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How to properly take care of your scented candles

Whether you love them as a decorative accent or for the luscious, soul-soothing scents they bring to the home, scented candles are often collected (or hoarded) for their ability to instantly uplift the ambience in any room.

Make the most out of your scented candles and follow this simple guide: they will burn, smell, and even look better, but most importantly — last much longer.

Before lighting, always cut the wick

Just doing a little trim and making sure the wick is about 3mm before burning ensures a lot of things — so that the candle’s wax will melt evenly the whole time it is lit, and that there will be no potholes which will ruin the whole scented candle-experience.

A scented candle will tickle your olfactory senses and make your room twice as cosy.

Avoid memory rings

If done improperly, you may notice deep rings around your scented candle wick. Or that when it’s lit, the melted wax seems to just pool around a hardened ring and the edges around the candle will not melt? That’s a memory ring. To prevent that, simply burn your candle for at least four hours, especially for the first time. At least four hours of burning time will liquify the entire surface of the candle, so a memory ring will not form. Otherwise, it will just keep burning around that small circle forming a tunnel down, then the rest of your scented candle residue will go to waste.

Don’t let the flame get too intense

Trimming the wick is crucial. If the wick is too long, the flame will be stronger, burning the jar and turning it black in the process. That’s not something you want on a nicely designed pot.

Is there such a thing as overburning?

Yes, there is. Scented candles should only be burnt for four hours. If left for too much longer or if you intend to leave it overnight while you sleep (definitely not a good idea), the scent will change without you realising and may cause a fire. If you want your scented candle to burn longer than four hours, give it a two-hour break before lighting it up again.

Use a snuffer

Blowing out a candle may be the most fun part out of the entire experience but if done wrong, the scent is immediately replaced with soot, a strong, burnt smoky scent that is definitely not pleasing. Bring it close to an open window or balcony when you want to blow it out, so that the smoky scent doesn’t engulf your nicely scented space. Better yet, use a snuffer.

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