Since its identification and quirky nomenclature earlier in the year, millennial pink is very much still the ‘it’ colour of the moment for all things design and fashion, and isn’t going away anytime soon. Some say it was the retro-kitsch pink of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel in 2014 which started the obsession, some believe the rose gold iPhone in 2015 was what settled the champagne pink in our hearts, or possibly, it was really the background hue of Drake’s viral hit “Hotline Bling.”

In Korea, it was Soohyang that began to subliminally spread the trend — the South Korean fragrance house based in the trendy Sinsa-dong district that’s been doling out millennial pink candles, premium home fragrances and decorative accessories as early as 2013, even before the rose quartz hue grew in popularity. Dreamed up five years ago, eponymous brand founder Kim Soohyang designed all the graphics and store interiors herself, and was already certain that this light powdery pink was the iconic colour that matched perfectly with the character of a modern fragrance house.

Luckily for all millennial pink addicts in Hong Kong, Soohyang has just opened a pop-up store at Hysan Place’s i.t blue block, decking out a section of the sixth floor in that iconic hue. The pop-up will run through mid-November, after which all the products will be available for retail purchase at i.t blue block.

Kim was always drawn to the power of scents, and particularly the ability to transform spaces through fragrances. “I wanted to try and make people interested in the sense of smell. And, like people who spray perfume, spaces can have their own personalities that can be changed according to specific scents,” she tells us at the Soohyang pop-up store opening.

Soohyang - candle

You’ll be able to buy the entire range of Soohyang’s home products, including 33 different scented candles, diffuser sets, home sprays, car air fresheners, wax tablets and even small accessories like colour-coordinating pink matchboxes and memorabilia — all made in Korea. Scents range from clean and refreshing (“Laundry” and “Raindrops”) to floral (“Cherry Blossom”) to more sensual scents (“Girl’s Neck” and “Kiss Lesson”), as well as more gent-friendly smells such as “New Shoes” and “Suede.” Check out our top five picks below.