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Ellermann’s new Valentine’s Day bouquets are suited for all types of love

In preparations of memorable Valentine’s Day date means delicious food, a thoughtful gift, and a delicately arranged bouquet for your betrothed.

Grand gestures of love are often accompanied by decorative bouquets so extravagant, so beautiful, it’s irresistible not to make hearts swoon. While bespoke bunches are most thoughtful when personally put together, honing in on dedicated palettes and picking the right stems can be a tricky task. Sometimes, it’s better, and just easier, to have one already prepped and ready to go. Confess your attraction, present your love and tell them how much they mean with an Ellermann bouquet, each one with a romantic sentiment of its own. Not to mention the stemwares are incredibly stunning placed upon mantlepieces at home. 

I Get A Kick Out Of You 

A cheeky confession; the unsaid words of secret admirers. I Get a Kick Out of You (HK$2,380) is one that will make your love beam. A decadent bouquet that continues as a thoughtful gift, the pretty pink and peach blossoms arrived accompanied with a mini love-heart box of Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne truffles and a mini bottle of Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial — all packaged into a beautiful baby pink hat box. Message received loud and clear.

Cheek to Cheek 

For lovers intended to last a lifetime, Cheek to Cheek (HK$2,580) is a selection dedicated to those treasured ‘firsts’ — a kiss, a touch, a dance — beautiful memories never forgotten. Brought together in a sweet pastel palette of pink and peaches, this bouquet is a celebration of rose, anthurium, ranunculus, sweet pea and ginster. A shy blush will be their initial response upon receiving, but will most certainly be left smitten and swept away long after.

It Had To Be You

Heartfelt reassurance of enduring bonds between lovers, It Had To Be You (HK$2,680) is a bouquet that proudly affirms your lasting devotion to your love. Your dedication. Your loyalty. Your appreciation. An arrangement of deeply passionate blooms in a deep, moody reds and purples — rose, orchid, spray rose, snapdragon and ranunculus — it’s one made for the profound expression of a long-time love. 

Be My Baby

It began with stolen glances, whispering of sweet nothings, surreptitious missives passed back and forth. Be My Baby ($2,580) is the final act to making that secret crush, an exciting new reality — with a romantic confession of the heart’s most deepest desires. A enthusiastic assortment of idyllic blooms: anthurium, vanda, stock, ranunculus, carnation, rice flower and clematis. This bouquet is dreamy and, most certainly, charming. A sweetest serenade.

The Valentine’s Day collection is available online and at any Ellermann boutiques in the city including, Shop 109, Level 1, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2618 0910

Lorria Sahmet
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