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Editor’s note: The new abnormal is here, but how are we moving forward?

Over Easter holiday, The Strokes released their long-awaited sixth studio album, ‘The New Abnormal’: three words that have been rolling off the tongues of countless friends and acquaintances in recent weeks, if not months, with everything that’s been going on with the coronavirus pandemic. 

The album title was announced sometime in early February, oddly prescient seeing as it was well before the virus spread worldwide. At any other April when I might be micro-bopping my head to this new album during my morning commute, I’m instead navigating deadlines between Zoom calls, with it streaming on my browser. 

I know I’m considered one of the lucky ones who get to stay home — away from risk and danger during these uncertain times — and I’m thankful. Yet, what a surreal time to settle into: we’re all juggling the new abnormal. It’s a schedule that infinitely feels like Groundhog Day, all while an anxiety-ridden bassline hurtles on.

By now, we’ve had plenty of time to pinch our cheeks, splash water on our faces, (wash our hands) and accept our temporary fates to live out an indeterminate number of days as house cats. That this weird situation we’re in looks like it’s here to stay for a tad longer.

Of course, there is a silver lining to all this: We are all feeling a greater shift into an era of greater consideration, connection and gratitude for the talented people around us, our loved ones, and the good work that people do.

As an online publication that prides itself on sharing all the greatest things to do out in the city, it simply doesn’t do to continue with how things have always been. Instead, we’ve turned inwards to provide an indispensable guide to staying sane in this kooky CoViD-19 climate: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong’s Feel Good Guide to Staying At Home

And while we’re all keeping safe at home, we’re still dedicated to shining the spotlight to the movers and shakers in our community — the tailors, creative directors, artists, restaurateurs, barmen and women, entrepreneurs and health gurus who keep the city alive.

Before Hong Kong nears its streak of no new daily cases; before we can peek our heads out our front doors totally mask-free again, we’ve got you sorted — whether it’s as simple as where to get your favourite restaurant meals at home (we’re constantly updating our list with new options), fantastic cocktail recipes to try or where to order some delectable new bottles straight to your door.

With the recent temporary closures of the city’s beauty salons, we’re sure spa mani-pedi addicts are waiting impatiently for their next appointment. We’ve got all the top tips for an at-home beauty regimen, home workouts, and ways to stay gorgeous and healthy during this time, mentally and physically

Speaking of mental clearing, many of us have been embarking on a quest to declutter our lives during this time (one of my personal passions), and are doing it room by room, whether starting with the wardrobe or tackling some full-on home redecorating.

While most of us are staying and working from home (usually switching out from day pajamas to night pajamas), we want to make sure you stay comfy in style too. On that note, it’s comforting as ever to learn of all the various ways that fashion brands are making sure that philanthropy and a conscientious heart aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

Some of the more ambitious individuals are also making use of this time to tick off crafts and cooking projects they’ve always wanted to try, like making artisanal bread or designing your own clothes. There’s plenty of excuses to get creative during lockdown, and we’re loving the stories that are coming in. 

With all this negativity floating around, perhaps you’re happy to just lean back into some good ol’ fashioned Netflix and Chill — in which case, we’ve got all the latest top picks, too. And if the list of things to do runs out, we’re here to offer inspiration as you daydream all the places you want to put on your future bucket list. 

During this time, we’re committed as ever to help you live your best lives. After all, isn’t that what Lifestyle is all about?

Take care, and let’s look forward to days out with our music on once again in the near future.

Evelyn Lok
Managing Editor
When not trying out the latest beauty and wellness trends, Evelyn is likely enjoying a perfectly balanced negroni or exploring some of Hong Kong's best new places to eat and drink. At Lifestyle Asia she covers everything from the biggest events in town to interviews with Hong Kong specialists, with topics spanning art, food and drink, health, tech, and travel.
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