ Table

Following the success of the indoor version, the Allure O’ table has been given a makeover suited for the outdoors. 

Balancing straight lines with sinuous curves, square and rectangular variations of the tabletop are available. Two heights have also been proposed: the first is the usual top height of 72cm, or a 66cm version, which compliments furniture from other B&B Italia Outdoor collections.

Crafted using lightened grey concrete, or glossy glazed stoneware, the tabletops are highly resistant to harmful agents or stains caused by food, drinks or other outdoor elements.  

Flair O’ Chair

Designed with the original in mind, the latest Flair O’ chair resembles the indoor variation, especially in terms of its structure and geometrics.

The chair is composed of a lightweight aluminium frame covered and interlaced with handcrafted polypropylene ribbons. Specifically, the backrest is woven on a unique circular loom in accordance with a historic technique originating from the area where B&B Italia is headquartered.

Two padded cushions rest on the frame, defining the shape of the chair and providing user comfort. The seat cushion is shaped to fit perfectly into the base, while the backrest supports a loose cushion that can be adjusted as desired.

Cordoba Outdoor

While the outdoor Cordoba armchair retains the shape of its indoor counterpart, the materials used to construct it have been changed. 

The chair frame is crafted in natural teak wood, covered in a polypropylene reinforced canvas cover suited for the outdoors. Pleasantly rough to the touch, the fabric feels all-natural, and is available in colours reminiscent of nature: green, brick, blue and dove grey.

For easy maintenance, the coverings are readily detachable, allowing for a convenient mode of storage. Its design also keeps the end of the product’s lifespan in mind – all components of the Cordoba Outdoor can be separated and disposed of in the way that is most suitable.

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