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Give your home a makeover with an industrial luxe aesthetic

The industrial chic look has dominated spaces geared at younger, hip audiences — think pubs and lively co-working spaces — for several years. As millennials grow their tastes, designers have also begun to opt for more polished versions of those early industrial interiors, which featured metal finishings, exposed brick and tons of raw timber to give it that wabi-sabi, lived-in yet unfinished look.

These core design elements come together to form a modern, edgy aesthetic. Industrial interiors might look great, they often come across as cold, uncomfortable and utilitarian. However, by merging the core elements with pieces of luxury, a whole new dimension to your home can be achieved. The industrial-luxe design highlights a grown-up version of the plain industrial aesthetic and highlights style and sophistication while still leaving plenty of edge.

To recreate the industrial-luxe aesthetic for your home, scroll through for some tips and inspiration.

Exposed brick

Industrial luxe interior
(Image credit: mutualmaterials)

Without brick walls and cement flooring, the core elements of the industrial aesthetic will be lost. Once markers of a building under construction, the ‘unfinished-yet-finished’ look tones down the formality of the home and makes the living space feel a little rough around the edges. To elevate the space for the industrial luxe look, opt for a brick feature wall that comes in a darker shade. Glossed up cement flooring will also help to elevate the look of your home.

Unconventional piping

Industrial luxe interior
(Image credit: Freshome)

Another signature element is to expose what others typically try to conceal, such as pipes and ducts. This makes for a much more liberating way of designing your home without incurring extra costs trying to build around them. To elevate your look, paint your pipes in a colour that matches your home. As most pipes are in a shade of white, pipes painted in black or even rose gold would stand out in any home.

Warm lighting

Industrial luxe interior
(Image credit: Screed Lighting)

To add some class into your industrial home, opt for the use of warmer lighting to bring a softer edge to your interiors. It will create a more relaxed environment and also a sense of homeliness. This will also help to complement the luxurious features of the space, fashioning a delicate touch to the raw interiors.

Play up the textures

Industrial luxe interior
(Image credit: nimvo)

When building on industrial textures like brick walls and cement flooring, textures like faux fur and velvet stand out a lot more in terms of contrast. Upholstered velvet chairs, for example, would contrast nicely against a raw wooden table with some metal legs. The disparity between the aesthetics adds an element of luxury to the home, without coming across too snobbish or too laid-back. This makes for an interesting, engaging interior that stimulate the senses and create an enjoyable area for all.

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