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27 Questions: Grace Chan, Hong Kong actress, TV show host and co-founder of Snow Queen

Hong Kong is a place brimming with talented and intriguing people. Each week in 27 Questions, we get up close and personal with the city’s notable personalities, learning about their whims, aversions, pivotal life moments, and hopes and dreams — all in roughly the same duration it takes to sit through a two-minute speed date. This week, we speak to Grace Chan, two-time beauty pageant titleholder, actress, TV show host, mother, and most recently, co-founder of beauty label Snow Queen.

Recognised for her big, genuine smile on screen and down-to-earth personality, Grace Chan is a household name for every native Hongkonger. Relocated to Vancouver since the age of five, the now 29-year-old moved back to Hong Kong after accomplishing her childhood dream as the crowned winner of Miss Hong Kong in 2013. She was also the titleholder of Miss Chinese International pageant in the following year, which marked her as the first Hong Kong contestant to win the beauty pageant in 14 years.

Her triumphs in recent years, her presentable quality and positive outlook instantly kickstarted her show hosting and acting career. In the past few years, she’s also starred in a string of television dramas and films that further expanded her popularity throughout Southeast Asia. The young multi-hyphenate has also recently added another title to her resume: Entrepreneur and co-founder of Snow Queen — a beauty label she established with pioneering Hong Kong beauty influencer, Sharon Yung.

Despite having all these achievements under her belt, she is equally loved for her well-grounded values. A self-proclaimed family person, she’ll undoubtedly tell you that she considers one of her biggest accomplishments include becoming the wife of actor Kevin Cheng and mother of their son, Rafael (with baby number two on the way).

We recently caught up with Chan — with topics running the gamut of her proudest moments, her biggest role model to a tattoo she’s contemplating as she celebrates the end of her twenties. Read on to find out more.

Name: Grace Chan
Age: 29 (the last of my 20s!)
Neighbourhood: My home is wherever my family is
Occupation: (Soon-to-be) mother of two, actress, co-founder of Snow Queen

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1. What is your life motto?

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” — Matthew 6:34

2. What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten in Hong Kong?

Chinese New Year Dinner made by Momma Chan (for all I know, she can cook anything).

3. Who is your role model?

Momma Chan — striking the list twice within just the first three questions!

4. What is your drink of choice?

Taro ‘Bubble Tea,’ and — in case you ever decide to order one for me — I take it without the pearls, with normal sweetness and standard amount of ice.

5. What is the best thing in or about your apartment?

My family (so cheesy but true)

6. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Both. If you’re wondering how that works, it basically means I go without sleep.

7. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Bread. There are so many varieties, I feel like I’ll be ok.

8. What do you hate most about living in Hong Kong?

Mosquitoes. I’m like how nectar is to bees with them.

9. What is the top destination on your bucket list?

Surprisingly, Australia, as I’ve never been to that part of the world before.

10. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Eating burgers and cake in bed while watching a Lifetime Christmas movie.

11. Which moment in your life would you most like to relive?

My wedding felt pretty close to perfect, but as weddings always do, it felt like it lasted a blink of an eye.

Grace Chan - 27 Questions
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12. How often do you prepare your own meals?

Almost everyday. Turns out practice doesn’t always make you better…

13. What is your greatest fear?

I have trypophobia.

14. Can you describe Hong Kong in one word?


15. Where do you go when you want to be alone?

The park near my house; nothing cures quite like being in the open with fresh air and trees.

Grace Chan - 27 Questions
(image credit: @ghlchan)
16. What’s your favourite childhood memory?

Going on walks with my brother and my mom in Vancouver. We’d walk for hours and talk about absolutely everything. That’s why we grew up really close to one another.

17. If you could banish someone from Hong Kong forever, who would it be?

[Smiles wickedly.]

18. What is your favourite scent in the whole world?

Freshly baked goods. I’m not picky, whether it’s muffins, scones or butter cakes, I’ll take them all…

19. What is one song you know all the lyrics to?

Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi

20. Are you a good cook? What is your best dish?

I don’t think so. I do like to cook for my husband though. It’s the best feeling when he compliments my cooking.

21. Who is the best teacher you’ve ever had, what is one important lesson that they taught you?

Ms. Homma, my Grade 1 teacher, who taught us at a young age that we are all unique, and should cherish that part of us.

22. What is your unique party trick?

Never getting drunk. I’m always ‘that person’ at the party who makes sure my friends get home ok.

23. Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Tell us about it.

Towards people? Bags? Food? Just kidding… I think I had that moment when I gave birth to my first child though!

24. Do you have any favourite tattoos or special birthmarks? What is it?

I am still thinking whether or not I should get a tattoo! But I haven’t told my parents yet…

25. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own? which do you wear the most often?

Not as many as you’d think. I wear my dirty sneakers the most because they’re the easiest to slip on and go to the park with my son, and it doesn’t bother me when they get even dirtier after I get home.

26. Would you rather never be alone for a single moment, or be alone for the rest of your life? Why?

Never alone, I love people!

27. What is the last dream you remember waking up to?

I’m terrible at remembering my dreams, but I do love the one where I can fly like a superhero!

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