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The Hit List: Goxip co-founder Juliette Gimenez shares her shopping go-tos

It goes without saying that Hongkongers are among the most discerning, well-travelled and quality-focused people on the face of this Earth. In ‘The Hit List’ — an original Lifestyle Asia interview series — we ask the city’s tastemakers and cultural arbiters to reveal their various ‘best-of’ lists: from where to reserve a table, book a spa day, bask in local culture and more…

Ever spotted a photo of a stylishly-dressed celebrity, wishing you knew what they were wearing and where you can get your own? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Juliette Gimenez, co-founder and CEO of Goxip, ran into this same dilemma that prompted her to launch her own ‘fashion Google’ in 2016 — one that would not only identify the same or similar fashion items in your uploaded photos, but also allow you to purchase them.

With an ever-evolving image recognition technology, complemented by partnerships with 500 international online retailers, Goxip currently has a database of five million fashion and beauty pieces that continue to assist its 300,000 users in turning their inspirations to reality. She has also launched RewardSnap, a platform and community that connect brands to influencers for more effective influencer monetisation and e-commerce marketing.

With such expertise across the fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle arenas, Gimenez was the ideal person for us to consult for her personal ‘hit list.’ From her favourite breakfast spots to products she include in her skincare routine, scroll down to learn more.

Name: Juliette Gimenez
Age: 30s
Occupation: Co-founder and CEO of Goxip
Neighbourhood: Happy Valley

Around town…

My favourite restaurant for breakfast is Cafe Causette at Mandarin Oriental.

Whenever I crave dim sum I go to China Tang. Their seafood steamed rice flour roll with the fried crispy bean curd wrapped inside is exquisite. It’s my number one go-to dish on the menu. 

Zuma is my favourite place for a power lunch. The ambiance is great and that blends very well with their amazing dishes, fuelling me for an afternoon of business talks.

I enjoy weeknight dinners at Posto Pubblico — one of the cosiest spots in SoHo to grab some hearty Italian comfort food — and I appreciate the dim lighting for when I’m splurging on mass amounts of Italian food. 

A splurge-worthy restaurant that I would recommend is Sushi Saito at the Four Seasons. They make sushi more exciting than it already is. Their fresh ingredients and magician-like skills definitely add to the uniqueness of the restaurant, and their hairy crab sushi is by far the best I’ve had. 

I love taking out-of-towners to Quinary. They’ve got a PhD in Mixology and I haven’t had one guest who isn’t impressed by their skills! And what’s exciting is you never know what’s in store. 

Most recently I celebrated my birthday at my house. I love throwing celebrations in the comfort of my own home and with close friends. Home really is where the heart is at and I love sharing good food and drinks with fantastic company. It doesn’t really get better than that. 

I do all my grocery shopping at Marks & Spencer. It must be from when I used to live in England, but I can spend hours browsing the shelves and it’s my go-to spot for poultry and milk

A local business I support 100 percent is R&R Bagels in Central. I don’t think I’ve gone longer than a few days without ordering from them. I’m slowly working my way through their extensive list of quirky bagel sandwiches, and so far it’s been nothing short of delightful!

When travelling…

I’ve racked up the most miles on Cathay Pacific.

My pre-boarding ritual consists of a Cosmo followed by a G&T. It helps to calm those pre-flying nerves, and puts me right into holiday mode. 

When I need a breath of fresh air, I like to go to my balcony. There’s just something about my balcony that lets me collect my thoughts and feel energised again. 

To stay active, I would walk my dogs in the evening, as it’s a great way to get some extra steps in for the day and I get to spend some quality time with them which is something I really look forward to.

For me, a spot that always brings back fond childhood memories is Ocean Park. Long before there was Disneyland there was Ocean Park, and I still prefer it to this day. Whenever I go, it’s an instant reminder of my youth and brings back all the nostalgia. 

A store/brand that I always visit when I’m abroad is Dean and DeLuca! 

If I had to pick my favourite overseas restaurant, it would be The Windmill in Mayfair, London. Their pie is to die for; probably the best on the entire planet — or even all the way to Mars. 

My favourite bar outside of Hong Kong is Tokyo Whisky Library. A must-visit place for whisky lovers like myself! They say women who drink whisky tell good stories.

To primp and prime…

I always get my haircut/hair done at Toni and Guy. It’s the best spot in town for a blowout or a trim. 

What I do for some self-care: Take a long bath, sleep in a little bit longer (when I can) and spend quality time with family, friends, and my wife. Self-care to me isn’t all about a good beauty regime, it’s about establishing the right foundations such as surrounding yourself with supportive people and good energy. 

My skincare routine consists of Eve Lom morning cleanser, followed by La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Lotion, Dr Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum, and last but not least, La Prairie White Caviar illuminating cream.

One thing I can’t leave the house without is perfume. The Cachemire from Maison Christian Dior is a recent favourite of mine.

Nothing says ‘decompression’ quite like a hardcore 120-min deep tissue massage, so that’s a monthly occurrence for me and I can’t recommend it enough!

On the note of style…

If my personal style could be summed up in a single store, it would be James Perse in LA. It’s understated, versatile, and most importantly, comfortable. 

I recently shopped from Golden Goose. It’s one of the long-standing shoe brands that I continue to purchase from. What’s great about their shoes is that I can pair them with anything — whether it’s an evening dress or a casual tee and pair of jeans — it gives the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

 My favourite piece of jewellery or watch is from Rolex. My wife gifted me a vintage Rolex Day-Date watch with a brown strap, and so this watch holds a lot of sentimental value. It never leaves my wrist. 

To me, the most aesthetically pleasing spot in Hong Kong is Briar Avenue in Happy Valley. There’s a spot at the top of the stairs towards the end of the road that helps me take my mind off work — I feel a sense of calmness despite being in the midst of the hustle and bustle. 

For my hard-earned money, the best place to splurge is Christian Dior. I’m a lover of the brand’s creations, especially those from the last two seasons. The craftsmanship imbued in all their pieces is what makes the brand stand out to me. They are constantly revamping iconic styles and items that have been at the forefront of high fashion, so you know when you invest in a Dior, it is going to be timeless — much like the classic Dior Saddle bag.

The best-looking spot in my apartment is the couch sitting next to the balcony, because it’s the best spot to enjoy a cup of tea (or a glass of vino) and look at the view. It’s one of my favourite ways to wind down after a long day at the office. 

For that perfect piece of statement furniture/home decor, you should definitely visit Crate and Barrel in the US, which is the perfect place to find statement pieces for your home. Home to me is about balancing energy and tranquility, and the pieces I’ve got from there have allowed my home to achieve that. 

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