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This month in memes: September 2022

From Halle Bailey appearing in the Little Mermaid, to the British royal family spoiling the ending of The Crown, here is a roundup of the juiciest memes of September 2022.

Welcome to our roundup of the best memes posted throughout September 2022. It’s been quite an eventful month, and the internet does what it does best: make a lot of memes about serious situations. The rain is still coming down daily it almost feels like we’re in London, but with better food. Our favourite beauty influencer Rihanna just announced her participation in the Super Bowl halftime show. Find below all of those and more, presented in a funnier format.

[Hero Image Credit: Rihanna/Facebook]

This month in memes: September 2022

Can’t believe they’re inviting beauty influencers for halftime shows now *shakes head*

Boss move if she does it though

We will not stop posting these until I don’t have to pay the rainy day fee on Grab


I thought people encourage first-jobbers

Ooh the drama—read all about it.

You’ve seen the meme everywhere, and here’s one more.

But seriously, we’d rather watch another retelling of P’ Maak than another one of this remake.

This month in memes: September 2022

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