For many decades, residential property prices have been the most prominent thorn in Hongkongers’ sides; and the trend for satirically unaffordable housing doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. According to experts, buyers can expect to pay somewhere in the ballpark of HK$16 million for new homes in 2018* — a statistic that’s unsurprising, given the consistent price hikes which are par for the course year-over-year.


It begs the obvious question: should you spend hard-won millions on an urban shoebox (built by a despotic property developer with no eye for detail) or put your money towards a getaway pad that’s roomy, exciting and (in all likelihood) cheaper? Trick question — you should weigh up your options first. Welcome to “Trading Spaces”: a monthly series where we compare the average Hong Kong housing with our favourite overseas alternatives, valued at an identical/lower price point.