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27 Questions: Nancy Lim, master memer behind @HKMEHMEH

Hong Kong is a place brimming with talented and intriguing people. In our 27 Questions column, we get up close and personal with the city’s notable personalities, learning about their whims and aversions, pivotal life moments, and hopes and dreams — all in roughly the same duration of a casual speed date. This week, we speak to Nancy Lim, the mastermind behind everyone’s favourite meme page, @HKMEHMEH.

What did you dream of becoming as a child?

A lawyer? An entrepreneur? What about a memer?

Didn’t know the latter was a thing? Well, let me introduce you to Nancy Lim. While you may not have seen her face, if you live in Hong Kong, there’s a very good chance that you’ve liked, shared or commented on one or many of her memes. Does the beloved Instagram handle @HKMEHMEH ring any bells? How about her signature catch phrase, “Just Diu It”? Yup, that’s her.

Embracing low-res images and sans serif fonts, Lim’s meme page takes inspiration from her nuanced life as a non-local in Hong Kong. For those of you who are curious, she is actually Korean with additional roots in Singapore. Mildly sarcastic in tone, she finds amusement in the mundane, granting followers a catharsis from the seriousness of everyday life. Whether she chooses to poke fun at news events, cultural trends or the compulsion Hongkongers have to take pictures of the sunset, @HKMEHMEH has something hilarious and deeply satisfying for us all.

At close to 1,000 memes since she started the page, Lim’s still on a roll. What she enjoys most from the act of meme creation is how it allows her to challenge the limits of her creativity. The greatest satisfaction, she shares, lies in moments where she still surprises herself with what she can come up with. Earlier this year, Lim released her own merch line, the appropriately titled HKMERCHMERCH. Anticipate future drops featuring some more fan-favourite puns this coming Christmas and Chinese New Year!

Now, memes aside, who is she after hours? Where does she turn to for a good laugh? What does she see on her Instagram infinite scroll? Let’s take a moment to demystify the face behind madness. This is Nancy Lim, a self-proclaimed and somewhat expected, “loud Korean girl who has a larger than life personality”.

27 Questions with Memer Nancy Lim of @HKMEHMEH:

Courtesy: Nancy Lim

Name: Nancy Lim 
Age: 28
Neighbourhood: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 
Occupation: Part-time Project Manager & Full-time Memer

1. What is your life motto? 

“Let bygones be bygones.”

2. What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten in Hong Kong? 

Dan dan noodles at Yu (渝酸辣粉) in Causeway Bay. 

3. What is your drink of choice? 

Gin & Tonic. I am too uncultured to explore other cocktail choices or to pretend that I know anything about either wines or whiskeys. 

4. What is your biggest guilty pleasure? 

Watching my favourite YouTube channels on repeat! Sometimes I watch the same video a hundred times, which gives me a strange sense of comfort. 

(Some of her favourite channels include Max Frosh and Korean Englishman)

5. Are you a morning person or night owl?

Midday midget! 

6. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Spam and kimchi fried rice! It has everything you need. 

7. What do you hate most about living in Hong Kong? 

Inflexibility and lack of creativity.

8. Do you have a catch phrase? 

“Just Diu It!”

9. If you could invite any five people in the world to your dream dinner party, who would they be? 

My celebrity hall passes: Pedro Pascal, John Mayer, Pierce Bronsan, George Clooney and Robert De Niro!

10. What is one song you know all the lyrics to? 

The Singapore National Anthem. I grew up there! 

11. Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Tell us about it. 

There’s this dog on Instagram called @zip_motoong that I am crazily obsessed with. I think he/she/it is the one; I’d do anything for that dog. 

12. What is one thing you’ve never revealed to your parents? 

How many times I snuck out at night to go clubbing when I was in high school. 

13. What is your favourite scent in the world? 

A semi-sweet, creamy musk scent — this sounds disgusting. 

14. What is your unique party trick? 

I know how to whistle very loudly.

15. Do you have any favourite tattoos or special birthdays? What is it? 

I recently got “meh meh” tattooed on my arm — the best decision I’ve ever made, so far. 

Courtesy: Nancy Lim

16. What was the best gift you ever received? 

The gift of life from my parents. 

17. What’s your favourite tradition? 

Getting one tattoo a year. 

18. What’s a relationship deal breaker for you? 

Not following the HKMEHMEH Instagram page. Just kidding, probably cheating. 

19. If you were a TV show character, who would you be and why? 

I’d be a mix of characters. Gina Linetti from Brooklyn 99 and Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. I alternate between being extremely sarcastic and devious to being overly enthusiastic and excited about anything and everything. 

20. When was the last time you felt starstruck? 

On my last trip to London, I saw Gok Wan, Aziz Ansari and the Fanning sisters in one week. I really should have bought some lottery tickets. 

21. If you could snap your fingers and fix one thing about the world, what would it be? 

Bring LKF Tsui Wah back! Again, I’m kidding. I genuinely want to get rid of all the mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches in the world. 

22. What makes someone a real Hongkonger? 

Holding an HKID. 

23. Do you believe in astrology? Why or why not? 

No, ’cause it’s dumb. 

24. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done, and why? 

Skydive. You dive from the sky. 

25. What is the top destination on your bucket list? 


26. When was the last time you drove a car? 

Two years ago, when I got my driver’s license. Since then, I’ve honestly forgotten where the brake and accelerator are.

27. Where do you go when you want to be alone?

My bed at home. 

(Lead and featured images courtesy of Nancy Lim)

27 Questions: Nancy Lim, master memer behind @HKMEHMEH

Madeleine Mak

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